ZenMate VPN Review – Update 2018

ZenMate VPN is a Germany (specifically Berlin) based VPN provider that has been in the industry for about 5 years. Initially, ZenMate was a proxy service that operated as a browser extension. The product is now a fully-pledged VPN service with Windows, Mac, as well as mobile support.

ZenMate VPN Review

The VPN is operated by a company known as ZenGuard. ZenMate is one of the few VPNs in the market that offer their app in various languages. The app can be customized to show text in;

  • English
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Korean
  • Spanish and
  • Russian

Their website is also available in various languages, but will determine the language according to your location. You can then change the language if you wish.

ZenMate VPN is in itself not the most sophisticated VPN with granular controls for the most tech-savvy users. However, its simplicity coupled with the ability to unblock some of the most notorious sites regarding blocking is very welcome.

Here, I’ll walk you through a detailed ZenMate VPN Review to help determine whether it’s the VPN for you.

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ZenMate VPN Pros & Cons


  • Free Proxy for browser
  • The 7-day free trial for Premium service
  • 14-day money-back guarantee for Premium service
  • Allowance of 5 simultaneous connections
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Unblocks Netflix US and BBC iPlayer
  • Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection


  • Slow customer support
  • Minimal control of settings
  • Average speeds
  • Unclear encryption and security methods
  • No anonymous payment methods
  • Pricing & Plans

Pricing Plans

ZenMate VPN Pricing Plans

ZenMate VPN has three pricing plans.

  • The Monthly Plan: $8.99
  • The Biannual Plan: $44.99 ($7.49 per month)
  • The Yearly Plan: $59.88(4.99 per month)

NOTE: Currency changes once you change from the English site.

These plans only differ in the pricing, but not the features offered. All of them allow up to 5 simultaneous devices, something that is quite laudable. They also have no bandwidth caps and come with a 14-day money-back guarantee which is also very welcome.

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ZenMate Risk-Free Trial Period

During our ZenMate VPN review, we found that one can also get a 7-day premium service free trial. This free trial service is however not advertised on their webpage. You only get to know about this if you are using the free service which is basically a browser proxy service. Cheeky one.

When you visit any site using this free service, you’ll then get an overlay box encouraging you to try out the premium service for 7 days. Later on I will give you detailed information on how to get the 7-day free trial period.

The ZenMate VPN 7-day trial period is entirely risk-free. It doesn’t require any payment information from you to get the premium trial. It will give you a whole week of premium ZenMate VPN to be able to evaluate the VPN and decide whether it’s the VPN for you. When the 7-day period is over, your account will be automatically reverted back to a limited free VPN service.

If you have been impressed by the VPN, you can then sign up for either of the plans provided. You will still have a 14-day money back guarantee, which means you will have a total of 3 weeks to evaluate the service.

Payment Options

ZenMate VPN offers you a number of payment options to subscribe to their service. You can pay with your card or even PayPal. However, we noticed that they do not offer Bitcoin Payment which would allow you to pay anonymously. We would surely like to see that included.

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ZenMate VPN Features

ZenMate VPN Servers

ZenMate VPN lags behind the big names in the VPN industry, with only about 30 servers in 30+ countries across the globe. This is quite a low number considering some of the big names like IPVanish have around 950+ servers in 60+ countries.

ZenMate, however, does have servers in the traditional countries like US, Canada, Australia etc. The American servers are on the east and west of the United States to make connections to it faster from both Europe and Asia. Most of their servers are however found in Europe.

The strategic location of ZenMate VPN servers helps people who want to access geo-restricted content, and we were happy with the speeds offered by the servers.
ZenMate VPN servers are found in;

  • Asia – Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Singapore
  • Europe – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom
  • North America – Canada, the United States, United States West
  • Oceania – Australia

Further, you will be allowed to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously, making ZenMate VPN a good option if you want to secure your whole family.

With the free Proxy, you will be limited to only 12 servers. Considering their total servers, this is quite generous, and hey, free is free!

These free servers are mostly based in Europe and are niftily positioned in;

  • Europe
  • The US
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore


ZenMate VPn Features

As already mentioned, ZenMate was initially a browser extension which is still available for various browsers. This extension is however not much of a VPN but an encrypted proxy.

For the complete VPN service, ZenMate have desktop apps for;

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS.

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ZenMate VPN Privacy & Logging Policy

From our ZenMate VPN review, we didn’t find anything of major concern when it comes to ZenMate’s privacy policies. First, the VPN is located in Germany which has some of the most strict laws to guard an individuals privacy.

Then, just like most other VPNs, ZenMate promises that 
“No personal data is collected, processed or permanently stored.”

However, they do log meta-data just to help them plan for the capacity and expansion of their service. This is a common practice among VPN providers. It should raise no alarm but we cannot say that ZenMate is a “strict” no-logs VPN.

The data they collect includes;

  • Server usage statistics
  • Which accounts login to which servers
  • When an account contacts customer support
  • Subscription information for their newsletter

They also claim to store an incoming connection’s IP address to temporarily
“Prevent attacks against ZenMate.”

With it being only temporary, then there won’t be any proof of identity even if someone tries to track you. However, it always good to know that there is a thing fraction of your data that is collected even though for a short time.

ZenMate VPN Security

One of the significant things we didn’t like when doing this ZenMate VPN review is the fact that ZenMate doesn’t list the protocols used. Their clients do not have a section where you can decide which protocol to use at a particular time.

However, they do use AES 256 CBC with 2048 RSA for key exchange to encrypt traffic.

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Getting Started With ZenMate VPN

ZenMate VPN website

The ZenMate VPN website is not the most eye-catching, but it is quite alright. It is well organised, and you won’t have trouble finding anything.

Hack: Getting The 7-day Risk Free Premium Service

ZenMate VPN Free Trial

As mentioned earlier, ZenMate has a hidden 7-day free premium plan. We couldn’t find it anywhere on the Website and even knowing it exists isn’t enough. You have to really look for it and thanks to this full ZenMate VPN Review, you’ll know how to.

First, do not subscribe to the service using the “Get ZenMate Now” option. This process will require you to provide your payment details, and you can only use the 14-day money back guarantee option, not the free trial service.

Downloading your app and signing up from it won’t work either. What you need to do is get the free proxy browser extension.

ZenMate VPN Free Browser Extension

After installing it, you will be redirected to create an account. This is where you should create your account to get the free premium trial.
Creating an account only requires your email and password. The next step will need you to activate your account. If you look carefully, you will notice an option “Try ZenMate Limited Instead”, written in a very faint manner. Choose this one.

ZenMate Free Trial Tutorial

Here, you will be given an overview of the paid and limited version. Choose Limited.

ZenMate VPN Limited Editions

You will then get an option to “Try Premium for free”. This is definitely what we were looking for so select it.

ZenMateVPN sign up

You will get Premium ZenMate VPN for free!

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ZenMate VPN Client

ZenMate VPN Client

ZenMate VPN has one of the most straightforward clients in the VPN industry, and you can’t help but say its mostly aimed at beginners. The client doesn’t have many features of note, with the main features being Eversecure, Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection and running the VPN automatically on system startup.

ZenMate VPN client option

Eversecure is a feature that appears to force the app to reconnect whenever the connection is lost.

The Kill Switch is a welcome feature that disconnects your device’ internet connection in case connection to the VPN is lost. This protects you from being exposed if for any reason your VPN connection drops.
DNS Protection, on the other hand, keeps you private in case your browser ignores that you have a VPN set up and decides to send a DNS request straight to your ISP.

During our ZenMate VPN review, we never noticed any problem with the app. It worked seamlessly, and we didn’t experience any crashes or failures. Neither does it disconnect or change servers without your command.

ZenMate VPN client server selection

Further, its very user-friendly and any novice would be comfortable with it.

ZenMate VPN Speedtest

Encrypting your traffic is always going to lead to a decline in speed but to some point we weren’t happy with ZenMate VPN’s US servers. Since they are only two, they seem to have already become saturated.

Servers outside the US, however, performed better and below is a speed test we did without a VPN, and after connecting to ZenMate.

ZenMate Speed testVisit ZenMateVPN
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ZenMate VPN Customer Support

One downside of ZenMate VPN is its customer support. Their customer support is pretty bland. They have no Live Chat, and the Ticketing system that needs to be initiated via mail is mostly responded to by a bot.

First, you will receive a ‘request received’ response. After some hours, you will be answered by Rosa, the ZenMate Bot, not an agent. She will encourage you to try their FAQ if you haven’t yet. 
You will then need to reply to be responded by an agent. This may take quite a while.

Other than that, you can make use of their;

  • FAQs
  • Setup guides
  • Troubleshooting guides


Overall, ZenMate cuts a nice picture, especially for those who do not care about complicated features that give you much control of the VPN.

We would give the VPN a thumbs up but recommend they improve the customer support, protocols offered and provide an option for Bitcoin payment. They say that they are continually adding more servers, and we sure would love to see more.

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