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Alluc is a popular service to watch free movie streaming. Alluc features a massive library where you can find all the most popular movies and tv shows including even new releases. An Alluc Kodi addon is available and the service keeps on gaining an incredible popularity. Is Alluc safe? Is Alluc legal? How can you install Alluc on Kodi? Our Alluc review will provide you a straightforward answer to these questions.

We all know how almost everyone out there watches content online for free. This content can be movies, TV shows, sports events, etc. There are many streaming sites and services which offer this content to users.

Some require a subscription and attract users with the assurance that the service is safe and legal to use. Others are free to use but might not be as reliable as those paid services. In between these two ends of the grid line there are services that are free to use and reliable. Alluc is one such service.

What Is Alluc? (all-you-see) isn’t typically a streaming website. It is a website that hosts streaming links redirecting to other websites. It does not share any content from its end. Only the links to streaming sites are shared. You can find links to movies, TV shows, and all kinds of web content on Alluc.

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The links that are shared on the website are first checked by the administrators. Dead or infected links are removed from the directory upon discovery. Any search query will give numerous links as result. You can choose any of these links to stream your desired content. has been in operation for more than a decade now. It first started as (all-family-guy). As the name suggests, the Germans who are the founders of this site intended it to be a complete repository of Family Guy videos on the web.

But seeing the popularity of the service, the founders expanded their operation, and Alluc movies came into being. Alluc now hosts more than 80 million links from over 700 websites. You can use Alluc movies by simply going on the website and looking up the movie you wish to watch. Alluc even offers a Kodi addon, which you can use on your device.

Is Alluc Legal?

Naturally, the first concern that any reader is bound to have after knowing about this service is to know if Alluc is legal. That concern is not baseless. Online piracy is, after all, a crime. It’s not for anything that production houses and law enforcement are always trying to shut down streaming sites that operate outside the law. However, Alluc is not one of them.

As mentioned above, Alluc does not share any content on its own. It merely redirects users to sites that do so. That, in itself, is not forbidden and therefore Alluc is legal. The reason why this service has been in operation for so long and has continued to grow in popularity is because Alluc is legal.

The same cannot be said for all the websites whose links are shared on Alluc. But that’s something anyone who’s out to watch movies online for free knows. However, as far as Alluc is considered, you don’t have to worry about receiving a strike from your ISP if you use the service. Alluc is entirely legal.

Is Alluc Safe?

Safety on the internet, in today’s time, is the biggest concern, right next to privacy. People are usually double-minded when it comes to using free streaming sites. While the legality of the website is the primary concern, the issue of whether the website is safe isn’t a small issue either. You don’t know if the content on the website is free from malware and other infecting agents. So how does Alluc fares in this regard? Is Alluc safe?

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Well, Alluc is in some way safe. Since it doesn’t share any content itself, there’s nothing dangerous about the site. It only hosts links to other websites.

But before you breathe that sigh of relief, you must understand one thing. The links that redirect to Alluc movies are to other websites. These are the websites where you can watch the movies for free. More importantly, these are the websites where you can encounter malicious programs.

It’s quite possible that the website that Alluc redirects to is infected with some malware or adware. While the admins at Alluc try their best to host only those links which are authentic, they can’t ensure that all the links are to websites which are 100% safe.

Even if they did want that, the sheer volume of links from websites that is shared on Alluc movies makes it quite difficult to keep things absolutely risk free. But you can tackle this issue yourself.

Using a good antivirus, which you keep up to date, is something that can help you greatly in this situation. A network firewall (in case your antivirus doesn’t provide it) would add another layer of defence.

In addition to this, you can use a VPN like ExpressVPN , CyberGhost or NordVPN. A VPN connection encrypts your traffic and hides your identity. It’s also beneficial for those still unsure whether Alluc movies is legal because it will make your activity online anonymous. When you are protected by a VPN you can watch Alluc free movie streaming with total peace of mind.

In a nutshell, Alluc in itself it is safe but the websites it links to may be unsafe. However, a combination of a good antivirus, a firewall and one of the best VPN will make watching free movies on Alluc safe.

How To Install Alluc Addon On Kodi Krypton

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One of the benefits of Alluc is that it has a Kodi addon. You can use it on the device you have setup your Kodi on. To use Kodi Alluc on the latest Krypton build, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Kodi Krypton and look for Settings icon on the top left
  2. After this, navigate through System Settings -> Expert Mode -> Addons
  3. Don’t forget to turn on ‘Unknown Sources’, for it is crucial to install third-party addons.
  4. Click ‘Yes’ when the warning dialog box appears
  5. Go back to Settings from the Kodi Home Screen
  6. Now, navigate through File Manager -> Add Source
  7. After selecting ‘None’, enter
  8. You can name it ‘Kodistuff’ to keep things simple, before clicking on OK
  9. Go to the Kodi Home Screen once more and select Addons from there
  10. Click on the icon for Package Installer located on the top left corner
  11. Follow Install from Zip file -> Kodistuff ->
  12. Once you see the Add-on Enabled notification, follow Install from Repo -> Smash Repository -> Video Add-ons -> Alluc -> Install
  13. Wait for the download and installation process for Alluc to complete
  14. When you click on the Addons tab on the home screen now, you’ll be able to see all your Alluc videos in there
  15. The first time you use Kodi Alluc, you’ll be prompted to register. Use this link to do so.

So, To Use Alluc or Not?

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Alluc is legal. However, there’s no denying that streaming content from the websites Alluc redirect you to may be at times illegal. You can find ways to protect yourself from facing any legal backlash by using a VPN. A VPN connection will anonymize your traffic and hide the fact that you are using the streaming service. You can do the same using the Tor browser but the speed will be so slow that you may find it impossible to watch streaming contents.

However, if you are not that stripped for cash, and don’t want to do so many things just to watch movies for free, you can always opt for a subscription based streaming service. There’s a reason why Netflix, Hulu, and the likes are so popular.

In any case, if you use the service properly, allies id both safe and lega. A test alternative to streaming websites.



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