Does Cracked VPN Work? All You Need to Know Before Using a VPN Crack

August 3, 2022by Ali Raza0

With online threats, surveillance, censorship and geo-restrictions being stronger and more troublesome than ever, millions of people around the world have started using VPN technology to protect themselves on a regular basis. However, there are always those who would rather use a VPN without having to pay for it. With nearly every VPN guide, text, and article out there explaining all the reasons why free VPNs are a bad idea, many tend to turn to the possibility of a cracked VPN software.

So, today, we would like to discuss this idea also and see whether a VPN crack like ExressVPN crack, CyberGhost VPN crack, NordVPN crack, IPVanish crack or similar is a good idea. We will even consider whether cracked VPN works and, most importantly, the possible dangers that come with it.

vpn crack - does cracked vpn work?

Do Cracked VPNs Work?

The short answer is that they might work but there are several downsides and dangers to it.

Whether a VPN crack works or not often depends on a number of factors. However, one thing that you should remember is that, even if you somehow get them to work, they will never bee as good as regular, premium VPN services.

You will often bump into problems that premium members do not have to deal with. Furthermore, you won’t have customer support to help you resolve any issue you may run across.

Cracked VPNs may be free, but they are not safe.

Always remember that using something free means that you are still paying for it, only in a different way.

You may keep your money, but you will expose your data, privacy, security, and possibly more.

VPN Crack – What Problems Are There When Using It?

As mentioned, using cracked VPNs can be quite problematic, as they often end up simply not working. Some of the major issues you most likely will deal with include:

1) VPN Doesn’t Work After Update

As you know, VPNs often change some aspects of their service. Whether that includes listing new server locations, replacing existing ones, adding new features, or even simply adding patches that fix some issue with the app — updates are usually quite common.

However, if you crack a VPN, and it receives an update, you might end up losing access to it, and it will simply stop working for you.

2) It Might Not Be Secure Anymore

As mentioned, updates are often made in order to implement new security patches. No technology is 100% perfect, and new vulnerabilities, bugs, and other flaws are being discovered all the time, which is why VPNs constantly keep issuing new updates.

Now, if you use a cracked VPN, and the VPN company issues a patch, you might still manage to run your VPN.

However, if this happens, chances are that you won’t receive the security patch that you now require in order to stay safe while using a VPN. Even if the flaw within the app was kept hidden, it is likely to be reported once the patch is out, which makes you vulnerable, since you do not have it.

3) You Might Not Be Connected To the Right Server

If you crack a VPN and it is still able to connect, that means that it should be working.

However, there is still a possibility that the VPN crack brought some internal changes, including the server address that you are now using. That means that your online activities — all of your online activities — might be stored somewhere else, and not on the VPN’s own servers.

That means that there is a fair chance that those who cracked the VPN may have changed the server to which the data goes.

They might even be collecting it themselves, which means that they will see everything that you are doing and that they might collect sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, login info, and more.

This is a very serious danger that cannot be overlooked!!

4) Hackers May Trick You

As mentioned, it would not be unheard of for hackers to crack a VPN and then leave it for people to find it and start using it. Meanwhile, all of their sensitive data is being stored on a hacker-owned server, and they can then do with it whatever they want.

However, there is also a risk that the VPN crack might be malware in disguise.

In other words, the crack could be real, but it might not arrive at your device alone. Hackers are known for using such disguises for infecting computers, as many modern anti-malware and anti-virus systems can recognize and prevent malicious threats.

If you download a VPN crack that is hiding malware inside, there is no telling what kinds of problems you may experience later on.

It might be ransomware that would encrypt all of your files and ask for money in order to release them. It might be a cryptojacking malware, that will use your computing power and electricity to mine cryptocurrencies. It might be spyware, or something completely different, but just as damaging. Hackers could steal your data, money, identity, and more.

VPN Crack – How to Protect Yourself?

The best and easiest way to ensure your safety is to simply pay for a premium VPN. If you look at services such as CyberGhost, NordVPN, Surfshark, and alike — you will see that even these top services only cost a bit over $3 per month, or even less than that if you go for a yearly subscription. Alternatively, you can check our full list of the best VPNs and you will see that some of them are very economical.

This is not that expensive. In fact, many would agree that it is quite cheap. In consideration of that, it is difficult to understand what is the benefit of using ExpressVPN crack, NordVPN crack, CyberGhost crack, IPVanish VPN crack, or the like.

The alternative is to risk your privacy, money, identity, security, and more, just to save $3 per month. Saving $3 per month could easily become the most expensive move you have ever made if you go for cracked VPN and allow someone to take away everything from you.

In the end, you simply have to ask yourself: Is your personal data not worth a few dollars per month?

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