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August 6, 2022by Claudio R.0

For quite some time, HideMyAss has stood out as one of the best Virtual Private Network(VPN) providers that unblock and enable the watching of American Netflix overseas. Then it has been blocked by Netflix.

Now HideMyAss is back in business and starting from May 2017 they launched a new optimized server that unlocks Netflix USA.

How HideMyAss Unblock Netflix USA

The procedure to access the US Netflix library with HMA is very simple.

  1. Log in to the HMA client
  2. Click on “Country Selection”
  3. Select the server “USA, New York Liberty Island (LOC 1)HMA Unlock Netflix USA
  4. Click on “Dashboard”
  5. Click on “Connect to VPN”How to unlock Netflix using HideMyAss
  6. Log in to Netflix USA and enjoy the show

That’s how easy it is to watch Netflix USA with HideMyAss.

If you have installed the new version 3 of HMA client, it is even easier. The new client is, in fact, super-easy and intuitive.

In this case, to find the Liberty Island server you need to click on the menu Cities and find the server in the list.

Hidemyass New Software Version .3 Countries selection Hidemyass Review

After that, you just navigate to Netflix USA and you are ready to go.

If you want more options in your hand, you check our list of the best VPN unlocking Netflix USA.

The New HMA Client Version 3

Recently the guys at HideMyAss have updated their desktop and mobile applications to version 3.

The V3 introduces a new interphase with numerous new features making it simple to select and connect to a Virtual Private Network connection. The application is designed to make it easy to understand for users with less technical knowledge.

The software will succor the non-astute users to understand privacy issues further while those more accomplished users will also be impressed with the higher adeptness compared with rivals.

The HideMyAss Pro Visual Private Network version 3 come with up to three security settings which will allow you to bypass the Netflix restrictions. They include:

Instant Mode

Here, the users can secure their connection with a single button swipe. The application tests connection speed on proximate servers and connects to the fastest. This mode is appropriate for home use and or the public Wi-Fi.

Hidemyass New Software Version .3 Instant Mode Hidemyass Review

Freedom Mode

It is an up and coming method that aims at giving voice to those living under a blue-penciled (censorship) administrations. The freedom mode allows users connect to the fastest available server in the neighboring country identified by HideMyAss!

hidemyass software 3.0

Location Mode

Location method is pie in the sky for users who aspire to uphold secure access to their favorite sites they regularly use from home, sidestepping geo-restrictions while traveling overseas. Albeit most leading streaming services are closing in on VPN access from beyond seas, a lot of lesser websites’ geo-circumscriptions can still be outflanked with a VPN service like HideMyAss.

Hidemyass New Software Version .3 Countries selection Hidemyass Review

It is clear that the new HideMyAss Pro application is well designed and easy to set up for anybody.

With that said, HideMyAss Version 3 is an exceptional candidate in the race to become an ordinary web users’ favorite Virtual Private Network tool.

While Netflix Is Blocking Several Virtual Private Networks, HideMyAss Offers The Solution

Since Netflix content is not similar across the world, subscribers connect to American Netflix by using a Virtual Private Network.

Netflix started a VPN crackdown over six months ago because it has not bagged streaming rights for its American shows beyond the seas. This has made it even more difficult for subscribers to access the contents they previously had no problem getting.

Netflix thinks they are “defeating” the anonymous users not knowing that HideMyAss is already stepping ahead in offering solution to this move.

In fact, at the inception of the year, Netflix announced that it would begin repression on virtual private network (VPN) services and the tools that people have used to access the US version of the on-demand streaming.

If you are an HideMyAss user, rest assured that you are now “untouchable”.

HideMyAss Unblock Netflix USA

Virtual Private Network services hide a user’s Internet protocol (IP) address, giving them room to “delude” services like Netflix, into thinking they are in different geographical regions to where they are.

With this changing, you need to know that the traditional VPNs is not the best way to bypass geographic restrictions. You need HideMyAss for this purpose. Why?

HideMyAss has the largest VPN servers network of all the Virtual Private Network.

Why Is HideMyAss One Of The Best Option To Counter Netflix Virtual Private Network Crackdown?

HideMyAss is a customer-focused VPN service.

They are concerned that their users can have the best experience ever while using the service. The new client version 3 has been a huge step ahead in this direction.

The connection speed offered is very good and you will not experience buffering. This is extremely important if your main goal is to watch streaming content online.

Plus, they have a very efficient customer service available 24/7. The response is very quick and they can give you real-time support.

So, if you experience any problem connecting to Netflix USA, you can use the Live Chat and they will help you to solve any issue you may have.

Keep in mind that HideMyAss do not allow BitTorrent and P2P file sharing. If this is something important to you, This is not the right service. You should instead go for ExpressVPN that allows BitTorrent and P2P and unlock Netflix too

Most important, HMA offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. This is important because it allows you enough time to test if HMA work with Netflix USA. In case you have any issue, you can get your money back no problem. This way your trial is totally risk-free.

TV Shows That Are Only Accessible To Netflix USA

Netflix Homepage

There are about 1500 TV shows that U.S. Netflix users get that Canadian users, for example, do not.

It is a “thick” number in comparison to only 150 TV shows that are accessible to Canadian Netflix users.

Some of the programs available to the Americans only include:

  • Mar de Plastico
  • The disappointments room
  • Southside with you
  • The daughter
  • Trust
  • Dear Zindagi
  • Shepherds and Butchers

The list is endless, and HideMyAss will save your ass if you want to watch all these movies and dramas on the Netflix United States.

You can read our guide for more options to unlock Netflix USA.

Or you can check how you can watch the movies for free using Popcorn Time or other streaming services to watch movies online.

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