Best 10 Torrent Websites In 2019

Torrents are loved by a huge number of people as they enable one to easily download high-quality games, movies, files, and songs. However, 2017 has been a very significant year for the torrenting community, with the popular Kickass Torrents facing the axe last year. and also suffered the same fate. Thankfully, there has […]

How to Watch Popcorn Time on Chromecast

Popcorn Time is an online TV Show and Movie streaming service that allows users to stream content free of charge. The service uses torrents and peers to stream content, with a selected file being downloaded from a random torrent site. Popcorn Time has been undergoing some challenging times, but the service is now back up […]

4 Best Alternatives to Popcorn Time

TV and movie streaming is on a whole different level today than it was a few years ago. People have a lot of VOD services to choose from, with each of them providing a huge library of popular and coveted movie and TV show content. The first revolution was initiated by Netflix, which continues to […]

How To Avoid Online Scam And Fraud – Best Practices

Cybercrime is on the rise. Scams and frauds are a daily issue for Internet users around the globe. How to avoid scams and frauds? Is it really possible to protect yourself or these threats are just impossible to stop? The figures show just how serious cyber crooks are when it comes to sabotaging your life […]

What Is A VPN Router – Protect All Your Devices Through Your Router

You can run your VPN from your computer, smartphone or almost any other device that you use to access the internet. However, with a VPN router, you won’t need to set up a VPN client on every one of your devices. What Is A VPN Router? A VPN router allows you to run a VPN […]

How To Access The Deep (Dark) Web A Complete Guide

TOR, Dark Web, Deep Web. You may have come across these terms several time while surfing the Internet or reading the news. What is the Dark Web? Are the Deep Web and the Dark Web the same ting? How to use TOR? In this post we give an answer to these and other questions about […]

How To Watch Now TV Outside The UK – Now TV VPN That Really Work

NOW TV is one of the best streaming services on the internet. It offers a good range of popular TV shows and movies which you can watch whenever you want. NOW TV can be streamed through a number of devices, including tablets, Roku, and Smart TVs. But the problem is once again the same. If […]

What is Better, Netflix, Hulu, or Popcorn Time?

Streaming and VOD services have filled the homes of people all over the world. Traditional TV viewing changed drastically since Netflix first launched its streaming service in 2007. Since then, many other services have popped up that provide television content and movies for their customers. The best streaming services also have their original series, setting […]

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Review—Backup DVDs Fast And Easily

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is a program that has been launched by WonderFox Soft, Inc. It is designed to make people’s life easier after simple operation. Today, I will give you the summary of it and you will know how much useful is it. In the review, I will introduce the features of the software […]

How to Unblock 25 Websites Available Only In The USA

You often find yourself in a situation where you try to access a website or a service but are denied access. You might see an error message like ‘this service is not available in your region’. It can be quite frustrating if you are trying to access streaming services like Netflix USA. It is worse […]

How To Install A VPN On Amazon Fire Stick TV

With the Amazon Fire TV stick, you can easily turn any TV that has a USB port into an internet-connected streaming device. You will then be able to access an unlimited number of streaming services and watch your favorite TV shows, movies and live streams. However, if you are not in the US, you won’t […]

How To Protect Yourself And Your Kids From Porn – Simple Methods

Many people think that it is hardly as dangerous as other addictions like substance abuse are, and they are quite right. However, porn addiction affects your life in a way that other things do not. It harms your relationship with your partners or family members, and it does have long-lasting ill effects on your mind […]

How To Unblock Crackle Anywhere Worldwide

Crackle is the new rising star in the firmament of online TV. If you wish to watch free movies, original series, and TV shows, Crackle is the solution. Right, you have read correctly. Crackle is free (at least for now!) However, to enjoy Crackle to the full you must have access to the website in the […]

Best VPN For Mac – How To Protect Your Mac With A VPN

Mac is known as one of the best and safest devices that you can use today. It certainly has a lot of power under the hood. But why stop there? Make it even better and safer by adding a best VPN for Mac to the equation. With it, your Mac will become unstoppable online. And, […]

How To Watch Amazon Prime Instant Video From Anywhere In The World

Video-on-demand services are nothing new. They provide users with access to hundreds of movies and TV shows in great picture quality which the users can view whenever they want. While Netflix is the most popular VOD service, there are other options worth considering. One of these other options is to watch Amazon Prime Instant Video. […]

How To Watch Live TV Online For Free Via VPN

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say: Life is not the same if we can’t watch the next episode of our favorite TV show or sports event. Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Master Chef, NFL, NBA and the list can go on. These are just some of the TV […]

Best VPN For Amazon Fire Stick TV – How To Use A VPN On Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV stick is in the same league as Chromecast and Roku when it comes to the type of service offered. It is a media streaming device. You can plug it into the HDMI port of your television and stream content from different regions and different streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. […]

How To Watch Sky Sports On Kodi 17 From Every Country

When it comes to watching sports online, there are only a few streaming channels that can compare themselves to Sky Sports on Kodi 17. This is among the best ways of streaming sports in the entire world, no matter where you live in. Installing Sky Sports Kodi is very beneficial to many since the rest […]

How To Watch Mayweather vs McGregor Free Online: Live Stream, Kodi & All You Need To Know

  It doesn’t get any bigger! Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor is finally happening, and it’s being touted as the fight of the century! This will see the undefeated eleven-time five-division professional boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. take on the current UFC Lightweight Champion and biggest star in UFC, Conor McGregor. Negotiations for this […]

Best Legal Kodi TV Addons – Top 13 Add-ons For Kodi Stream Live TV

Kodi is a perfect way for you to keep having access to countless content without having to pay for a subscription. In this article we selected the best legal Kodi Addons. Why are we talking about “legal” Kodi TV Addons? Kodi is a very popular and powerful software and it is perfectly legal. Not so […]

Best IPTV Addons for Kodi

Kodi took the world by storm when it first came into existence. However, the service is still growing in popularity. More and more people are switching to Kodi for watching their favorite movies and TV shows. However, it’s Kodi’s functionality to stream live TV that really sets it apart from most other streaming services and […]

How to Access .onion Domain And Browse The Dark Web

The .onion domains are the websites that belong to the area of the Internet referred to as the Dark Web. The fact is that, no matter how great internet is, it is very, very unsafe for regular users. Especially for those who do not have skill in protecting themselves online. However, the awareness of this has […]

9 Essential Ways To Make Your Android Phone And Data Safe

Today, every Android phone is a small computer, with internet access, thousands upon thousands of apps available for installation, and much more. With only a phone in your pocket, the possibilities are endless. However, the possibilities of third parties prying into your sensitive data are endless as well when you use an Android device. In […]

New Tvaddons Repo – How To Install Alternative Tvaddons Repo On Kodi

  We all know that free services like the revered TVAddons Fusion repository can be shut down by the law once they get their hands on it. But as with shutting down of popular torrent websites, the blow isn’t fatal at all. That’s because there are new TVAddons repos that are proving to be quite […]

Roku – How To Watch USA American Channels, VPN or DNS?

Roku provides the most convenient and simplest way to stream entertainment content to your TV. The Roku streaming player, manufactured by Roku, Inc. consists of a series of digital media player set-top boxes with a broad range of channels, unlike any other streaming player. Roku has some of the greatest American channels that you can […] – Download Torrent Safely From The Cloud

It is not hard to like Bitport once you’ve tasted what it can offer you. But what exactly is it? Bitport is the next generation torrent client providing fast and secure torrenting. You can use it to download torrent files like you would with a regular torrent client, but that is where the similarity ends. […]

Best VPN for Android – Top 5 Android VPNs To Surf Anonymously

The internet is full of threats from malware and hackers, that is true. However, there are also spying agencies that want to know what you do at all times as well. The NSA of US and GCHQ of UK are the main threats to their users’ privacy. There are other threats as well. For example, […]

Best VPN For iPhone/iOS – Keeping Your iPhone or iPad Data Secure

The best way to protect Apple products is to use a VPN. These services are doing everything in their power to protect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. iOS devices generally go hand in hand with VPNs. Because of that, we have a large choice of VPN for iPhone and iPad to offer. Since there […]

Is PutLocker Legal And Safe To Use?

Is PutLocker legal and safe to use? While the topic is open for discussions, most countries consider streaming sites such as PutLocker to be breaching the copyright law. Therefore, as a user, you are subject to face consequences for breaking the law. This is the major reason that we advise our readers to attempt protecting […]

Top 5 VPNs to Watch Project Free TV Online Worldwide!

Project Free TV is basically a website that acts as a TV library. It doesn’t have any content of its own, but it collects different TV channels and shows that you can stream. All of them are already on the internet, but they are scattered around the web. Project Free TV basically allows you to […]

How to Unblock And Watch BBC iPlayer Around the World

You can watch the BBC iPlayer on BBC website, or alternatively, you can download BBC iPlayer App, whichever you prefer. It allows you to watch both live TV, as well as some older content. The point is, if you have a favorite UK TV show, you are likely to find it on BBC iPlayer. The […]

How To Know If Your Identity Has Been Stolen

One of the worst things that could happen to you is to have your identity stolen. Just imagine what it must feel like to someday get arrested out of the blue. You are sure that you did not do anything wrong, and you have no idea what is this all about. Or, to start receiving […]

How to Fake Your Location via GPS Spoofing Worldwide

With the development of technology, we have come to largely depend on location tracking in real time. Knowing where something or someone is at any point in time is not only a privilege, but has actually become a necessity. Thanks to technology, we can do it easily now. Pretty much everyone and everything uses it, […]

10 Useful Tips For Identifying A Phishing Email

Nowadays the biggest dangers come from hackers. Most of the malware, viruses, and other such dangers can be blocked by antivirus and antimalware programs, and there are also things like VPNs that can help you avoid infections in the first place. However, there’s nothing that can protect you from trickery that comes directly from another […]

What to Do if Your Identity Is Stolen? Enhanced Identity Theft Protection

  People have become good at using whatever they can find to get the best out of it. It’s enough for one or two sensitive info to slip through the cracks of your security. The next thing you know, someone emptied your bank account, or you start discovering prescriptions on someone else’s medical record. Using […]