10 Best Torrent Websites of 2022

August 8, 2022by Jeff0

Many people love torrents as they enable one to easily download movies, high-quality games software, files, and songs. However, finding good and safe torrent sites is not that easy. There is a lot of junk online with many websites for torrenting that are either dodgy links or flood you with annoying ads. Moreover, many good sites most often do not show in Google results.

To avoid falling down a rabbit hole while searching for the best torrent websites, we have selected 12 reliable sites that have been online long enough to build a good reputation. Most importantly, these torrent platforms verify most of their torrents to guarantee the user’s safety. Even though a few years ago the torrenting community was shocked when the US Governement took down the super-popular Kickass Torrents along with Torrent.eu and Buzz.eu, many alternatives are available.

Since these challenging years, there has been an influx of some great newbies to fill up the holes. Of course, good old buddies are still major players with Pirate Bay coming top of the list. This article will go through the top 10 Torrent Website that are currently leading the way.

While you go through the list, never forget that even if these torrenting websites are trustworthy, your online security can still be at risk. For this reason, we do not recommend you to use any of these sites unless you activate a highly-reliable VPN to protect yourself.

Caution: Use a VPN

A good VPN will keep you safe and anonymous thanks to military-grade encryption and by hiding your IP address. These features guarantee that nobody can see what you are downloading and from where you are connecting. 

It doesn’t matter how reputable a webisytes is, torrenting still exposes you to several dangers like cybercryminals stealing your IP address or becoming the target of legal actions. Even though torrenting is not illegal per se, in many countries is, and its usage can therefore lead to you facing legal consequences. Moreover, even in countries where downloading torrents is allowed, some file torrent you download might be covered by copyrigtht.

These are some sounds reasons that makes using a top VPN critical to remain secure and anonymous. There is a vast choice of VPNs, but when it comes to torrenting our favourites are NordVPN, CyberGhost, and Surfshark. Not only these providers are safe, they are even affordable for every users.

IMPORTANT: Anonymster doesn’t promote illegal torrenting. Before downloading  anything, make sure to check laws and regulations in the country you live to avoid copyright infringement.


1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay was established by Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm, and Peter Sunde in September 2003 in Sweden. Since then, it has been a favorite among the torrent community, and it’s the most used torrent search engine. It offers anything, from movies, shows, music, games software, apps, and pretty much anything else you could think of.

For quite a number of years, Pirate Bay has managed to escape the international law. 2017 has however been a quiet year for the notorious site, but it still is the place to get what you want. Pirate Bay is used by more than 112 million people worldwide.

One reason why The Pirate Bay is at the top of our list is because the websites is very concerned about safety. Most of the links are verified and you usually finds a note informing you if the file is trustworthy or not. This approach reduces the risk of infection. Moreover, the website is available in 35 languages making very user friendly for users from every where around the world.

On the low note, The Pirate Bay is banned and therefore not accessible from many locations like: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, France, Argentina, Malaysia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Germany, Australia, Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden, China, Russia,  Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Austria, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Belgium.

If you are connecting from one of this location, you need a strong VPN to bypass geo-restrictions.


2. RARBG- Best Torrent Site for Videos & TV Shows

RARBG was founded back in 2008, and it’s known for its high-quality videos. It provides torrent files and magnet links to facilitate P2P file sharing to over 300,000 users a day. The website started as a Bulgarian tracker, and it’s now an international storage for high-quality videos and TV shows.

RARBG has gained user trust steadily and won the hearts of many video pirates. It can now be termed as the best torrent site for videos and TV shows. If you don’t find anything you are looking for in the options above, then this is your next pick.

RARBAG offers a better user experience compare to The Pirate Bay. For instance, you will have a top ten list of most downloaded files for each category and all the news posted in the home page. On the other end, RARBAG is more invasive in advertisements.
Even RARBAG is blocked in several locations. Therefore, the only way to access its library for many users is to use a VPN to mask your IP address.


3. 1337X

Founded in 2007, 1337X greatly benefited from the ban of ExtraTorrent and KAT. A complete revamp of the site brought a massive jump in traffic. It is now a powerful torrent site that seems to get everything right.

For instance, the library is enormous and offers great variety. Most of the torrents are high-quality, and thanks to the massive traffic and a very active community, they are updated several times a day. The interface is well done and easy to navigate. We love that 1337x offers even technical data about the torrents. It is handy, for instance, the information about how many times the torrent has been downloaded, which is a very straightforward way to understand if the file is good quality or not.

They may not claim the most extensive database, but 1337X’s database avails you of some torrents that may be difficult to come across on other sites.

You will appreciate that there is a limited amount of ads. However, 1337x like other torrent websites, has its limitation regarding security. Therefore, always open your VPN before downloading torrents.


4. YTS

YTS claims that it provides high-quality videos and movies at the smallest size. We confirm that this torrent website is mainly focused on movies and this is why its library is smaller compared to other websites like The Pirate Bay or RARBAG.

The platform features high-quality movies available in 1080p, significantly reducing bandwidth consumption. However, if you want to get access even to books, TV shows, music, games, or else, you need to switch to a different platform.

We like YTS because the interface is quite nice and easy to navigate. Moreover, ads intrusion is kept to the minimum. However, to enhance your experience, you can use a VPN with a good ad blocker.

5. ExtraTorrent

This is another popular Website, and it’s the second-largest database for verified torrents. ExtraTorrent had earlier announced that it was shutting down for good, and this was taken as a serious blow to the torrenting community. However, somehow, the site is back in full operation!

Over the past years, ExtraTorrent has increased its user base and visitors admirably. The founder of this site says that the active community of ExtraTorrent has been the reason for its success.

As it often happens, ExtraTorrent is banned in many location. Therefore, you need a VPN to unblock it and, most importnat, to protect your online privacy.

6. TORRENTZ2 – Focused on Music

This super torrent index site provides users with an improved algorithm through its meta search engine looking for torrents in other torrent sites. It is the substitute of Torrentz.eu, which was shut down a few years ago due to a court decision.

It carries an identical look to the original, and you just need to search, find and simply download your files. You will love Torrentz2, especially if you are looking for music. This is the real strength of this website which is instead lacking when it comes to movies, games or other categories.

The interface is simple but practical. It visualizes all torrent details before downloading, giving you the advantage of quickly spotting the best files. After the recent update, the volume of ads has been significantly reduced. However, a VPN with ad blocker and strong encryption is highly recommended.


7. Torrentdownloads

Torrentdownloads is arguably the biggest bitTorrent system, and it allows users to upload verified torrents anonymously. It has been around for many years and has been subjected to many internet service providers blockages in various parts of the world.

However, it’s still going strong and with a VPN, you don’t need to worry about internet service provider blocking. The site attracts around a million users per month! And, if you take a look at what it has to offer, this is hardly surprising.

This website has it all. You can download movies and music, TV shows and documentaries, anime and games software, even e-books, apps, programs, and more. No matter what you need, you will likely find it here, or not at all.

On a low note, the website is plenty of annoying ads. Therefore, using a VPN with ad blocker will make your experience more pleasant.

8. Seedpeer

Seedpeer boasts quite a huge database compared to most torrent sites, with over 3 million files. It’s quite simple to use, though it doesn’t have the best interface. Still, it’s very usable and will always be a good place to search what you are looking for.

A generous feature of the site is that you are still given links to other torrent websites whether you find or don’t find whatever you are looking.


Just like its name suggests, this torrent site majorly focuses on TV shows. It doesn’t have a catchy look and neither will you find everything you are looking for, but EZTV still remains a great site for TV shows. The quality of the videos is usually consistent, something that makes it appeal to users.

Unfortunately, we don’t like the amount of ads present on this torrent platform. However, if you activate the ad blocker on your VPN you can easily get around the problem

10. Limetorrents

Best Torrent Websites Limetorrents

Limetorrents has a library that is more extensive than The Pirate Bay. This is one of the top torrent platforms if you are looking for new releases.

The website has become popular and now has a fresh and secure database, with a good feel and look. For each category, Limetorrents shows you the top 100 torrents. This feature is very handy to find what you are looking for quickly. Many files are in the public domain, which means they are quite safe. However, since this website focuses on new releases, many of them are covered by copyright. Use your good judgment before downloading to avoid infringing copyright laws.

In any case, never forget to activate your VPN to encrypt your connection and mask your IP address.

Why You Need to Use a VPN

We already mentioned at the beginning of this article that even reliable torrent website come with dangers to your online security. You may refer to our Guide to Torrenting to better understand all dangers and how to protect yourself.

Further, most torrent websites are blocked by your Internet service provider in various regions, and you will need a VPN to access a blocked site. Or your Internet provider may throttle your connection if it detects excessive downloading activity on your end. VPNs can help you with both of these two problems.

The trick to torrenting safely, as well as to unblocking censored websites lies with your IP address.

Simply put, all you need to do is use a VPN to connect to one of its foreign servers. Doing so will allow you to hide your original IP address, and replace it with another one. This other IP address is owned by the VPN, instead of your internet service provider. The new address is also bound to the specific server you are connected to, which might well be in a different country then the one you are connecting from.

In other words, any service that scans it will not see your real location, but that of the server, instead. That way, your VPN can keep you safe and anonymous. However, at the same time, by connecting to the foreign server, you will also be able to access all the content available in the region in which the server resides. This is how VPNs also allow you to defeat censorship.

However, not all VPNs are good for torrenting. Some VPNs don’t even have servers that permit P2P, and others will even ban you if you use torrents with their VPN. There are also some that are very slow, and their download speed is inadequate. This, therefore, calls for a careful selection when buying a VPN. To know more about, you can check out our guide for best VPN for Torrenting.

Generally, you will need a VPN that;

  • Allows P2P
  • Doesn’t store any logs
  • Has great download speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Has many servers

Here is a list of our favourites provider that we tested for torrenting:

How to Choose the Best Torrent Sites

When choosing a torrent site, there are several factors you need to consider. Let’s start with critical features that should be of primary importance to you.


You must ensure that your online security is not at risk when downloading torrents. There are plenty of shady and unreliable torrent websites that are dangerous for every user. The list of best torrent sites in this article contains torrent platforms that are reliable and do not compromise your online security. However, you must always be careful not to download files protected by copyright.

 Moreover, never forget to turn on a VPN with strong encryption to protect and hide your data.

Download Speed

You must choose a platform with a good average speed for downloading torrents. Otherwise, you will get frustrated and won’t enjoy the experience. However, don’t forget that your internet connection might affect this factor a lot and that some torrents take more time than others to download. Moreover, choose a VPN that guarantees a minimum loss in speed connection.

Some torrent sites will bombard you with advertisements and pop-ups that click themselves. Ads are super annoying as you will have to go through multiple of them before getting to the torrent you are looking for. The websites we included in the list have been tested even in this regard. Moreover, you may activate a VPN with an ad blocker to add an extra layer of protection during your navigation.

Torrent type and variety

Some torrent websites like RARBAG or The Pirate Bay have huge libraries encompassing many categories. Others, instead, are more niche-oriented, like EZTV, which mainly focuses on TV shows. Therefore, choose a platform specializing in the category of your interest.


There you have it! Those are our best 10 torrent websites for 2018. Remember to download verified torrents, you will need a torrent client. The most popular one is BitTorrent and it can be easily installed.

However, Anonymster does not promote the use of Torrents in restricted areas and so this guide is only informational. The best way to avoid getting copyright infringement notices in your email, as well as legal consequences, is by the use of a VPN with good download speed. Don’t go to jail, don’t pay thousands of dollars, just use a secure VPN!

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