What Is My IP Address? Free Real-Time IP Locator

What Is My IP Address? Free Real-Time IP Locator

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Anonymster Real-time IP Locator Is A Free Tool To Find Your IP Address Quickly.

Using our free IP finder tool you can know:

  • What is your IP address
  • Check if you have an Ip leak
Free tool real-time IP Locator. Find your IP Address and prevent IP Leaks
What is my IP Address and how to find it

What Is The IP Address?

The IP address is your personal place online. Through the IP address, you can connect with other computers online and exchange information.

You may be surprised to see that through your IP people can collect information about your city, area code, the name of your Internet Service Provider, which browser you’re using and so on.

In any case, your IP address will never reveal personal information like your name, street name or address.

Why Hiding Your IP Address Will Improve Your Security Online?

The IP address doesn’t disclose your personal data, but it provides many details about the device you are using.

A visible IP address makes it easy for hackers to enter your computer and steal sensitive data. Especially when you connect to Free WiFi hotspot, it is never a good idea to have your IP visible.

You can have extensive information on the danger of a visible IP in our guide on how to change IP address and why you should do it right now.

Hiding or changing your IP address will give you free access to geo-restricted websites, avoid censorship and enhance your overall online experience.

To hide your real IP is very easy. The best VPN providers will do that for you in just a matter of seconds. With a few clicks you will be totally protected.

Once your real IP is hidden, nobody can understand your real location. Not only, when you hide your IP address using a VPN connection, but all your traffic is also encrypted, and all your sensitive information and your activity online will remain secret. Not even your ISP will have access to this important information.

Hiding your IP through a VPN connection is the ultimate way to ensure your Internet privacy and security.

What is an IP leak?

When you connect to the Internet using a VPN your real IP is hidden. It may anyway happen that, due to technical reasons, your real IP is still visible even if you are using the VPN service.

Using our real-time IP Locator, in just a few seconds you can verify if your VPN provider is hiding your IP or if you’re incurring into an IP Leak. If you do, take immediate step to solving the issue.