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Free Web Proxy

A simple way to gain anonymity on the internet without getting into your pocket. Surfing the net with our free tool will conceal your identity online making your activity on the web more secure and private.

However, this tool shouldn’t be confused with a VPN connection.

We are about to explain to you the difference between a proxy server online and a VPN connection.

What Is My IP

The IP address is your personal place online. Through the IP address, you can connect with other computers online and exchange information.

You may be surprised to see that through your IP people can collect information about your city, area code, the name of your Internet Service Provider, which browser you’re using and so on.

In any case, your IP address will never reveal personal information like your name, street name or address.

DNS Leak Test

DNS leak protection is pivotal if you want to stay anonymous online. Even if you are using an anonymity or privacy service like a VPN connection, which uses a VPN tunnel to protect your data, you can still be the victim of a DNS leak.

Only the best VPNs have a built-in DNS queries leak protection tool. Is your VPN protecting you?

Our free DNS leak test tool will reveal if you are safe online in a matter of seconds.

WebRTC Leak Test

WebRTC is a great technology supported by many browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera. WebRTC enhances performances when transferring data or during audio and video chats. However, this technology may expose your public IP address endangering your privacy. Our free WebRTC leak tool will immediately show you if your IP address is secure and if your VPN is working correctly.