Meet our Team

Claudio R.
Claudio is the founder of Anonymster. He is a senior copywriter focused on online security and digital freedom.
Artur is a DevOps engineer with over 10 years of experience who is passionate about personal data privacy and freedom of communications.
Ali Raza
Passion for internet security, technology, and cryptocurrency.
Dadson T
Dadson is a freelance writer with an enduring interest in Information Security and Privacy concerns. For the last four years he has written on a range of topics in this area, including VPN reviews, Proxies as well as similar concerns as an IT specialist. Besides writing, he is a soccer fan and enjoys watching movies.
Joel Timothy is a writer who has a passion for tech and internet security and privacy.
Sono un Freelancer Italiano con una particolare passione verso il web, internet e i social media. Seguite My Google Profile+
Editeur de blogs et rédacteur de contenu pour des sites de marketing, de voyages et des sites technophiles, je suis très intéressé par les solutions nomades pour améliorer sa sécurité sur internet.