Windscribe VPN Review

Windscribe is a relatively new VPN service based in Ontario, Canada. Having started its full operations in April 2016, you can rightly say that the company has a lot of catching up to do in terms of brand recognition and user base. However, within the short time it has been in operation, Windscribe VPN has […]

Is Torrenting Safe? All You Need To Know About Torrenting

Sure BitTorrent downloads and P2P file sharing is fun. But when you’re torrenting, you’re basically on thin ice. While torrenting isn’t necessarily illegal or dangerous, you need to consider all the possible dangers before you lurk in deeper waters. Security must be your priority when you share P2P. What is Torrenting and BitTorrent? BitTorrent is […]

What Is an IP Address and Why You Should Change It Right Now

Technically speaking, the acronym “IP” stands short for Internet Protocol address. But to protect your internet privacy, what you need to understand is what is an IP address, why it is so critical in the digital era and, most important, why you should hide it right now. What Is the IP Address Well, imagine wanting […]

Free VPN, A Study Exposes All The Dangers

Several people decide that a free VPN would be the best choice for them, mainly because they do not want to pay for the service. They may be needing a VPN for multiple reasons. For example, they may want to view content that is blocked due to their location, or they may want to make […]

VPN Protocols – Differences Between OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP and PPTP.

VPN Protocols are one of the many features that keep your data secure and encrypted while on a VPN service. There are different types of protocols, the three most popular being PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. Microsoft also offers a proprietary protocol, SSTP, which we will discuss. So let’s see what are the VPN protocols available […]

What Is the Best VPN Protocols for the Ultimate User Experience

Whether you are interested in discovering the fastest VPN protocol or you wish to know which one is the most secure VPN protocols in the market, you need to gather a few information about the different types of VPN protocols. It is important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a […]

What Is A VPN Router – Protect All Your Devices Through Your Router

You can run your VPN from your computer, smartphone or almost any other device that you use to access the internet. However, with a VPN router, you won’t need to set up a VPN client on every one of your devices. What Is A VPN Router? A VPN router allows you to run a VPN […]

How To Access The Deep (Dark) Web A Complete Guide

TOR, Dark Web, Deep Web. You may have come across these terms many times while surfing the Internet or reading the news. What is the Dark Web? Are the Deep Web and the Dark Web the same thing? How to use TOR? In this post, we give an answer to these and other questions about […]

Best VPN for Thailand – The Law, Risks and Solution

Thailand is called the “Land of Smile” but when it comes about the Internet there is nothing to smile about. If you are planning to visit Thailand or you wish to move there, you must consider a VPN for Thailand. The Thai government is applying a strong censorship on Internet usage and if you infringe […]

9 Essential Ways To Make Your Android Phone And Data Safe

Today, every Android phone is a small computer, with internet access, thousands upon thousands of apps available for installation, and much more. With only a phone in your pocket, the possibilities are endless. However, the possibilities of third parties prying into your sensitive data are endless as well when you use an Android device. In […]

TrueCrypt Alternative

TrueCrypt was creating encrypted virtual disks as well as encrypted partitions. After the encryption, you needed a password to access the data. The quality of encryption has made TrueCrypt popular on many systems, including Windows and Mac. The abandonment of the project didn’t have a good impact, and many believed that there’s something wrong with […]

Best VPN For France

Several surveillance laws were brought, each one harsher than the previous one, and the constant privacy breaches have made people start looking for the best VPN for France. You might be wondering how did this happen, and what brought it up. Many have heard of the troubles of France, especially those connected to multiple terrorist […]

Best VPN For Australia

There aren’t that many things that are as frustrating as a feeling of being watched. That’s something that we all share, and it’s something that most of us are currently suffering from. It’s not a new issue in the online community, but in the last couple of years, multiple governments of the world have decided […]

Best VPN For Italy

The censorship online has become one of the biggest annoyances that the internet users can meet, and despite the fact that it varies from country to country, as we said, pretty much everyone ever has come across it. Many countries around the world are forcing it upon their citizens, and the most strict ones are […]

How to Watch Game Of Thrones in Streaming – Detailed Solution

As time goes by, the date of the new Game of Thrones season premiere is getting closer and closer, and fans are once again facing the question that has been bugging them for years – how to watch Game of Thrones online? That was a problem for several years, and we’re happy to say that […]

How To Hide IP Address | Comprehensive Guide

One of the biggest problems related to the internet is how to ensure your safety. Online safety is important, and many different dangers are waiting for you online. You can stumble upon a malicious website, a hacker could try and hold your data for ransom, or even take full control over your device. There are […]

How To Change DNS – The First Step To Internet Security

DNS (Domain Name System) is usually a tricky part to learn, especially when it comes to configuring websites and servers. However, getting to know how it works will go a long way into helping you understand what goes on behind the scenes. You will understand why it is so important to change DNS now. Most […]

Untraceable Calls Review – Hide Your Phone Activity

Untraceable Calls Overview and How to Make Anonymous Phone Call Untraceable Calls is a private calling service that provides private calling servers and calling providers. That means your call never goes through a local operator and can never be traced. Think about it. Every single detail of your private life can be found on your […]

Best 100 Web Proxy Sites List – The TOP Proxy Ranking

How Does a Web Proxy Work? From time to time you might experience some difficulties accessing a website. You may get an annoying message informing you that the website you are looking for is not available or that the URL you just typed is blocked. Bummer! That may happen because of geo-restrictions, which means that […]