Best VPN For Kodi – How To Use Kodi TV Safely

There are several pieces of software out there that were designed for playing music, games, and even television shows via numerous devices. These are often free pieces of software, and due to their price, they are highly intriguing to the consumer market. One of the options on the market is Kodi. What Is Kodi? Kodi […]

Free VPN For Kodi: What’s The Catch?

Kodi is one of the most popular media streaming devices available in the market. Its capability of allowing users to watch TV shows on their devices has won a lot of customers. People use streaming boxes like Kodi to watch TV shows and movies from all over the world. You need Kodi add-ons to access […]

Best IPTV Addons for Kodi

Kodi took the world by storm when it first came into existence. However, the service is still growing in popularity. More and more people are switching to Kodi for watching their favorite movies and TV shows. However, it’s Kodi’s functionality to stream live TV that really sets it apart from most other streaming services and […]

New Tvaddons Repo – How To Install Alternative Tvaddons Repo On Kodi

  We all know that free services like the revered TVAddons Fusion repository can be shut down by the law once they get their hands on it. But as with shutting down of popular torrent websites, the blow isn’t fatal at all. That’s because there are new TVAddons repos that are proving to be quite […]

Kodi TV Tutorials – What Is Kodi And How To Use Kodi Box

  What Is Kodi?  Kodi is an open-source home entertainment software that is distributed free of charge. It  was originally developed for the Xbox platform, and given the name Xbox Media Center, (XBMC). Since then, it has greatly grown in fame and become very popular in recent times. The technology was developed in 2003 and […]