Best VPN for the PlayStation 4 to Reduce Your Lag and Ping

Many people don’t really know how VPNs can improve the gaming experience on your console. You probably know how VPNs can help improve your online privacy and security, but you might not know that they come with several benefits for your PlayStation 4. The truth is you can enjoy your gaming even more if you […]

Netflix Proxy Error Fix – How to Solve Error Code m7111-1331-5059

If you use a VPN for Netflix, there are chances that you’ve come across the Netflix proxy error code: m7111-1331-5059. As annoying as it might be, to fix this Netflix proxy error is not difficult. There is a solution for a quick Netflix proxy error fix. When you bump into the error code m7111-1331-5059 or m7111-5059, […]

How To Stream Content On Amazon Fire TV Stick Outside The US

Due to the expansion of business for streaming services, Amazon launched the Amazon Fire TV Stick which in a nutshell is a portable USB device designed to help its users access more HD video content on demand. As the world continues to embrace streaming services, their growth has been unprecedented and are now being more […]

How to Watch Wimbledon Live Streaming Online

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and it’s widely regarded as the most prestigious.  With all the hype that this tournament brings, we understand if you don’t want to miss any of the action. That is why we’ve come up with a list of the best free channels where you can watch […]

Is CouchTuner Safe? How To Watch CouchTuner Risk-Free

CouchTuner is an online service offering content streaming since 2010. Throughout its shelf life online it has gone through many subdomains like .com, .ag, and .fr. This sites primary focus is the streaming of just about every TV show under the sun. Since the content is free, many viewers use CouchTuner as their principal means […]

Best VPN To Watch Hindi Movies Online Free

Over the years, the Hindi Cinema industry has been quite remarkable with high-quality movie productions. There are so many Hindi movie fans around the world, with some who even watch without subtitles, despite not knowing the language or even the culture. However, for Indians who live abroad, watching Hindi movies online is something that takes […]

How to Get Spotify Unblocked With A VPN

Spotify came and changed the music streaming industry. Since 2008, the service has proven to be a remarkable entertainment platform. The streaming service plays your music through an app or a web browser on laptops. Spotify allows users to stream music either through a paid subscription or using an ad-supported free plan. It lets you […]

Roku – How To Watch USA American Channels, VPN or DNS?

Roku provides the most convenient and simplest way to stream entertainment content to your TV. The Roku streaming player, manufactured by Roku, Inc. consists of a series of digital media player set-top boxes with a broad range of channels, unlike any other streaming player. Roku has some of the greatest American channels that you can […]

NordVPN New Solution For China – NordVPN Now Bypass China Censorship

In a bid to offer clients the best VPN service in China, NordVPN have recently implemented a new advanced VPN feature to their Windows service. This update has been made as the Chinese Government keeps on updating the Great Firewall to filter out VPN attempts to try and circumvent the strong internet censorship in the […]

How to Unblock And Watch BBC iPlayer Around the World

You can watch the BBC iPlayer on BBC website, or alternatively, you can download BBC iPlayer App, whichever you prefer. It allows you to watch both live TV, as well as some older content. The point is, if you have a favorite UK TV show, you are likely to find it on BBC iPlayer. The […]

Vanished VPN Review – Bypass Geo-blocks Easily Dec 2017

Australian based Vanished VPN is a relatively new entry into the VPN service provider space, having launched in 2016. Rather than trying to be everything to everybody, Vanished VPN focuses on providing geo-unblocking solutions for streamers, whilst also offering a solid security and privacy solution. Vanished VPN Unblock Netflix Australian Netflix subscribers are some of […]

Best VPN For France

Several surveillance laws were brought, each one harsher than the previous one, and the constant privacy breaches have made people start looking for the best VPN for France. You might be wondering how did this happen, and what brought it up. Many have heard of the troubles of France, especially those connected to multiple terrorist […]

Best VPN For Australia

There aren’t that many things that are as frustrating as a feeling of being watched. That’s something that we all share, and it’s something that most of us are currently suffering from. It’s not a new issue in the online community, but in the last couple of years, multiple governments of the world have decided […]

Best VPN for the UK

If you’re interested in learning more about how your privacy is being breached, and you’d also like to know how to protect yourself, simply keep reading. We will talk about the censorship issues in the UK and the best VPN for the UK to avoid censorship concerns. UK Censorship And Government Surveillance This is a […]

How to Watch Game Of Thrones in Streaming – Detailed Solution

As time goes by, the date of the new Game of Thrones season premiere is getting closer and closer, and fans are once again facing the question that has been bugging them for years – how to watch Game of Thrones online? That was a problem for several years, and we’re happy to say that […]

How To Hide IP Address | Comprehensive Guide

One of the biggest problems related to the internet is how to ensure your safety. Online safety is important, and many different dangers are waiting for you online. You can stumble upon a malicious website, a hacker could try and hold your data for ransom, or even take full control over your device. There are […]

How To Unblock Youku And Get A Chinese IP Address

With the huge popularity and large traffic flow, it is so unlucky that Youku is only accessible in mainland China. This only means that if you are outside China and wish to access the most popular streaming site, the only fast and secure way to unblock Youku outside China is using a VPN. What is […]

How To Unblock And Watch Hulu Outside The US | Tutorial

If you’re a fan of American TV shows, Hollywood movies, US drama, and a good program in general, you’ve probably already forgotten all about your regular cable TV, and are watching your favorite shows and movies online. People with such preferences have probably already heard of Hulu. One of the best online media but don’t […]

Best VPN For Turkey – Bypass Censorship In Turkey | Update 2017

Turkey VPN – Why You Need One In the year 2007, Turkey took a bold step towards internet censorship aimed at ‘regulating’ and ‘cleaning’ the internet from undesirable content. The censorship saw the blocking of popular sites among them YouTube, Alibaba, and Blogger. Turkish internet censorship and the blocking of VPN connections and Tor services […]

Microleaves Review

As long as there was the internet, there was also online censorship, and its existence isn’t new. Depending on where you live, and also your online habits, you might not have even felt its effects that much. There are other people that have, and some of them are There are other people that have, and […]