How to Watch the FIFA World CUP 2022 Live Streaming Online

August 4, 2022by Claudio R.2

Are you looking for an easy and trouble-free way to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 live streaming possibly for free? We will tell you how!

The FIFA World Cup Qatar is the most highly anticipated event in the world. Many prime and free TV outlets will be broadcasting matches but most will only show where their country is participating. If you’re like me, I’m sure you don’t want your country borders deciding what games you can watch. Therefore, I will explain now how to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 live streaming online without problems.

How can you watch the live matches of other countries in the FIFA World Cup 2022? Simple answer, use a Virtual Private Network or a VPN.

This handy tool gives you the power to access geo-restricted streaming sites from other countries.


What Channels Is the FIFA World Cup On

Here are some of the most important channels that detain the 2022 FIFA World Cup broadcasting rights. With a VPN you can unblock all of them and watch the World Cup Live stream free, like for instance, on BBC iPlayer or ITV.


United States


United Kingdom


Middle East

If your ultimate goal is to watch the World Cup Live stream free, you can have a look at some of the most important free live sports streaming website. However, since some of this websites may link to unofficial resources, you really need to activate a VPN to stay out of trouble.

Best VPN to Watch the FIFA World Cup Free

Since you likely want to get yourself prepared for the event. We went ahead and did you the favor of collecting the top VPN picks to watch the FIFA World Cup online. 


ExpressVPN to watch Fifa World Cup Online free

Express VPN is one of the best VPN providers in the industry. With a network of over 1000 servers scattered in over 87 lands, the most natural thing to do with ExpressVPN is to bypass any geo-restricted content.

The security features for ExpressVPN are also noteworthy. ExpressVPN offers a massive amount of protection with its SSL secured network with 256-bit encryption. Under this safety net, you will undoubtedly remain invisible and undetected. Therefore, if you connect to a channel that doesn’t have the broadcasting rights for the FIFA World Cup, ExpressVPN will protect your identity even during this act of piracy.

Another bonus to having such a vast amount of servers is you have an infinite amount of servers switches.

You can discover a lot more feature in our article on ExpressVPN.

Express VPN Pros:

  • No Logging
  • Login Concurrently from 3 devices
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Infinite Server Switches

Express VPN Cons:

  • Pricier than most competitors

ExpressVPN for FIFA World Cup Price
30-Day Money Back Guarantee


IPVanish to watch Fifa world cup

IPVanish is an excellent VPN provider to consider when choosing a VPN to stream the World Cup. This provider has outstandingly fast network speeds that will allow you to stream every World Cup match and much more.

Unlike many other VPN services, IPVanish also has full control over their vast network expanding over 850 servers in more than 60 countries. Their obsession with control gives them bragging rights for a substantial no logs reputation.

With IPVanish you can easily unblock channels from every country and be protected if you want to watch the FIFA World Cup matches free online.

We suggest you to read our IPVanish review where you can find a lot more about this provider.

IPVanish Pros:

  • Sustainable speeds
  • Uni-controlled networks
  • Seven-day money back guarantee

IPVanish Cons:

  • Limited two concurrent device connection

IPVanish price for Fifa World Cup
7-Day Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee


CyberGhost is yet another fitting choice to satisfy your need for high-speed streaming. This VPN provider delivers some optimal results when it comes to downloading and uploading. In fact, it performs among the fastest VPNs on the market, which translates to faster connections, less buffering and more watching your favorite matches this year.

CyberGhost also has top of the line protection, and security one could ask for in a VPN. They adhere to a strict state-enforced no-logging mandate. So, if you’re looking to remain anonymous while streaming your games, CyberGhost is a hearty option.

Read the CyberGhost VPN review.

CyberGhost Pros:

  • Top of the line streaming capabilities
  • No-logs
  • Double encryption

CyberGhost Cons:

  • Live Support available infrequently

CyberGhost Offer for FIFA World Cup
30-day Money Back Guarantee


NordVPN to watch world cup 2018 live streaming

NordVPN like ExpressVPN has a had a name in the VPN industry for quite a while. Although, NordVPN is more of a privacy driven provider they continue to enhance their server count and capacity. Their servers now number over 1020 in over 55 countries. With so many servers they have the speed to back up your connection for the World Cup.

More than just velocity their double encryption policy and VPN protocols are especially useful if you in live in a country with severe censorship. NordVPN has the power to unlock any channel the 2022 FIFA World Cup is on.

NordVPN Pros:

  • Experienced name
  • Secure VPN Protocols
  • Six device connectivity
  • Money back guarantee

NordVPN Cons:

  • No SmartDNS

Price NordVPN for Fifa World Cup
30-day Money Back Guarantee


HMA VPN for Fifa World Cup live streaming

HMA VPN has been around since the inception of VPN services. As with most qualified names, HideMyAss has a healthy amount of servers in the United States. This makes them yet another excellent choice to connect to some matches in the US. The streaming quality is also beefy enough to support HD quality picture.

HideMyAss has an incredibly robust network and solid functionality for its users. The price tag for such an experienced VPN provider is beautiful.

Read our new HMA VPN review.

HideMyAss Pros:

  • Attractive price tag
  • Unparalleled network
  • Supports HD streaming
  • Get your money back after 30 days

HideMyAss Cons:

  • Keeps some logs

HMA VPN for FIFA to watch fifa World cup matches 2018
30-day Money Back Guarantee

Why Use a VPN to Watch The FIFA World Cup Online?

Live streaming with a VPN to watch FIFA World Cup online is beneficial for a number of reasons.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

We mentioned earlier that by using a VPN you can access certain platforms that may not be available in your country. Most of the websites that will live stream the World Cup Russia matches are geo-restricted, meaning you can access them only from the country the website belongs to.

If you try to connect from outside that country, the website will check your IP address. The IP address will quickly disclose that you are located abroad and the website will automatically block your access. You will bump into a page similar to this one:

FIFA World Cup Channels blocked

If you use a VPN, you just need to log in to a VPN server based in the country of the website that is broadcasting the match. You will be assigned an IP address from the VPN server and you will appear like connecting from inside the country. Your connection will not be blocked anymore.

With a VPN to stream the World Cup, you can open up a treasure house of soccer matches that unfortunately you would have never seen without a VPN.

Copyright Issues

However, you are likely thinking, why should I use a VPN, I hear there websites out there that broadcast every match? While that might be true, how does your Internet Service Provider (ISP) feel about you accessing (bogus) sites they may deem harmful or pirated?

If you’re not careful you may end up receiving some unsavory news about your account with your ISP. Choosing to use a VPN to stream the World Cup is an extraordinarily better option.

Once you connect to the VPN server your IP address and all activity is instantly concealed, leaving your ISP unaware of what content you stream and without reason to suspend your service.

Even in the case you connect to an unofficial channel that doesn’t own the 2022 FIFA World Cup broadcasting rights, you will be safe and protected.


Yet another reason to use a VPN has to with the throttling of internet speeds. As we know, without a VPN your ISP is aware of all your activity. Which is why you may experience much slower speeds when streaming videos than when surfing the web.

We call this unsavory tactic “throttling”. The use of a VPN allows you to circumvent any attempts to have your speed throttled or slowed down. The last you want to see is that annoying buffering circle while watching that long-awaited match during the World Cup. You paid for the speed so you should use it, don’t let your Internet Service Provider slow you down.

FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Schedule

However, all your anticipation and preparation to unblock channels the FIFA World Cup is on would be useless unless you know which days you need to get ready on your couch to watch the matches.

On the official 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar website, you can surely find all the info you need.

Conclusion on Watching FIFA World Cup Live Streaming

There are many broadcasting channels that can give you access to watch some FIFA World cup matches, especially the ones where your country is participating. Many settle with just viewing “some matches”. However, you waited 4 years for the World Cup and you certainly want to see more than “some matches”.

With a Virtual Private Network, you’ll have access to every 2022 World Cup game being broadcasted on any network. A VPN gives you this ability by circumventing blocks on geographically restricted content.

Other than live stream every World Cup Qatar matches, you also want quality. Using a VPN helps you stream your matches at high speeds while maintaining your privacy. This is accomplished by concealing your IP address, which also helps you bypass any Internet speed throttling by your ISP.

Don’t wait another 4 years to do the FIFA World Cup right. Check out our curated list of VPN’s for streaming the FIFA World Cup and get ready to cheer your favorite teams on!

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      Thanks for your comment.NordVPN is a provider that never let you down. Even if the coupon doesn’t work anymore, here you can find the 75% off promotion.


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