Best Legal Kodi TV Addons – Top 13 Add-ons For Kodi Stream Live TV

August 6, 2022by Ali Raza1
Kodi Tv Add-ons

Kodi is a perfect way for you to keep having access to countless content without having to pay for a subscription. In this article, we selected the best legal Kodi TV Addons.

Why are we talking about “legal” Kodi TV Addons? Kodi is a very popular and powerful software and it is perfectly legal.

Not so true for many of the Kodi TV Addons you can install on it. Many of them infringe copyright laws and can set you for a legal problem.

That’s the reason why one of the best VPNs connection is more than recommended when using Kodi. You can find here a list of the best VPN for Kodi and why you need one. However, if you are in a rush, these are the ones we most recommend: NordVPN, ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

However, there are still countless Kodi legal Addons that you can use freely and safely.

Introduction To Kodi TV Addons

Kodi stream live TV is very easy to install and navigate, and you can use it on any device that supports Android software. Installing the software is simple, and you can find a lot of different tutorials and guides on how to do it.

However, our topic today is what you should do after you install it.

Kodi is a great app, but it needs a bit of preparing and fixing before you can actually start using it properly. This is not due to any flaws in its system. It simply offers so much, that you have to choose which channels and add-ons you wish to have access to, manually.

Because of that, and in order to help you achieve the best experience, we have prepared a list of best Kodi Stream TV add-ons for you to try out.

This list will consist of the most popular, and most interesting add-ons that Kodi currently offers. So, if you are looking for some new programs and channels for your Kodi TV, try checking out these ones:

  1. YouTube
  2. Twitch
  3. USTVNow
  4. FilmOn TV
  5. Dbmc
  6. 9gag.TV
  7. Plex
  8. PBS ThinkTV
  9. SoundCloud
  10. Machinima
  11. TunelnRadio
  12. Veetle

These Kodi legal add-ons will provide you with a lot of quality content. They will keep you entertained and relaxed, and we recommend turning to them whenever you have time.

We will soon take a closer look at each of them, and see what makes them a better choice than others. Before that, however, there is one more thing that we should explain:

How To Install Kodi TV Addons

The large majority of add-ons that you might use now or in the future will probably come from Kodi’s own repository.

However, it is worth noting that some of them might come from another source, like SuperRepo. Because of that, we will explain how to install add-ons from both of these sources.

Installing Add-ons From Kodi Repository

Kodi Repository

These are pretty easy and basic instructions that will get you started in no time. The steps we are about to mention are taken from the Kodi version ‘Kodi 17 Krypton‘. Here is what you have to do to get its add-ons:

1. In the sidebar, find ‘add-ons‘ option
2. Click ‘download
3. Next, click on the ‘video add-ons
4. Find the add-ons that you wish to get for your Kodi
5. Select them, and then hit the ‘Install‘ button

This method is probably the easiest and best, and there is pretty much nothing that you can have issues with. However, Kodi also allows you to search for add-ons from different sources.

We have already mentioned SuperRepo as one of them. Since some of the add-ons that we will talk about can (or should) only be found on SuperRepo, we will include instructions on how to get them as well.

Installing Kodi TV Addons From SuperRepo

In order to use add-ons from SuperRepo, you will first have to add it to your Kodi system. This is also easy to do, and you can do it yourself by following these steps:

  1. Find and open System inside your Kodi
  2. Click on the File Manager option
  3. Next, you need to find and select Add Source icon
  4. This new menu should have a list (that might be empty), on which you should click in order to proceed
  5. A text box will open, and in it, you should enter
  6. Call this new source ‘SuperRepo‘, and then hit ‘Done’
  7. Return to your Kodi’s home screen
  8. Go to the add-on browser
  9. Find and select the option that says ‘install from zip file
  10. Now, simply select SuperRepo, and find the right zip file for your specific build
  11. And that is it, and SuperRepo will now appear and act as an official repository for your Kodi

Best Legal TV Add-ons For Kodi

Now that we got that out of the way, it is time to talk about the actual Kodi legal add-ons that we recommend to you. So, without further delays, let’s start.


YouTube Kodi TV addons

Everyone has heard of YouTube, and it needs no special introductions. It is, for years now, the largest video platform on the entire Internet. Its content is free, and there is more of it than you will ever be able to watch. The YouTube add-on for Kodi has had some issues because of problems in development. However, it is all fixed now, and ready for use.

Basically, what it does is that it lets you watch YouTube through Kodi. Nothing special, but still very useful. Because of that, it is probably the most popular add-on. As you know, its content covers pretty much every topic that anyone can think of, and it is a great way to pass the time.



Twitch is another one of the best Kodi addons 2017, and it is very similar to YouTube in several aspects. It is mostly used by gamers, and it is meant for gamers. The majority of its content is live streams of people playing video games, but there is also non-gaming content as well.

If you enjoy watching others play, you can use this add-on to do so. You can even join in the chat, although you will need a keyboard in order to do that properly. If you enjoy games, we recommend trying it, even if you don’t usually watch others play them. Live playing with commentary from these streamers is often a very fun and comedic experience, so try it out.



As the name suggests, this is an add-on specially made to stream US TV channels. On it, you can find channels like Cartoon Network, but also NBC, or CNN, as well as a majority of other channels. It is only available in the US, although there are ways to bypass such geo-restrictions. Different VPNs can help you out with that.

Among some of the best VPN to access USTV Now you can check CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, HideMyAss and NordVPN.

By accessing this add-on, Americans outside of the country can watch their favorite programs, and the rest of the world can enjoy them as well. This add-on is also the first thing that you should get after setting up SuperRepo as your Kodi source.

Kodi’s official repository also has a version of this add-on, but it is better to get it from SuperRepo. If you do so, you will receive faster updates, as well as a better service.

FilmOn TV (FTV)

TV Addons FilmOn TV (FTV)

This is another amazing Kodi TV addon that everyone should have. It is very popular, and it has its free version, as well as premium one. In order to use it, you will need an account on However, after making it, you will get access to tons of channels, live streams, movies, and much more.

It is similar to USTVNow, but many would argue that this one is better. It streams many channels that are not under geo-restriction, which means that you can watch them from anywhere in the world, and at any time.

Pretty much any topic, genre, and even fighting matches can be accessed easily with this add-on, so be sure to get it.


Dbmc best TV addons for Kodi

Another great and practical Kodi TV addons, Dbmc allows you to listen to, or watch, content that you have in your own Dropbox. Whatever you have in your collection becomes easily accessible on the big screen, and all you need is this add-on. It works with audio and video files, and you can even use it for reviewing some of your favorite photos.

You can get Dbmc from Kodi’s official repository, but you can also get it from SuperRepo. Many would argue that SuperRepo version works better and gets updates faster. Because of that, we recommend it as well, but in the end, the choice is yours. Another thing to remember is that it won’t work unless you have a Dropbox account.



Kodi’s 9gag.TV add-ons is the best thing for those who are in need of cheering up or simply love watching some of the craziest videos. It is a well-known platform that has launched many viral videos over the years. At its start, 9gag was a great place to find interesting and funny pictures on the internet. Gradually, it introduced videos as well.

Now, Kodi offers an add-on for you to watch those videos directly from the original platform. Thanks to Kodi, you can use the device of your choosing to do this. You can browse through tons of videos, while the hours are flying by.



Many who are familiar with Plex might be surprised to see it on this list. It is known that Plex is often seen as Kodi’s competitor. Its organization methods are very modern, easy, and superior to many similar services that you can find. Also, it works on pretty much all devices, and it allows you to watch any content at any time.

Because of that, a special legal Kodi add-on is in the making, and you can already enjoy it if you are a Plex Pass subscriber. It combines the best out of these two services and brings you the ultimate experience.



This is another interesting and practical add-on, and it will allow you to gain access to the content from the PBS network. Not only that, but it also allows you access to some of the local content as well. It is a good source of entertainment, and you can use it for accessing many different clips, indie films, and alike.

Not only that, but it even has a PBS Kids add-on, which is, obviously, a version for children. This version will provide a good, quality content for the kids, while you can watch the ‘grown-ups’ version and have a good time yourself. You can find both of these add-ons in Kodi’s official repository.


SoundCloud best legal Kodi TV add-ons

Many would forget that Kodi is not video-locked and that it offers more than that. You can also use it for listening to your favorite music. By including SoundCloud in your best Kodi addons 2017 collection, you can access tons of music from your favorite singers and performers from around the world.

It will provide you with a good sound quality, it will include no commercials, and best of all – it is completely free, while still totally legal. Rest your eyes from all those shows and movies for a bit, and enjoy the great sounds from some of the most talented creators that the world has to offer.


best Kodi legal add-on Machinima

Machinima is another add-on that is a must-have for every gamer out there. It is a perfect way for you to follow news from the gaming industry, and generally everything with any connection to gaming itself. It will also provide you with newest trailers, and other fresh information.

The size and selection of content are impressive, and because of that, it is no wonder that this is one of the most popular Kodi TV add-ons ever. So, if gaming interests you, and you want to follow all the latest updates, this is definitely a plugin for you.



Fans of the radio will find their place on Kodi as well. With this plugin, you can easily access pretty much any radio station in the world. You can listen to other countries’ broadcasts, their music, and radio shows.

Tuneln Radio add-on will allow you much freedom when it comes to searching for that one perfect radio station. It will let you sort them up and browse them by location, genre, and more. And then, when you get the results of your search, simply click on it and enjoy the content. By using this method, you can get the music, shows, news, and pretty much anything else that is on air anywhere in the world.



Naturally, many different people do many different things, and some of them choose to share their experience. One of the most recent and modern ways to do so is online streaming. Now, if you are interested in watching this kind of content, then Veetle is the perfect legal Kodi TV add-on for you.

Every user has the ability to contribute and upload their own content, which is a great source of fun for people who enjoy this kind of content. By using Veetle, you will definitely find something interesting that will help you pass the time and enjoy some funny and interesting videos.


As you can see, installing Kodi on your device is only a first step. After that, it is time for you to explore, find your preferences, and enjoy hours and hours of fun and videos, music, and alike.

Best of all, it is free, and also completely legal. At least, when it comes to the ones that we mentioned here. There are also Kodi TV Stream addons that do not have that kind of support, and you can find instructions on how to get to them as well.

However, we are sure that there is a lot of content that is supported, and that can satisfy your needs equally as good. For all the other content, which may be illegal, make sure you always have a safe VPN connection for Kodi active while you watch it.

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