4 Best Alternatives to Popcorn Time

August 9, 2022by Ali Raza0

TV and movie streaming is on a whole different level today than it was a few years ago. People have a lot of VOD services to choose from, with each of them providing a huge library of popular and coveted movie and TV show content.

The first revolution was initiated by Netflix, which continues to be regarded the holy grail of VOD services. However, the second revolution was led by Popcorn Time, an open source free to use BitTorrent client. Popcorn Time used the BitTorrent protocol but allowed users to stream content the moment they added a .torrent or magnet file.

People no longer had to wait for the file to download. With Popcorn Time coming under great scrutiny by copyright Nazis worldwide and the service going underground for a while, more players emerged on to the scene to grab the opportunity. Although Popcorn Time is back up, there are a few competitors it has to deal with.

Popcorn Time Alternatives


WebTorrent is a free and open source BitTorrent client that functions in much the same way as Popcorn Time. You can add .torrent files or magnet links to the client and begin streaming the content right away. The interface is quite similar to Popcorn Time and is pretty slick.

It allows you to stream the content to your TV and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. WebTorrent also allows you to control playback while the file is downloading. You can skip towards the end whenever you want, giving you great control.



Flixtor is the ultimate opportunistic app that took full advantage of Popcorn Time’s downtime to amass a consumer base. Developed in just 5 days, the Flixtor desktop app gives you a great streaming experience.

It pulls content from a variety of torrent sources, like all other BitTorrent clients that support streaming, and allows for immediate streaming. You can stream the content to VLC media player through Flixtor, helping you run all formats without depending on the video player of the app. Flixtor was also the first app to provide support for Chromecast and an Android app.



Streamio is not a new app as others on this list. It was in production since 2012 under the name Cinematic, and following the main Popcorn Time fork going dead, it pushed its service with some improvements. Streamio pulls content from torrent sites like Kickass and Torrentz to give users streaming ability in the app.

The interface is neat and efficient. You can even stream live events and content, whenever Streamio is able to pull them from the web. This is something that is an additional feature that most other clients and apps fail to provide. Although it isn’t a finished product yet, there is a good reason for you to use this Popcorn Time alternative.



Zona is an all-in-one Russian application that allows you to access movies, TV shows, live TV, and games. You have the functionality to stream a lot of movies and TV shows as well as live TV and music using Zona.

Its interface will remind you of Popcorn Time, with the difference of a lot of Russian titles visible. That’s understandable since it’s a Russian app. But when you choose your region and set your language to English, you can see a lot of TV shows and movies that are popular around the world.

Zona lets you stream as well as download content from the client. You will need a plug-in to use live TV feature. It’s slightly more dangerous to use than other torrent clients that allow streaming.

Using VPN For Popcorn Time Alternatives

Using Popcorn Time or any of its alternatives is legal, but there are instances when you might find yourself in trouble. For example, downloading copyrighted content can be termed illegal, since you are using the BitTorrent protocol, which uses your computer to share the files with others as well.

Using copyrighted content for personal use is deemed legal in most parts of the world now, but sharing it is not. This is why you should always make it a point to use one of the top 7 VPNs for Popcorn Time whenever you use these apps and clients.

VPNs encrypt your connection and hide your activity so that no one can see you are streaming copyrighted content. This protects you from legal action or receiving notices from your ISP.

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