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Best secure email services. Email are a means of communication we use daily. We send sensitive information through email. Much of our data can be discovered if our emails are intercepted. The best email encryption services make your communication online totally safe. Anonymster reviewed some of the best secure mail services like Tutanota, MailFence and EEZY KEYZ. Using a secure email service, all your messages will be encrypted. That means that even in the case a cyber criminal can intercept them, they are impossible to read. In this way an email encryption service will keep all your sensitive data safe and private. You will avoid the danger of cyber crime, identity theft,governement surveillance and more. If you couple a secure email service with one of the best VPN connection all your data will be entirely safe and you can access the Internet with complete peace of mind.

Soverin Mailbox Review

Soverin Private Mailbox Review

Soverin is an independent private company based in Amsterdam, run by a team of internet enthusiasts who want to create great products that are safe, beautiful and easy to use. Soverin is passionate about...
EEZY KEYZ Review & Test

EEZY KEYZ Review Email Encryption Service

The need for a secure email encryption system has been increasing in demand, a problem that EEZY KEYZ sought to solve once and for all. In this EEZY KEYZ Review, we shall be taking a...
StartMail Review & Tutorial

StartMail Review & Tutorial

StartMail is one of the easiest and safest ways to ensure that your email conversations are well encrypted. The need for a secure and private email has been growing over time, due to the...

Tutanota Review, Secure & Encrypted Email Service Made Easy

Founded at the end of 2011, Tutanota has since then grown to become one of the most popular secure email services and one of the best alternative to the world famous Gmail. Behind Tutanota there...
Mailfence Secure Email Review

Mailfence Review – Secure & Private Email Service

When talking about secure and private email services, Mailfence is one of the top names that comes to mind. They are based in Belgium and have become one of the most popular email services...