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August 3, 2022by Claudio R.0

VPNLUX is an offshore based Virtual Private Network Provider. (Belize)
We are a dedicated team of experts who are specialized in cybersecurity. Deep understanding of cyber attacks and analyzing as well as preventing them is our competitive edge.

We pride our team who are passionate to ensure your security, privacy, and unrestricted access to any data or information.  We have made our mark in one of the best double VPN service solutions on the market.

We ensure the security of our clients with locked, robust and unidentified VPN access. It is backed by the up-to-the-minute techniques and latest trends in the cyber security and we mean it!

VPNLux Review

VPNLUX Summary

  • Protocols and Encryption: OpenVPN AES-256-SHA (TCP, UDP), L2TP/Ipsec, PPTP
  • Server Switches: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • P2P & BitTorrent, Open ports: Yes
  • Double VPN: Yes
  • DNS Leak Resolver: Yes
  • No Logs Policy
  • Offshore based VPN (Belize)
  • Compatible Devices: iPhone, iPad, Routers, Game Consoles and More
  • Compatible OS: Win, iOS, OS X, Android, Linux
  • Multi Login: Up to 6 devices
  • Customer Care: 24/7 Email or jabber (XMPP) messenger
  • Money Back Guarantee: 7 Days
  • Free Trial: 3 days
  • Accept Bitcoin: Yes
  • Freeze your account option

Pricing & Plans

VPNLUX has 4 different VPN plans with a flexible subscription.

  • Standard VPN – all available VPN locations
  • Double VPN – Double VPN locations (standard plan included)
  • Dedicated VPN – Static / Dedicated IP (standard and double vpn plans included)
  • Unlimited – Static / Dedicated IP and Open Ports (P2P) (all plans included)

You can buy a subscription to the service for 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year accordingly.

VPNLux review Pricing

Payment methods include

  • Credit Cards
  • Webmoney
  • Yandex Money
  • Bitcoin,
  • Perfect Money

3 Days Free trial

If you are not sure whether to stick with VPNLUX or another VPN provider, You can test it out absolutely free by getting a 3-day free Standard VPN account. All you need is to get in touch with the Support Center by email or using Contact Form on the website and our Team will take care of the rest.


VPNLUX uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256-bit keys — also known as AES-256, combined with PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) using 4096-bit Diffie-Hellmann keys.

The government agencies adopt the same encryption and it is used by the security experts around the globe to protect classified information.

Server Authentication

  • VPNLUX uses HTTPS Authentication for websites and for OpenVPN itself;
  • The green lock (icon) in your browser’s address bar will verify that a site uses HTTPS properly;
  • OpenVPN uses certificates, just like HTTPS, to protect the user against man-in-the-middle attacks;
  • VPNLUX uses an RSA certificate with 2048-bits of length key, identified by SHA-512, a hashing algorithm of the SHA-2 family;

Data Authentication

  • VPNLUX uses HMAC (SHA-256) authentication which stands for keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code. This is used to protect the user from man-in-the-middle attacks or from anyone who can get access to the data and read it in real-time.


VPNLUX respects your privacy with a NEVER LOG policy!

Located in Belize, VPNLUX is determined to carry the legacy of Belize that is famous for keeping privacy-friendly policies, unlike EU or USA. Offshore zone gives clients an extra layer of privacy as Belize law doesn’t require VPN providers to keep a record of your traffic.

EU or USA based VPN providers are obliged to collect and process personal data which might be used for Global Mass Surveillance.

Data that VPNLUX never collect:

Browsing history

VPNLUX believes in an absolute freedom of its customers and provides with the best no logs VPN. It never overlooks the website you browse on your device for any purpose.

Traffic data

VPNLUX keeps the promise of your security and runs its own private and zero-knowledge DNS (that never logs your queries) on every VPN server to keep you anonymous and provide you with extra privacy.

DNS queries

The company runs its own private, zero-knowledge DNS (that does not log queries) on every VPN server for extra privacy and anonymity.

Data that VPNLUX collect:

Email address / Username

VPNLUX has zero tolerance for spamming. When you enter your email, they can save it to help you out when you need to recover its password. Your email is safe with VPNLUX and they never pass it on to anyone for any purposes. The zero logs VPN will always make you feel secure.

Financial information

Your financial information is stored encrypted on remote servers and VPNLUX uses it only if you come across an issue of refund or any other problem related to transactions.

Double VPN

VPNLUX takes special care of those customers who desire more protection and anonymity in their VPN experience. That is why; VPNLUX comes with one of the best anonymous Double VPN Technology that allows the customers to use the chain of two servers which are secure with the military-grade encryption.

Double VPN leads to more security and browsing safety of the users. In the double VPN Technology, data travels first through the entry server, then it is routed to the exit server and then it is routed to the Internet. Thus it provides double VPN service to you having a double security along with double encryption while keeping your IP address same as it was at the exit server point.

However, be aware that this extra layer of protection affects a connection speed. The double encryption process will make your connection slower than using the standard VPN service.

Dedicated IP & Open Ports (P2P)

VPNLUX takes utmost care of its users and provides them with a static IP address add-on. The static IP address is for those who want to play poker or gambling online and keep the IP address unchangeable.

If you are fond of playing video games or desire an uninterrupted downloading from torrent (P2P), you can obtain open ports add-on if it is available in the chosen location.

By choosing the Dedicated or Unlimited plan, you will be asked to select any available static IP location from the list. Static IP will be assigned automatically to your account. If you want to change the assigned IP, you need to contact VPNLUX Support for further assistance.

Freeze your account

Your satisfaction is supremely important for VPNLUX. If you are out of your station for any reason and will not use your VPN for some time, you are allowed to freeze the subscription for up to 15 days. No questions asked! VPNLUX understand the freedom from your perspective as well.

Unblock websites

Do you want the full Internet, free of censorship? VPNLux is the easiest way to unblock restricted websites from anywhere in the world as some of the governments in the world do not allow access or limit the access to certain websites based on your Internet traffic.

VPNLux resolves such blocking issues and plays the role of a website unblocker. It routes all of your Internet traffic through a tunnel where this data is encrypted. Thus, your data packets stay away from the censorship and cannot be inspected or manipulated.

If you are in a region where you are unable to open a certain website, you can use available VPNLux locations to connect to one of VPNLUX servers. Thus, your IP address and location get changed according to the chosen location where the website is allowed.

So bypass Geo-location restrictions and live your life with no limitations. No worries about restricted or banned websites from anywhere in the world. VPNLUX unblocks your favorite sites while you appear as local with the help of a global VPN network.

Some of the websites that you can access with VPNLUX:

  • Netflix
  • iPlayer
  • Hulu
  • Showtime
  • Avito
  • Amazon Prime
  • Spike
  • HBO
  • iTV
  • Pandora
  • Blinkbox
  • Last.fm
  • ABS
  • FOX

and many more

24/7 Customer Service

Hourly daily service support in all matters of service is available for you.
You can contact VPNLUX via email, contact form on the website or via Jabber (XMPP) with OTR plugin enabled. Customer support is there for you 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Additionally, if you experience some difficulties with the VPN software installation you may at first have a look at the “How to set up a VPN connection” section. You can get there by clicking on the header menu “Help”

VPNLux review FAQ

How to use VPNLUX

  1. Choose your plan
  2. Select “Subscription period”
  3. Enter “Username”
  4. Enter “Password”
  5. Select a payment method

NB! Email is optional. It is up to you whether to provide us with your email or not.

VPNLux review sign up process

After a successful payment, you can download VPN software “Viscosity” and install it on your device.

VPNlux review and speed test

How to set up a VPN connection on Windows

  1. Download “Viscosity app for Windows Vista or later” from User Dashboard
  2. Save Viscosity app installer to the “Downloads” folder
  3. VPNLUX locations are pre-configured within the app
    (Attention! Viscosity is not compatible with Windows XP)

VPNLux download

4. Click on “Start menu” button, then go to “File Explorer”

VPNLux Review software download

5. Double click on the “Downloads” folder

How to download VPNLux

6. Run “Viscosity app” installer

VPNLux viscosity app

7. If you see a screen, saying “Windows protected your PC. Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting…”, click “More info” button

VPNLux Software download guide

8. Then click “Run anyway” button

9. Click “Yes”

VPNLux download

10. Then click “Install”

VPNLux review Install

11. When you see a screen, saying “Completing the Viscosity Setup Wizard”, click “Finish”

VPNLux setup wizard


12. Launch “Viscosity app” from “Desktop” screen

VPNLux review viscosity app
13. Open “System tray” (bottom-right corner of the screen), then locate “Viscosity icon”

VPNLux system tray

14. Right click the “Viscosity icon” in “System tray” and select the desired connection name
Attention! We recommend using TCP connection if it is stable. Otherwise, use UDP

VPNLux select desired connection

15. You will see the following notification after “VPN connection is established”.
Now you are protected and it is safe to surf the web!

VPNLux review connecting VPN

How to set up a VPN connection on Mac

  1. Download “Viscosity app (Mac OS 10.8 or later)” from User Dashboard
  2. Save “Viscosity app installer” into the “Downloads” folder
    VPNLUX locations are pre-configured within the app

VPNLux for Mac

3. Open the “Downloads” folder from “Dock panel” and launch “Viscosity app installer”

VPNLux Mac setup

4. Click “Continue”

VPNLux for Mac setup

5. Then click “Install”

How to install VPNLux on Mac

6. Enter your Mac OS password and click “Install Software”

Guide to install VPNLux on Mac

7. When you see a screen, saying “The installation was successful”, click “Close”

VPNLux for Mac review

8. Launch “Viscosity app” from “Launchpad” or “Applications folder”

VPNLux review Mac

9. Click on “Viscosity icon” in “system tray” (top-right corner of the screen)
Select the desired location name
(NB! We recommend using TCP connection if it is stable. Otherwise, use UDP)

How to connect VPNLux on Mac
10. You will see the following notification after the “VPN connection is established”.
Now you are protected and it is safe to surf the web!

VPNLux review

Speed Test

# Speed Test without VPN from Switzerland

VPNLUx Speed Test

# Speed Test with Standard VPN (Luxembourg)

VPNLux standard speed test

# Speed Test with Standard VPN (USA NJ)

VPNLux Review and speed test

# Speed Test with DoubleVPN (Netherlands)

VPNLux double VPN speed test

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