VPNinja Review And Speed Test

August 9, 2022by Claudio R.0

VPNinja provides pretty stable and fast connection and it is known to beone of the most friendly VPN service among competitions. The core staff at VPNinja are, in fact, VPNinjas themselves.

VpNinja review, VPNinja for China,

These surf the whole internet ALL THE TIME. As a result, if you have problems, they make it their problem. And then they give the problem a round-house kick-to-the-face.

VPNinja provides support to users through email, WeChat messages and remote sessions with any user that for some reason is facing a problem to install/configure or connect to  the VPN service. The remote session system is pretty unique in the industry and it is in total alignment with the friendly approach of VPNinja team.

Here are some of the main features of VPNinja.

Unblocks Websites, Email & Other Awesome Web-based Services

VPNinja review and speed test,, VPNinja security tools,

There are nefarious overlords out there who want to control your internet, censoring what you read & what you watch – blocking sites as they please. VPNinja helps you avoid firewalls and surf the entire internet.

VPNinja Supports 2 Connections At The Same Time

VPNinja review and speed test, VPNinja for ChinaWhile most VPN services only support one device connection at a time. VPNinja supports 2 simultaneous connections – so if you want to be generous and let a friend or family member use your second connection, we’re all for it.

VPNinja Is Fast

VPNinja speed test & review, VPNinja fast VPN provider


VPNinja solution uses dedicated bandwidth for each user. Users don’t have to struggle with a slow connection. You can stream music, videos, play games, & surf the net with reckless abandon.

OpenVPNinja Service Is Extra Sneaky & Stealthy

VPNinja review and speed test


OpenVPN is a special type of VPN connection fully supported by VPNinja. The OpenVPNinja service looks just like regular encrypted web traffic to firewalls – giving you access to the whole internet.

Servers Connect To Multiple Locations Around The Globe

VPNinja review VPNinja servers countries


Some users want to use country-specific media streaming services such as Hulu (US) or BBC (UK) player. VPNinja servers are hidden deep in mountain lairs in these countries, ensuring access to these local services.

Customer Support

VPNinja review and speed test,, VPNinja customer support,

One of the most precious resource is the support team you can contact if you face any problem!

This sounds obvious but it’s not. A lot of users try to fight the Great Firewall alone, however you don’t need to. The VPNinja team is always prepared to help you and they will get you up and running!

Supported Platforms

VPNinja is also supported by all platforms, including Windows, MacBook, Linux, Android and IOS.

The OpenVPNinja software has being doing a good job connecting to different servers around the world and so does the VPNinja Stealth App for Android.

The VPNinja Stealth Application makes it easier and faster to break through any firewall, from small corporate networks to larger networks like the Great Firewall of China.

Utilising advanced stealth OpenVPN techniques it is impossible to block the VPNinja Stealth VPN app from connecting, to server across the world including the USA, UK, Europe, and many more.  You will be able to open News & Media Sites like the New York Times or the Economist, Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and Video Content sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and more!

Pricing Plans

VPNinja review and speed test,, VPNinja pricing plans,

This VPN provider has several benefits and the support works really well. VPNinja offers reasonable plans that anyone can afford. One good feature that is worth say is that you are able to connect in 2 devices at the same time and pay just for one plan.

Different Channels To Communicate With VPNinja

Besides all support given to our users, they also provide articles that can help you to take advantage of all resources a VPN service can offer.

You can find posts on Facebook and on the blog about VPN usage. And for users who are located in China, they also provide these articles on WeChat.

We have found an interesting thing that they posted is about Netflix. VPNinja has a special American server which make you able to watch Netflix (we didn’t have a chance to test if it is working or not.)

VPNinja Servers Network

This VPN provider has servers in 14 different countries which they test them everyday to make sure they are connectible and with high speed.

For China users, the Asian servers like Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong work really well for speed and stability. This is a good option for accessing websites that doesn’t require a specific location, like Facebook, Youtube and Google.

However if you need to have access websites that ask for a specific location, they still provide fast servers in all the main countries.

VPNinja Speed Test

As we said before, the Asian servers are the best they can offer to you, they are stable and has a high speed connection all over the world, but especially in Asia. To represent that, we tested the servers in a computer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is the speed test without a VPN.

VPNinja speed test & review

Even though the Asian servers are the best, other servers also work really well. For instance, we connected to a US server located in California and we got great results:

VPNinja speed test & review, VPNinja for China

However, we also connected to a South Korea server to show that, even in Brazil that is located so far from Asia, it’s possible to get a good connection:

VPNinja speed test & review, VPNinja

And to show one more time that our VPN also works well connecting to other countries, we connected to UK:

VPNinja speed test


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