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VPNBaron is a Romanian based company that provides online users with fast and secure VPN connections, making it a favorite amongst those that use torrent applications and streaming services.

VPNBaron has a no-log policy, a feature that most companies do not offer. With speedy connections, strong encryption and its affordable prices, this provider is a good option for those that want complete security and anonymity.

VPNBaron review, VPN no-logs and kill switch

VPNBaron Features

  • Supports protocols such as OpenVPN ( TCP, UDP ) + DPI PROTECTION
  • Encryption algorithms AES-256-CBC, TLSv1/SSLv3 DHE-RSA-AES512-SHA, 2048 bit RSA
  • Over 30 servers in 18 countries (number keeps growing)
  • Connects up to 3 devices simultaneously
  • No-log policy
  • 24/7 responsive customer support
  • User-friendly client
  • Allows p2p traffic
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Having a wide range of servers to choose and switch from is a very important feature, especially if you’re more interested in accessing geo-restricted websites and services.

This makes VPNBaron an ideal provider for those that want to use Netflix and other geo-blocked streaming sites at fast speeds.

VPNBaron review, server list VPN Baron
VPN Baron is also great for those that are keen on torrenting, since it allows peer-to-peer traffic, multiple VPN gateways and unlimited bandwidth. It also should be mentioned that they do not restrict file-sharing traffic in any way.

VPNBaron comes with great security features especially for those that travel constantly and face various internet censorship laws.

More security features

  • Anti-DPI (Deep Package Inspection)
  • VPNBaron uses OpenVPN, the most stable and secure protocol available, supporting both
  • TCP and UDP.

TCP comes with anti-Deep Package Inspection protocol that basically makes your ISP or government unaware of the fact that you’re using a VPN by using a combination of two other protocols such as:

This changes your browsing data to look like normal HTTPS browsing. If you’re in China or Eqypt this feature is a must if you’re aiming to bypass their restrictions and avoid penalties.

Also known as “TOR’s OBFSPROXY Scamblesuit”, this transport protocol changes your data packages to look like junk to your ISP. It basically makes any traffic unrecognizable, which includes traffic that is generated by OpenVPN.

This feature is highly recommended, along with SSL, for those that live in campuses (they forbid VPN) or the aforementioned countries China an Egypt.

VPNBaron review and speed test, best VPN no-logs

VPNBaron DNS Protection

Sometimes Windows can ask for your ISP’s IP instead of your VPN’s, meaning your true IP and location can be revealed.
VPNBaron doesn’t let that happen as it has built-in DNS leak protection.

Kill Switch

The Kills Switch feature disables the network card, killing your internet connection, in case the VPN disconnects or other breaches of the user’s privacy occur. This eliminates the risk of being exposed if the VPN connection suddenly drops.

Security and anonymity

VPNBaron keeps none of the users’ traffic logs, a policy that gives even more security and privacy while surfing the web.

VPNBaron home page, VPNBaron review

All traffic is encrypted, and the protocols do their job of hiding your IP and online activity from ISPs and whomever might be interested in what you’re doing online.

Seeing as many providers are constricted by law to keep records of logs and activity, even torrenting can lead to unpleasant situations for the user, such as throttling, DMCA notices and other legal consequences.

This has not and will not happen with VPNBaron. Being under Romanian jurisdiction, no DMCA notices are sent, and even in the extreme case of a subpoena or court order is issued, there are no records to show, except login credentials which are of no real use for authorities.

Simply put, a no-log policy ensures total anonymity.

VPNBaron makes use of AES 256-bit cipher, a strong and indispensable key in encryption the world’s most classified information.

VPNBaron Pricing plans

VPNBaron offers maximum security and privacy at affordable prices and substantial discounts for longer period plans.

VPNBaron comes in three packages named Bronze, Silver and Gold.

VPNBaron pricing review

The Bronze plan is basically the VPN’s services for a month and it will cost you $9.99 per month.

The Silver plan is a 6 month plan that lets you connect 2 devices simultaneously for $6.99 per month, saving you 33%.

And lastly, the Gold plan, this 1 year subscription offers 3 simultaneous connections for only $4.99 a month, which makes it a 50% save.

Installation and compatibility

VPNBaron’s setup requires little to no effort, having a simple and clean client. You just have to introduce the username and password that were provided by mail, choose a server from the dropdown, and you’re all done.

VPNBaron login, review and speed test

The advanced settings let you choose which VPN protocols you want to use (since some make your connection to move a little bit slower), set a DNS and activate the Kill Switch feature.

VPNBaron login, review and speed test, VPNBaron provider

You can have great streaming speed and security on operating systems such as Windows, OS X, Android, iOS devices and if you’re a Linux user, there is a guide on how to setup VPNBaron in their knowlwdgebase in the Installation Guide section.
Devices that also need configuring, such as routers, have a step-by-step tutorial to help you out, and the same can be said for iPhones and iPads.

Money back guarantee

There are no free trials, but VPNBaron provides a 7-day money back guarantee provided you do not exceed 10GB of bandwidth.

VPNBaron review, Billing system

If you want to test the quality of VPNBaron’s services you can easily subscribe and check things out for yourself. If you are not satisfied or you’re just looking to test VPNs, you can always ask for your money back and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Payment methods

Payment methods include PayPal, credit cards and a number of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, DogeCoin. If privacy is of high priority to you, it is recommended that Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies be used as such payments cannot be trace back to the user.

VPNBaron Review and speed test, VPNBaron Internet security

Customer support

A reliable and competent support team is of extreme importance when choosing a VPN provider. If some mishaps occur, you need to know there is someone ready to help you with your problem at any given hour.

Any problem is solved by opening a ticket in your client area or sending an email directly to them, and usually the response time is within minutes and the problems solved without complications.

VPNBaron review customer support, VPNBaron 24/7 customer support

The site’s user-friendly design directs any new and unknowing user to a Knowledgbase with several tutorials and guides regarding configurations, setups and other common security issues (such as WebRTC leaks).

VPNBaron Speed Test

From speed tests it can be seen that the connection is fast and stable, making it perfect for streaming films and torrenting (VPNBaron supports P2P traffic).
First, let’s run a test without connecting to the vpn, just to see what our internet connection can do.

VPNBaron Speed test, VPNBaron review

Ok, now that we got our base reading, let’s run some speed tests connected to the VPN:

VPN Server in Paris:

VPNBaron Speed test Berlin, VPNBaron reviewVPN Server in Frankfurt:

VPNBaron Speed test Frankfurt, VPNBaron review

VPN Server in Amsterdam:

VPNBaron Speed test Amsterdam, VPNBaron review

VPNBaron’s speed is very good! It can easily keep up with our connection. The speed loss was minimal to non-existent.

VPNBaron Conclusions

VPNBaron has been attracting many privacy-driven users, and the numbers are still growing year to year thanks to its great services and almost instant installation process.

High speed coupled with complete anonymity and strong security features at affordable prices and plans make VPNBaron an ideal provider for those seeking a smooth streaming experience, fast and undisturbed torrenting, all under a cloak of anonymity.

To conclude, VPNBaron is a reliable service provider that does what it says, enforcing the user’s right to privacy through its efficient protocols.

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