SpyOFF Review And Speed Test

August 5, 2022by Claudio R.0

SpyOff review & Speed test

SpyOFF is a VPN provider based in the Republic of San Marino. The provider is rather new on the market and is currently getting more and more popular. Our SpyOFF review will give you interesting and honest facts that contribute to the fast rise of the VPN provider like:

  • Great performance
  • Free highspeed trial for their service
  • Affordable price
  • Provider is based in San Marino

We will examine all the selling points and give a good overview of all the features SpyOFF offers.

15-day Free Trial

SpyOFF Main Features

SpyOFF is currently the Rising Star among the VPN providers.

It offers one of the most improving VPN services on the market and they seem to be aiming for even more.

Let’s have a look at their Core Features at first:

  • One account for all your devices
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • free 15-Day Trial
  • 256-bit encryption
  • No logs
  • Unlimited P2P traffic
  • Anonymous torrenting
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec
  • Unlimited server switching
  • More than 300 servers in 21 different countries

This feature list makes SpyOFF one of the best equipped providers on the market.

Especially their free trial is worth checking out. Within 15 Days their service can get tested without any restrictions.

Multiple Logins

SpyOff multiple logins

With SpyOFF you can use a VPN service to browse anonymously on multiple devices at the same time.

Furthermore, unlike other service providers, your chosen package has no influence on the services available to you. Make use of all the possibilities that SpyOFF presents and protect your privacy across all your devices.

Whether on tablet, smartphone, or PC – you can browse the web securely with SpyOFF.

SpyOFF will guarantee  anonymity and security on all your devices.

Access To All Servers

SpyOff Access to all server

SpyOFF currently offers over 14,000 IPs and 300 servers in 21 different countries.

While other service providers determine which servers you can access depending on the package you have chosen, SpyOFF guarantees full access to all servers, regardless of your choice of package – even during the trial period!

In this way they ensure the online security and privacy of all users without exception.

Unlimited Changes Of Server

SpyOff Unlimited server changes

The number of server transfers is not important for SpyOFF.

All packages offer the ability to switch servers at all times and as often as you like.

Alongside this, you are also able to use the services on all your devices: your online anonymity is guaranteed at all times thanks to their secure connections.

As a user, take advantage of the huge range of servers and IPs in order to make use of websites without any restrictions.

Unlimited Data Transfer

SpyOff Unlimited data transfer

Their VPN service provides you with not only secure but also unlimited data transfer at all times.

You no longer need to worry about online data tracking. Stream your favourite films or TV series whenever you want. Don’t fret about your security when submitting passwords. Transfer your data online without restrictions.

Their VPN client allows for smooth, anonymous, secure and unlimited downloads of files and media streaming at all times – even during the trial period – and on all your devices!

15-day Free Trial

SpyOFF Review – Prices & Plans

As with many other products, there is a great deal of variation in product quality in the VPN market.

SpyOFF’s VPN client is certainly at the premium end of the anonymisation services industry and comprehensively takes care of your security and anonymity online.

Therefore they offer simultaneous protection across multiple devices and constant access to appropriate servers.

Installing their VPN client is incredibly easy and takes just a few moments – and connecting to your chosen server is just as quick as it can be.

SpyOFF 15-Day Free Trial

Each package contains their unique 15-Day Trial. You can test their service within these 15 days 100% for free.

After these 15 Days your chosen subscription starts if you do not cancel within your trial.

SpyOff Free Trial


The provider currently offers three different packages. Their cheapest offer is their Premium package for only 6.99€ / month or 83.88€ / year.

Their offer can be categorized into the average price category.

SpOff Pricing

15-day Free Trial

Since SpyOFF is one of the fastest VPN services in the industry their average price combines to a nearly perfect price-performance ratio.

As you’ll see later on, we conducted several speed tests and we can confirm that their servers are one of the fastest and most reliable on the market.

Signing up & Software Download

It doesn’t take much to start surfing the web securely and anonymously with SpyOFF.

  • Activate the free trial period
  • Download the VPN client of your choice
  • Install SpyOFF.

To improve your security even further, you have the option to set up additional security measures on your Wi-Fi. Though even just using SpyOFF will do a great deal to protect your online privacy.

The process of signing up is very straightforward

SpyOFF Signup Process

By clicking on the “START YOUR FREE TRIAL” Button you reach their checkout page. You do see your selected package and the monthly price now

SpyOFF Signup Process

Enter your Username, password and mail at first
The next step is to enter your payment details. Keep in mind that the free trial extends automatically if you do not cancel within your free-trial period

SpyOff Payments Options

Enter your payment details to start your trial

The payment details are required since the free trial extends to your chosen package.

SyOff Security Promises

15-day Free Trial

Connection Speed

SpyOFF claims to have one of the fastest servers out there.

We did test the speed of the Virtual Private Network with a computer located in Europe.

Our Network Connection was at 6 Mbps. As you can see we did have a loss of about 0.1 due to a wireless connection and some other minor influences. Our ping is at 39 ms and our Upload is at 0.63 Mbps.

SpyOFF not activated:

SpyOff review Speed test

After activating SpyOFF our speed only dropped for 0.87 Mbps which is really not much. Our ping stayed nearly the same and only grew to 41ms.

It is especially important for gamers that the ping does not get to high. This means that SpyOFF would be a great solution for gamers.

SpyOFF activated with a server in Europe

SpyOff Speed Test

In our last test we did change to a server located in the United States. Considering that they are sending the traffic all around the world 178ms is still a very good value and the value we did have during our tests!

SpyOFF activated with a server in the United States

SpyOff review Speed test

Speed Test Conclusion:

The results in our test show that SpyOFF keeps its promise and really has one of the fastest if not the fastest servers among all VPN providers.

This makes them additionally to their high security a good choice for gamers or people who want to stream or download.

SpyOFF Review – Privacy & Security

You will have without doubt already heard that companies try to compile comprehensive personality profiles.

In so doing, it is not only your purchasing behavior, but also your product interests, religious affiliation and even your sexual orientation are collected and stored by companies.

The selected data is then linked to your IP address and using this information, a digital fingerprint is created for you.

This digital fingerprint features sensitive data, such as your address, name and other extremely personal information.

In order to protect your privacy in the era of telecommunications data retention, you should definitely protect yourself against data spies and third parties. That is, all those could cause you potential damage.

By connecting to the internet through a VPN no one can see your online activities. SpyOFF encrypts your data with an AES 256-bit encryption. This encryption type is also used by the military or by the government and guarantees 100% safety.

15-day Free Trial

No Data Logging

As a SpyOFF customer you no longer need to waste any more time worrying that your data may fall into the wrong hands.

Their VPN does not carry out any data logging, and thus does not log any of your activities. They cannot trace which server you are currently using, nor which activities you are carrying out on the internet.

This is partially due to a judgement issued by the Berlin District Court in 2007, which declared that the logging of the IP addresses of the users of an internet portal without their consent was prohibited.

They can therefore offer SpyOFF customers the option to browse the web as anonymously as possible – and they intentionally avoid data logging with a view to protecting their online privacy!

The device or operating system that you are using plays no role in this. With SpyOFF you can browse securely and anonymously at all times, wherever you are!

VPN protocols

To fit the needs of all users, SpyOFF offers different protocols:

SpyOff VPN protocols

Ultra Secure

SpyOff ultra secure

Generally speaking, we recommend SpyOFF’s Ultra Secure mode. Here the extremely reliable OpenVPN protocol is used, which supports the AES encryption method with block lengths of 128 and 256 bits on all popular devices, such as Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Using digital certificates, OpenVPN authenticates data on both sides by means of a user name and password. When comparing the protocols, OpenVPN not only offers very good security, but also very high speed.


SpyOff high speed

With PPTP you should only use SpyOFF if you want to bypass country blocks when streaming and are reliant on achieving the best possible speed.

The setup of PPTP may be very simple, but this encryption does have security flaws. Via PPTP only the Point-to-Point encryption from Microsoft is supported, which on the one hand ensures a very fast connection, but on the other hand causes problems if your router does not support Generic Routing Encapsulation technology.


SpyOff VPN Balanced

L2TP is the all-round alternative to VPN protocols and is available for:

  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows.

L2TP supports the AES block cipher with key length of 128 bits, which is also combined with the Point-to-Point encryption from Microsoft.

This combination is also considered highly secure and also functions extremely reliably.

L2TP generally delivers a very good balance, as it achieves a middle ground with a good level of security and acceptable speed.

However, the connection doesn’t quite achieve the speed of PPTP. In any case, L2TP is recommended as an alternative to OpenVPN.

Expert Mode

SpyOff Expert Mode

Via our Expert mode, you can independently configure your VPN protocol.

Here protocols such as L2TP are available to you, which is recommended if a balanced performance is required. Furthermore, PPTP delivers a very high speed, the benefits of which are most evident when streaming.

In addition to a fast speed, OpenVPN also gives you the option to avail yourself of the highest level of security, which is why this SpyOFF configuration is recommended.

15-day Free Trial

The Kill Switch Tool And Its Benefits

SpyOff Kill Switch

Make sure to activate your killswitch for 100% safety

The killswitch function that they are offering is extremely important, when it comes down to securing your data.

A VPN only secures you as long as there’s a connection.

Once you lose connection to your VPN, your protection is dropped.

This fact makes you vulnerable for potential data theft and further threats. In many cases it takes several seconds to reconnect to your VPN. During these seconds your online privacy is exposed to unneccessary risks.

With a killswitch you can minimize this risk.

The killswitch works like an emergency stop switch. If your killswitch is active and you lose your VPN connection, it interrupts all other Internet activities.

Thus SpyOFF makes sure you aren’t exposed to any threats, while reconnecting to your VPN.

If your killswitch is active and your VPN connection stops, the killswitch takes all network connections offline. So you can finish your work and save and secure your sensible data. After you’ve finished all critical activities, you can take your network connections online again and start reconnecting to your VPN.

Prevents a DNS Leak

The Domain Name System, or DNS for short, continually ensures that there is a connection to the server established.

It is responsible for requesting the IP address as soon as you call up a domain. However, in spite of there being a secure connection in place, a DNS leak can occur, as a result of which your anonymity and security within the network can no longer be 100% guaranteed.

In this case the server receives requests via an unsecure network. This is triggered via the operating system. Here a predefined name server from the router is used, from the local network.

However, SpyOFF protects you against a DNS leak as soon as you have successfully established a connection via the VPN client!


Not that long ago the internet was a place of free communication and unlimited freedom of expression.

Now, due to commercial and state interests, these freedoms are becoming increasingly limited. Here we’re talking not only about dictatorships such as North Korea or communist states like Cuba, but also of large economic states such as China, popular travel destinations such as Turkey, or modern western states such as the USA.

What begins with the blocking of harmless entertainment media can even go so far that it is practically only domestic websites or portals, which are supported by the government, that are accessible.
SpyOFF helps you to unblock all the content that you want to see.

15-day Free Trial

A User-Friendly VPN – Client Review

After signing up for their service you can choose your operation system and download their software. The client is available for all your devices and the number of devices is not limited.

SyOff Compatibility

One of the Easiest Clients In The Industry

If you have already downloaded the software you can start the client and land at their login-screen. Just enter your username and your password and you are good to go.


Login screen

Their client itself is one of the easiest to use. After logging in with your account details you get to see an overview with their servers and the ping of these servers.

SpyOff Client
Choose between Ultra Secure, Balanced and Highspeed mode at the bottom, select a server and click on connect. Your device is now protected.

Additionally there are some Settings like the mentioned Killswitch or manually choosing a protocol.

SpyOff DNS Leak

Settings For SpyOFF


SpyOFF for Mobile Devices

You don’t need much for using the SpyOFF VPN client on your mobile device.

Just download the official SpyOFF App from your App-Store and log in with your user name and your password.

SyOff Connect Window
Their mobile Apps look very clean and are perfect for public wifi access and portable security. It offers the same features as their desktop software and comes with a nice and easy to understand menu.
The first part of the menu shows your current IP. The second part shows your login-name and the third part lets you choose a server you want to connect to.
Since we have already connected to a server in the Netherlands our IP above is shown as Dutch.

SpyOFF For Your Router

In many cases routers don’t reach their limits. Official firmwares often block functions, which could be provided by the manufacturer from the technical perspective, but they don’t want to.

Here comes the professional firmware DD-WRT into play. It unlocks unused potential. With this firmware you could activate your internet connection only on selected days. Or you could set up a public hotspot. But the DD-WRT firmware also offers another benefit: You can set up your VPN client on your router!
The SpyOFF service is compatible with all routers  which support DD-WRT or Tomato firmware.

Please appreciate that configuring DD-WRT and Tomato is very complex for inexperienced users.

Please consider the following points:
If you don’t have a compatible router or don’t wish to risk bricking it, SpyOFF has teamed with FlashRouters to provide you a variety of custom-built DD-WRT routers.

These VPN routers are specially configured for SpyOFF. They also don’t receive any commission from sales but recommend them because of their knowledge and experience to support DD-WRT with its constantly evolving firmware and associated bugs.
If you already have a router, FlashRouters provides support plans with a remote installion of the correct firmware on your router.

They also configure the router to connect to the SpyOFF VPN service. We also advise you to take this opportunity, because the flashing and configuration of a router is an extremely complex and technical process.

For further information and a detailed setup guide visit the official SpyOFF-Setup Guide for Routers.

15-day Free Trial

An Effective Customer Service

SpyOFF offers an excellent Online Customer Service.

Our test has shown that it usually takes only a few minutes to get an answer.

The replies were in each case very friendly and fulfilled all our needs. Technical issues got resolved very quickly and we could not be any happier.
Conclusion On SpyOFF Review

SpyOFF is a high-speed VPN provider based in the Republic of San Marino which offers the highest security standards. Their extremely fast servers combined with their price of only 6.99€ make them a very good choice for best price-performance ratio.

15-day Free Trial

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