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RUSVPN is among the newest VPN providers with just over a year in the industry. However, regardless of its short operating time, RUSVPN has gained 200,000+ loyal users thanks to its effective protection mechanism and easy-to-use features.

A helpful 24/7 customer service, unlimited connection speed, military-grade encryption and an intuitive application are noticeable advantages that can satisfy even the most fastidious customers. Moreover, RUSVPN commits to the no-log policy to maintain absolute privacy. This VPN also supports various streaming media like Netflix or Amazon.

For the trial, RUSVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for users who want to try it priorly. Feeling happy with the services, customers can purchase among 3 plans at very competitive prices.

In this review of RUSVPN, we will go through all of these aspects and give you a big picture of this interesting VPN to see how it could be your perfect choice.

RUSVPN Review – Main Features

How Much Does RUSVPN Cost per Month?

As a newcomer in the industry, RUSVPN, no doubt, offers cheap prices for its services to attract more customers. 

For a single month of subscription, the price is $9.99

The price reduces to $4.99 per month on average if you choose a one-year plan which saves you 50%. RUSVPN also introduce a promotion as you will receive 6 extra months for free purchasing this plan.

The longest plan lasts for 3 years, which costs you an average of only $2.99 per month and saves you 70%. For this plan, qualified students can get a 20% discount. 

Rusvpn price

Compared to other veteran VPN providers, RUSVPN has a big advantage of price and it comes with many high-quality features. To make the payment, you can choose among credit/debit cards and e-wallets like Webmoney or QIWI.

Besides, RUSVPN also accepts Bitcoin if you want to make your transaction anonymously. 

Free RUSVPN Chrome Extension

You can get RUSVPN extension for free on different browsers such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The connection is stable and it provides you with good protection by masking your IP and hide your traffic. However, these versions are limited in the number of servers and it doesn’t bring you other luxury add-ons like on paid versions.

Privacy & Security

In terms of regulation, RUSVPN is legal as it is a trademark of Iron Media Group Ltd, which has a registration number of 2017/IBC00023 in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

There are 2important things when it comes to the origin of this VPN. 

First, Dominica is not a country in the 5, 9 and 14 eyes, which are groups of countries signing agreements of monitoring and sharing data of internet users. Therefore, RUSVPN can provide services that protect your information legally. 

Second, Dominica is also a country recognising the privacy of individuals and corporations. As such, in compliance with the law, RUSVPN doesn’t keep logs from your browsing and doesn’t share data to any 3rd parties except it is required by the law enforcers.

Nonetheless, RUSVPN still saves your contact (email as an example) to keep in touch with you. 

no-logs vpn

From a technical view, RUSVPN uses 2048-bit SSL for encryption. This VPN maintains solid protection since its release as there is no complaint about DNS leak and other security-related incidents. RUSVPN also provides a DNS leak test tool on its website so you can check during VPN. 

The encryption of RUSVPN is carried out twice so it is also called double encryption. In particular, your data will be transferred to a server and get encrypted once before moving to the next destination and get encrypted the second time. As a result, your connection is like a tunnel inside a tunnel, making it fully safe. 

On a negative note, RUSVPN doesn’t let you choose protocol manually but it is switched automatically to optimize your experience. It’s easier for the majority of users who don’t know much about VPN and just need the protection of their browsing. Nonetheless, IT geeks may feel a bit uncomfortable as they can’t customize the protocols.

RUSVPN also has a kill switch feature. This function is small but very important for any VPN system. Turning it on, if you somehow can’t maintain contact with VPN, the system will shut down your internet connection to wipe out any potential risk when you are not under the protection of RUSVPN.  

Consistency With Streaming Services Like Netflix, Hulu And Others

While hiding IP address is the basic service, supporting streaming services is required by many young users. And good news, RUSVPN is compatible with various services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or beIN sports. 

Moreover, since there are comments saying that it is very time-consuming to select proper servers to work with particular streaming services so RUSVPN has created a search tool to find suitable servers for each service.

You can find it on the ‘Our VPN Network’ section on RUSVPN website. These servers are optimized to give you the best speed and stable connection.  

Free 7-day Trial Period On Mobile Apps

RUSVPN offers 30-days money-back guarantee if users use no more than a certain amount of data. However, if you want to use a free trial version then it is only available on mobile apps.

Just simply get the RUSVPN app from Google Play or Apple Appstore. You need to sign up and provide your payment information. After that, you can enjoy 7 days using RUSVPN for free only on your mobile phone. When the trial is expired, you will be charged money and your VPN account will be available on all devices. 


RUSVPN supports unlimited peer to peer sharing methods like torrenting. If you don’t know, torrenting is one of the most vulnerable connection forms as it takes advantage of seeding between users. Therefore, using a VPN while torrenting is always recommended.

Furthermore, since downloading via torrent is paused if you lose connection and can easily be resumed, you can enable the kill switch function without worry that it can also cancel your downloading.

Supported Devices & Browsers

RUSVPN works with all type of devices running all type of operating systems: 

For example, if you want to set up a VPN for your PlayStation, there is no RUSVPN application on PS store to install. However, you can stretch a protection net to cover all of your devices underneath by setting up RUSVPN configuration for your Wifi. 

rusvpn review how to setup

On both software and application, you can enjoy all of RUSVPN features like automatically connecting to the most recent server and kill switch. The interfaces are all simple and most functions are set up automatically so you don’t need to do much, just connect to your favourite server and experience safe and sound browsing. 

Speed & Connection

Speed is always concerned by VPN users as they don’t need just a safe but also fast connection. With a wide range of servers and unlimited bandwidth, RUSVPN can easily meet the demand for high speed. As you can see, despite being 9,000 miles away from the US server, RUSVPN still gives me exceptional speeds of nearly 100 Mbps for both uploading and downloading. Ping is also kept at a very low rate of 1 or 2 ms. 

Rusvpn review speed test

Customer support

Users can easily contact the support team via live chat at the bottom right corner of the website. This team is online 24/7 so don’t hesitate to reach them regardless of your location or time zone. The typical response time is within a few minutes. 

Besides, for complex questions, you can leave a message with your name, email, subject and content. The technical team will receive your request and reply to you via email. For details relating to RUSVPN policies or its operating company Iron Media Group Ltd, you should send your email to address [email protected].

Do We Recommend RUSVPN?

The answer is yes, especially if you are looking for a VPN service that is not expensive.

RUSVPN provides strong protection and various benefits like supporting streaming, kill switch, automatic protocols and fast connection. But above all, you can receive all of them with very low prices and devoted help from the support team.

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