PandaPow Review & Speed Test

August 5, 2022by Claudio R.1

PandaPow has got our attention and we got in contact with this VPN provider to prepare a user-friendly and unbiased PandaPow review. We’ve include even a speed test for your reference.

PandaPow Review & Speed Test

7-day Money Back guarantee

This VPN is possibly one of the easiest to use VPN on the planet. PandaPow provides easy to use One-click connect apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone / iPad, and easy to follow setup guides for other devices.

Customer support is efficient and can be reached by online chat, email and even remote control.

PandaPow provides two types of subscription types; the first one is their normal VPN for computers, smartphones etc named “PandaPow Classic”.

 Classic VPN features:

  • Easy to use apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & iPad. Also compatible with other devices
  • Unlimited server switches for all servers.
  • Unlimited speed, bandwidth & use of our speed test
  • 7 Day Money Back guarantee, hassle free
  • Amazing Support (email and online chat, remote control is also available)
  • Strong Encryption (SSL+TLS 2048 bits)
  • Hundreds of servers in 14+ countries
  • 3 Simultaneous connections
  • No logging of your browsing activity
  • Awesome affiliate program – Anyone can sign up
  • Instant activation – Get started in minutes

PandaPow also have a router based VPN subscription (VPN router) called PandaPow WiFi.

WiFi VPN Features:

  • Works with any WiFi-enabled device
  • Unlimited server switches for all servers.
  • Unlimited speed, bandwidth & use of our speed test (Speed test is built in to the admin interface)
  • Easy to use admin interface of the router (same interface as PandaPow’s iOS and Android app).
  • 7 Day Money Back guarantee, hassle free
  • Amazing Support (email and online chat, remote control is also available)
  • Strong Encryption (SSL+TLS 2048 bits)
  • Hundreds of servers in 14+ countries
  • Unlimited Simultaneous connections
  • No logging of your browsing activity
  • Fast shipping. (1-3 days delivery time in China, 4-7 days to the rest of the world)

Classic Pricing Plans

PandaPow Classic starts from as low as $9 per month, but you can save money by purchasing a longer subscription plan.

Below are PandaPow Classic pricing plans:

PandaPow Pricing Plans, best VPN connection, PandaPow review & speed test

7-day Money Back guarantee

You can sign up and try PandaPow risk free with their 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. It means that you can sign up and use them for a week, and you may request a refund within this period, just in case they don’t fit your needs.

WiFi Pricing Plan

PandaPow WiFi pricing starts from $99 per year. This includes a 12 months VPN subscription for the device itself, and you also get the router for free, and it’s yours to keep forever.

Currently, PandaPow offers a special deal on their WiFi subscription, which gives you 3 extra months for free, sweet deal!

PandaPow review, PandaPow WiFi Price

Combo Pricing Plan

PandaPow also offers a Combo plan or “Package deal” for both the Classic and WiFi, which includes a 12 month VPN subscription for both PandaPow Classic and PandaPow WiFi, plus you get 3 extra months for each, FREE!

The price for this package deal is only $149, which means that you save $34, compared to if you were to buy them separately:

12 Months PandaPow Classic = $84
12 Months PandaPow WiFi = $99
$99 + $84 = $183

PandaPow WiFi Combo Offer

7-day Money Back guarantee

More Features

#Speed Test

To use PandaPow’s speed test is super easy. The test is currently built in to their iOS, Android, Mac App and PandaPow WiFi admin interface.

Simply launch the App and click on “Test” to begin the speed test. You can choose to test all servers, or a single country:

PandaPow Speed Test Tool, PandaPow Review

Speed test results:

PandaPow Speed Test Results, PandaPow Review

Speed is measured in kb/s

Privacy & Security

PandaPow does not keep logs, your privacy is important to them. This makes you completely anonymous.

It supports multiple VPN protocols:

  • Their app is based on OpenVPN
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • L2TP/IPsec
  • PPTP

Your connection is encrypted (SSL+TLS 2048 bits) and totally safe.

On Of The Easiest VPN On The Planet

The App is so simple to use, even your grandparents do not need a manual.

PandaPow Easy To Use Software, PandaPow Review

To connect the VPN, simply press on the On/Off button. To change to another server, simply click on the server and change it to any server of your choice, the same goes for the VPN country.

After you turn the VPN on, the VPN connection will be live within seconds, after that you are fully secure.

7-day Money Back guarantee

PandaPow WiFi Review

PandaPow WiFi is a router based VPN subscription offered by the company (VPN Router). It’s basically a normal router with a built in VPN connection, so it works with ANY WiFi-enabled device, which is nice. You just have to connect to the PandaPow WiFi network and you will have VPN on that device, super easy, and you don’t even need to download an app.

The device comes in a nice box with the Company logo on it:

PandaPow WiFi Box, PandaPow WiFi Review
The device:

PandaPow WiFi Router, PandaPow WiFi Review

The device comes with a USB port, Ethernet port, Micro USB (for charging) and a ON/OFF button, see below:

PandaPow WiFi Router Specification, PandaPow Opinions
Functions of all the ports:

  • Ethernet port: Connect PandaPow WiFi to your existing router with this port.
  • USB port: For 3G USB modem. It is also possible to connect a USB cable to charge another device such as a Smartphone (using the PandaPow WiFi as a power bank).
  • Reset button (The user guide says to only press this one if Customer Support has asked you to do that), so it’s best not to touch the reset button.
  • Micro USB port: Used for charging the device

Except the PandaPow WiFi device, the box also contains a user guide that is filled with useful information such as screen shots of the admin interface other things:

PandaPow WiFi Manual, PandaPow Opinions

Setting up PandaPow WiFi

Settings the device was pretty easy, and it is well documented in the user manual. The first thing you are going to want to do is to plug in the battery in the device, and connect the charger.

Then you have three ways to connect PandaPow WiFi to the Internet:

  • With the Ethernet cable (connecting to your existing router that has Internet)
  • Connecting to your existing router via WiFi
  • Using a 3G USB modem

The best way is probably to use the Ethernet cable (or WiFi if you want to keep PandaPow WiFi pretty far away from your normal router).

When all is set up and the device is on, your will find a new WiFi network which is the PandaPow WiFi network (check the box to see the name of the WiFi and password). Once you are connected, the admin interface looks like this:

PandaPow review, PandaPow WiFi Admin settings

The settings

  • On the home tab you can switch the VPN on and off, click on the country to change it, click on the server to change it. The test button is a speed test, so you can test the speed from your location to the PandaPow servers, which is a very nice feature.
  • From the About tab you can find more information and update the firmware if you need, by default it will update automatically at night if there is a new update.
  • On the VPN tab you can change all the VPN settings such as country, server, port etc.
  • On the Internet tab you choose the way you want to connect PandaPow WiFi to the Internet.
  • On the WiFi tab you can change the name and password of the PandaPow WiFi network.
  • On the filter tab, you can choose to filter the VPN.

7-day Money Back guarantee

PandaPow Review – Conclusion

During our review we were pretty impressed by their service. It proved to be quite stable and efficient security-wise.

The VPN servers network is not the greatest in the market but if there are serves in the Countries of interest for you that shouldn’t be a major problem. The PandaPow WiFi is an interesting solution if you want to get full protection on all your home network.

7-day Money Back guarantee

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