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ibVPN Review Introduction

ibVPN (Invisible Browsing VPN) is a Virtual Private Network service provider owned by the Romanian based Amplusnet. The ibVPN service is available around the globe. All you require to get access is Internet connection that supports any of the ibVPN protocols.

ibVPN Best VPN for Torrenting

To compile this ibVPN review, we subscribed to ibVPN and performed a comprehensive hands-on test of the service. We were looking at factors such as privacy, speed, encryption, compatibility, pricing, and customer service among others.

ibVPN Background Information

ibVPN started off in the year 2003 by offering proxy services. Later on, they would provide VPN services and come up with an elaborate, well-structured user-friendly website, the The website has a great dashboard with all the necessary tools in one place. ibVPN boasts of more than 130 servers in 47 countries across the globe and thousands of dynamic IPS.

They do not keep logs and accept payment by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. IbVPN supports a full range of device compatibility and has a 24/7customer support by a team that has been together since 2003.

ibVPN Free Trial And Money Back Guarantee

As a Potential VPN user, you are surely eager to test a VPN service to find out whether it provides the level of protection you desire. You also want to test the features of the VPN service before purchasing.

ibVPN offers a 6 hour free trial period. The ibVPN free trial is activated within 5 minutes and provides full access to all servers included in the Ultimate Plan. ibVPN also offers 15-day money – back guarantee to users who are not satisfied with their service.

The ibVPN free trial and money – back guarantee shows that ibVPN are confident in the quality of service they offer which contributed to a high score in our ibVPN review.

Interface And Setup

ibVPN provides free client software for Windows, MAC, OSX, IOS, and Android. There are even the extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

ibVPN available Software for MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox
ibVPN download page where you find all the softwares available


For our ibVPN review we proceeded to the official website and chose to download and install the Windows client.

To download the client software, you are required to provide only your email address and password. The speed and ease at which we were able to download and install the ibVPN client software was impressive. We installed the software for Mac that comes in two different version. The first one is the All in One ibVPN software. It gives you total control on the VPN service with a user-friendly interface.

ibVPN All in One VPN Client, best VPN connection


Alternatively, there is a new version of the software that is extremely simple to use. The look is clean, intuitive and easy to navigate.

ibVPN review 7 see test, ibVPN most secure VPN

You can connect with just a click and even to switch VPN server is very easy. You can even create a list of favorite VPN servers to speed up the login process. Once you’re logged in, there’s a drop down menu for choosing your desired server location. Choose the VPN server in the country you prefer and you are connected immediately.

ibVPN New Client, ibVPN review best VPN connection


ibVPN New Software, ibVPN best VPN connection

You can also connect from your iPhone or iPad. ibVPN offers a free iOS app. They have also developed an app for Android. The app simplifies the setup process.

We have found very handy the Manual & Tutorial page. In case you experience any problem in setting your VPN, you will find in this page all the tutorials and manuals you need. They are well organized, simple and include screenshots.  Referring to this page you may be able to setup ibVPN on your device without problems.

ibVPN manuals 7 Tutorials, top VPN connection

ibVPN Review Pricing And Plans

ibVPN has three primary VPN Plans on offer and IBDNS/ SMARTDNS:

ibVPN subscription plan, ibVPN price best VPNconnection


#Ultimate VPN

ULTIMATE VPN starts at $ 4.83/Month paid yearly or $10.95/Month billed monthly. The plan comes with Smart DNS + Proxy and provides strong privacy and security, unblocking restricted websites, massive streaming, torrents, and P2P. The package allows user’s access to 130+ servers in 47 countries, proxy servers in all locations and three simultaneous connections.

#Standard VPN

At $3.08/Month paid yearly or $4.95/Month billed monthly, the STANDARD VPV package is perfect for streaming, privacy protection, and unblocking restricted websites. It’s an only VPN service with No Smart DNS and Proxy. Users have access to 100+ servers in 44 countries with one connection.

#Torrent VPN

Torrent VPN at $3.08/Month paid yearly or $4.95/Month billed monthly for protecting a user’s identity while downloading torrents. The plan does not support Smart DNS or Proxy. The package provides access to 21 servers in 9 countries and one connection.


Valued at $3.08/Month paid yearly or $4.95/Month billed monthly is fantastic for heavy streaming and unblocking restricted websites but has no VPN service. The package allows one connection and unblocking of over 300 channels.

ibVPN Payment Options

ibVPN accepts a broad range of payment options that includes Credit/Debit cards, e-wallets (web money), Alipay, Yandex, Perfect Money, Wire Transfer and much more. We are glad that ibVPN accepts Bitcoin as a payment options for the clients that need even their payment to be anonymous. Bitcoin and “no-logs” policy are a good combination to guarantee anonymity.

ibVPN Features

ibVPN has excellent features, and we liked the DNS services that unlock websites and streaming. Some of the constituent features include the following:

  • Service available in 47 countries
  • PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OPEN VPN, and IPsec. Protocol
  • Proxy services in all the locations
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC, OSX, iOS, Android
  • Advanced features for online security and privacy
  • Encrypted Traffic
  • Have no logs of your traffic
  • ISP can’t block your traffic
  • Kill switch
  • Auto reconnect
  • Free Trial and 15-day money Back Guarantee

ibVPN Security And Encryption Standards

ibVPN provides strong security features using PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN protocols. They employ the Blowfish algorithm with 256-bit keys to encrypt Data Channels enabling encoding of users data before transmission.

ibVPN’s use of 256 bit SSL, AES-256 Cipher encryption, and HMAC SHA 384 hash authentication is invaluable in protecting sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers and many other valuable data.
Recently ibVPN has implemented the use of RSA-2048 Handshake wanting. RSA is a digital encryption algorithm that provides security on the internet. TLS/SSL Certificates are identified by this algorithm together with the size of their public key. The resistance of the key to hacking and decryption depends on the size of the key. Certificates with less than 2048-bit key lengths are no longer safe from cryptographic attacks.

Privacy – ibVPN Review

Privacy is a central feature that most VPN users consider before purchasing a VPN service. ibVPN encrypts the user’s data and routes it through remote servers keeping the user’s online activity, identity and location private.

ibVPN does not store payment information as external processors handle all payments. That means there’s no storing of a user’s payment information on ibVPN’s database. Users who wish to maintain a low profile can pay using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Perfect money, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple, etc.

Location in Romania is a plus because it’s outside the direct area of influence of both GCHQ and NSA.

ibVPN does not store logs of user activities. Not keeping logs is an assurance that even under a court order requiring the provision of a user’s logging activity, they won’t have any.

However, ibVPN’s privacy policy indicates that ibVPN records and keeps data for seven days as regards the time, date, and the location the VPN connection was made, duration, and bandwidth used during the connection.

Even though not a major issue for privacy, in our ibVPN review we decided to score privacy  at 3,0 because we would prefer the service to be totally logs free.

ibVPN Speed Test

Speed is one of the main factors that VPN users take into consideration when purchasing a VPN service. During our ibVPN review we used to find out and record ibVPN speed. We tested speeds for Canada, USA, and Netherlands.

During the duration of the test, the speed was pretty good and we didn’t experience major slowness. Overall the connection was still fast even for HD video streaming.

ibVPN Speed Test, Best VPN connection, VPN for torrenting

ibVPN Customer Support

ibVPN customer service was impressive, anytime we contacted them. They responded quickly on live chat. The officers seemed to understand different aspect of their services. The customer support is available 24/7. When the support staff is away, you can submit a ticket.

ibVPN 24/7 support

ibVPN Review Conclusion

ibVPN offers a ton of privacy features that aims at achieving safety and complete anonymity for its users.

With plans starting from as low as $1.54 per month, we can submit that they are among the most affordable VPN service providers in the market. They are highly preferred for anonymous Bittorrent.

The ibVPN free trial period and 15-day money back guarantee gives ibVPN an edge over other VPN service providers. We liked their easy to use Mac and Windows client, mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

We were also impressed by extra features like Socks 5 Proxies and Smart DNS.

Recently, ibVPN has recently implemented  RSA-2048  handshake to increase protection from cryptographic attacks.

However, they should consider increasing server locations.

Claudio R.

Claudio is the alias of the co-founder and chief editor of Anonymster. He is a keen advocate of Internet security and has been working on reviewing Internet privacy tools for many years. He cannot live without his MacBook, rigorously protected by a VPN!!


  • I’m with ibVPN for quite a while, they’re constantly improving their service day by day by adding lots of new servers, improving app, adding new features. The speed is impressive and the support very helpful

  • Wide range of protocols and devices supported with apps for most used devices. Their service is great both as speed as for quality. Connections are stable and reliable. The support team is top. Totally recommend them.

  • I also recommend ibvpn. I just finished a lovely chat with Laci and I am very happy. He managed to fix a config problem and now everything is working great!

  • I am a member since 2014 now and i have to say their service is improving on and on. Applications look much much better and with many features, specially the Windows version and also the iOS which i both use very often. The Live Chat is user friendly and gets the job done.

  • After testing most of the VPN services out there, I must admit that I am more than happy with ibVPN. I love their Windows app. It has lots of helpful features and these guys are continuously adding new things. I highly recommend ibVPN to everyone who is interested in subscribing to a reliable service, for a fair price, with an awesome speed and brilliant support. Great job, ibVPN!

  • Many features, good speed, awesome support, low price. One of the best VPNs out there in my oppionion. Very satisfied, ever since I switched to them 2 years ago.

  • I use it for torrents and I am happy with the download speed plus it is the cheapest service that allows torrents.

  • ibvpn is a very good service. however, they should work a little bit more on the android app. it really needs an update.

    • Thank you for your feedback. We have rebuilt the Android app from scratch and we will release it in a few weeks. We are sure that you will like it 🙂

  • I have tested few VPN providers but I stuck with ibVPN simply because they provide a great customer support. Any problem or suggestion you have, you can be sure you are talking with a human being and your opinion is valued. I needed access to a specific streaming channel and tech department made it available through their SmartDNS,

  • Very positive with their new android application, it works on Huawei devices, since now their older version did not work.

    • The new Android app is still in Beta. We are glad that you like it. We will have it released in about a week. Thank you for your feedback.

  • I have discovered ibVPN past week, through a review site. I am happy with the decision I have made with ibvpn, so I wanted to share it here. I am really happy that I have: VPN multiple protocols, rotating servers and favorites, double VPN, torrent servers, tor over VPN, smartDNS, SOCKS5, proxy bar in Chrome. I have not explored it all yet, but I simply love it. It is flexible.

    • Thank you for your feedback. We have just added new servers in South America. At this time, we offer the following locations: Brazil (Sao Paulo), Colombia (Bogota), Chile (Vina del Mar), Argentina (Buenos Aires).

  • I am happy with the service most especially with the excellent support. I just gave 4 stars with the Speed and Reliability because theres some time that VPN got disconnected and connection became slower, BUT that’s really seldom happens and I know I can expect for that improvement. Thank you again and more power IbVPN. Cheers.!!!

  • I use ibVPN for few years now. This service is a very reliable one. I really trust these guys, when it comes to online security. I want to thank you for giving me a chance to surf freely.

  • Overall great service , have to say, accessing from Saudi Arabia is really hard these days but with ibVPN i manage to do my work with minimum issues thanks to customer support and their pretty good service.

  • Favourites servers is one of the best features implemented in the AIO client. I have tested and added to the list the servers that provided the best speed and connectivity.

  • Good if you set up the vpn on a router. In this way all the connected devices will work without no settings. The connections seems stable.

  • I have been using ibVPN service for more than a year. The VPN service is fast and smooth. I have tried some other companies but most of them have connection and speed problem. But, with ibVPN, there is no worry with the speed, security, ip or dns leak. Best VPN service for all platforms.
    Also price is the best for all of its service. There is no country or speed limit for a-year plan. Recommended for anyone looks for a great VPN service.


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