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CASVPN a relatively new entrant in the market, which is a product of Rohtas Apps Limited, which is being operated out of Hong Kong. We should take nothing away from them, for being new to the market, they are offering all the best features at a very reasonable price with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Our review for CASVPN will provide a clear insight regarding the product, its usability, and its performance.

On the front, CASVPN claims to offer all the latest features in a highly competitive VPN market.

Going through their privacy policy, they claim to have a strict No-Log policy and they guarantee that they will hold no information for any purpose nor they will ever share with any third party. They also offer AES 256-bit encryption along with NAT Firewall to ensure a higher grade of encryption.

They also offer an Internet kill switch in case of any loss of connection. Their VPN Servers are spread across 57 countries around the globe, with 150+ locations to connect with, which ensure consistent fast connection throughout the world. 

casvpn review homepage
CASVPN has servers all around the globe


  • App user interface
  • No log policy
  • HD streaming
  • Apps for all devices
  • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • Fast Servers
  • Server Locations
  • NAT-Firewall
  • DNS leak prevention
  • Kill switch
  • Malware protection
  • Adware protection
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Pricing 

CASVPN – Test & Review 

In our trial usage, we came to know much more about CASVPN and how it works. We tested all of their claims in our testing, with scores based on market averages. To provide a complete and transparent review about CASVPN, we will discuss all the topics one by one, with our input regarding performance, pros and cons adding highlights. 

Website (

Going through their website, it is a simple design that offers great navigation and very precise information. The subscription process is very straight forward as well which just asks you to enter your name, email address and payment details, to start off with privacy that is a good thing that we did not have to share our personal details which are a requirement for most of the websites when making a purchase online.

Once we completed our purchase, we received our credentials via email in an instance, but the drawback is they are offering two payment processors only Credit Card and PayPal, whereas the competitors offer other options to make payments.

App User Interface

CASVPN claims that their user interface is user friendly and easy to use for any user. To test this, we took 3 different variants of CASVPN’s app for Android, IOS, and Windows and tried it out ourselves.

Casvpn app for android
iOS app casvpn

As expected, all three apps were user friendly and easy to operate. As soon as you open the app it asks you for your credentials (which we purchased). Once you put in the credentials and connect, the app will offer you 4 choices depending on your usage.

Since we were pretending to be a normal user, it was a breath of fresh air that we did not have to think too much about what to select depending on our internet usage. After selecting browsing, the app showed all the different servers available for me to choose from.

The good thing about the app is how it shows all the countries with their flags in a simple scroll down menu, for a casual stroll around the world, or use a search bar on top, to directly find the server of our choice. 

Once we selected our desired server, all I had to do was a click on the symbolic shield and viola it connected me to CASVPN Server.

The whole process was easy to comprehend, glitch free and quick.

No-Log Policy

One of the main reasons these days why people choose a Premium VPN service over the free ones available in the market is to make sure that their information is secure and not being kept on servers and sold to the highest bidder.

That is why it is important that any VPN needs to go through log testing before we can move further. In our tests, we found that basic information for session logs was present but nothing else. To be honest, all VPN service providers record this to control the standard of service.

We even checked their privacy policy, and it confirmed our initial assessment.

no-logs privacy policy

Our assessment for No-Log policy is that it is the industry standard and after talking to CASVPNs customer support we found out that since they are from Hong Kong, even authorities cannot request them for any information.

HD Streaming

Any good VPN service will have lots of encryption, slowing down its traveling data. Hence only the best VPN service providers out there make sure they find a nice balance between encryption and speed, without compromising either for the user. This becomes much more relevant if you would like to stream HD or 4k content on VPN for viewing. 

To put CASVPN to test, we streamed UHD movie on VPN from their servers in Australia. We were expecting minor hiccups, but it played smooth with any buffer. The load times were nonexistent, the quality was great, and it worked on all the servers we tried. 

HD streaming is a must now, and it is great to see that CASVPN supports HD streaming of the highest quality.

Apps for All Devices

CASVPN, at this very moment, offers native applications for all major devices. To check it out, we used CASVPN on Android, IOS, Mac OS and Windows through their native apps.

For Android, Mac OS and Windows we faced no issues, but for IOS app, we only had a beta version for testing. The beta version worked fine and customer service assured us that the final version of IOS app will be available soon on the App Store.

To set up and use CASVPN on Linux, we asked for help to their Customer Support; they guided us very well and also their manual on the support page was also helpful and it worked like a charm. They also offer integration with consoles.

CasVPN supports many devices

Up to 5 Devices

Every Premium VPN Subscriber knows that it is a pain to pay extra for more logins, just to make sure that all your devices are secure. Most of the competitors are offering 3 simultaneous logins per subscription, but with CASVPN is offering 5 simultaneous devices on a single subscription.

Sometimes some companies put out some marketing gimmicks, for example, they will allow you multiple devices but each on a separate VPN protocol, or they will make it a challenge to update your allowed devices list. But with CASVPN we found no such issues.

We tested 5 devices on with a single subscription, you can connect to with any protocol on any devices. All of them were connected at the same time even with same protocol. Even when we started switching devices, we could still connect as long as we were within our limit of 5 devices. 

In our testing we found that there is no catch, and that CASVPN is offering more than an average number of devices. 

Server Speeds

Server speeds are one of the most important feature of any VPN provider. Because of a high level of encryption, the speeds are often lagging on normal servers. CASVPN offers fast servers to provide high speeds even with a high-level encryption.

To test it out, we did a speed test on a Windows PC to check our current speed.

Our current speed comes out to be 27.62 Mb for download and 2.87 Mb for upload. Now we will be login in CASVPNs app and selecting a server. After connecting with Australian server we carried out another speed test.

The result came out good. We ended up getting a minor speed loss. We also tested 3 other servers and all of them either maintained our speeds or suffered a minor loss. Not bad in terms of performance.

Server Locations

CASVPN offers servers in 57 countries through 150+ locations. To check out the validity of the claim, we tested out a distant server. In our first try, we could not get a connection right away, but our second try was successful. Even when we switched between different servers, it did not impact connection consistency or speed. 

Compared to other VPN providers, CASVPN offer above average number of locations to connect with, along with decent speeds.

NAT Firewall

Most VPN providers normally provide some sort of added layer of encryption on top of industry standard to stand out. For CASVPN, it meant providing NAT Firewall as a means for secondary layer of encryption for added security.

For encryption, our go to test is through the “Great Firewall of China”. We invited our friend from China to test CASVPN from China.

In his testing, he could connect to Austrian server with ease and good speed. Once connected he could access locked content in China with ease with consistent speeds and no disconnection.

DNS Leak Prevention

Any self-respecting VPN will make sure that there are no DNS leaks. For CASVPN we tested their VPN with 2 different tools. Through our own DNS Leaks Tool, we can confirm that no leaks are happening. We even conducted an extended test through and the results were the same. Hence we can say that no DNS leaks happened.  

DNA Leak Test

Internet Kill Switch

A good VPN will make sure they have a contingency in place for any disconnections because of any external force. CASVPN is providing an internet kill switch, if in case your VPN gets disconnected for any reason to make sure it does not broadcast your data over the internet without a VPN connection, it will keep you offline until you connect enable your VPN connection again, manually or automatically.

In our testing we found that once VPN disconnects unexpectedly, internet connection to other applications also stopped. So the internet kill switch worked fine on operating system basis.

Intrusion Prevention System

CASVPN offers IPS to ward off Adware, Spyware and Malware. It also helps in securing you from crooked cookies, infected web pages and pop ups. 

In our test we visited few infected websites known for spreading viruses around, and it overwhelmed us that most of the pop-ups and ads did not even load up on the page. The IPS works great as long as you are just browsing around.

7-day Money-Back Guarantee

Almost all the VPN providers are providing money-back guarantee so users can try their product on a trial basis before investing in. CASVPN is offering a full refund within 7 days if you so desire. 

We feel that 7 days is not adequate enough when most VPN providers are offering at least 30 days’ money-back guarantee.

To test it out, we paid for a subscription only to cancel it later on. After 9 days we got in touch with CASVPNs customer support to a request for the refund. They were very understanding and concerned and were willing to help me in any way they can.

After explaining to them, I just need a refund nothing else, they refunded the money back right away and gave me a full month free just as a gesture for goodwill. I have to say I was really impressed with their customer support but the 7-day money-back guarantee is not in line with the best VPN on the market.


CASVPN Pricing

Customer Support

Normally most of the VPN providers claim to provide 24/7 customer support but it usually means that you can create a ticket on their website and then wait for someone to contact you back in 24 business hours. 

With this in mind, we contacted customer support for the very first time. Surprisingly within minutes I was talking to an actual person who was polite and very understanding. 

Throughout our testing we contacted customer support many times, but they were always professional and courteous even when they were not able to help us out right away.


Just like with all the VPNs out there, all of them have some weaknesses. Same goes for CASVPN.

Throughout our testing and usage, we found a few things that can be improved. While trying to access US Netflix Website, we were able to connect with US Servers only a few times. If Netflix US is a priority for you, check for a VPN optimized for Netflix like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost or Surfshark.

Moreover, we had to configure our router manually to access their VPN on our TV, as they don’t have an app available for Smart Android TVs. Additionally, the Affiliate page was unresponsive. 


In our opinion, CASVPN is a strong product with great value and commendable features.

They are new even then they understand that the key to success is customer satisfaction. Their customer support echoes the same sentiment and makes you feel special and valued.

The design and functionality of the app works for both beginners and advanced users. The servers, speed and encryption is great along with IPS, Kill switch and NAT Firewall. 

We recommend CASVPN if you are looking to buy a good VPN service at a very economical price.

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