Cargo VPN Review – Fast & Secure VPN Service For Mac And iOS

August 4, 2022by Jeff0

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Cargo VPN, one of the VPN utilities on the market is offered by Eltima Software. These developers have been around for years, which makes them trustworthy, and they have a bunch of known products, such as Commander One, Folx, SyncMate, PhotoBulk, etc. They now also offer their Cargo VPN service which has been recently reviewed.

VPN is a thing these days, more and more options are coming to the market trying to battle Internet censorship and ensure more secure browsing.

VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which was initially developed for larger businesses to help keep their internal communications safe. As our everyday interactions and lives in general slowly shift into the online spectrum, VPN services become more sought for and therefore available to everyone.

Simply said, with VPN you can be accessing the web from London, but make it seem as if you are connecting from Paris. As a result, if some services or websites are only available for those in Paris, you can still access them from your London computer thanks to VPN.

Some people feel uncomfortable knowing that their data can be monitored and collected by governmental structures, so they access the Internet through VPN to keep their online activities, communications, geographical location, and IP address to themselves.

Cargo VPN Overview

There is a multitude of VPN services offered as I mentioned and the bigger the demand, the broader the array of those services. However, not every service meet the expected quality and depending on their possibilities the speed of your Internet connection can significantly drop when using a VPN.

VPN means security for its users, and Cargo VPN offers its users security and privacy. Paying your bills online, checking your bank account, logging in to your social networks through VPN promises more protection for your sensitive data.

Cargo VPN can help you save money. It is known for a fact that many car rental services, airfares, online streaming services base their pricing on the client’s location. With Cargo VPN you can play with different geo locations to see if you can score a terrific deal and pay less.

As you are switching locations and are communicating with the Internet through a VPN “corridor”, you may experience the slower connection speeds. It can be especially noticeable if you are using your new Apple TV.

Cargo VPN still promises a high connection speed as they claim to have over 70 locations around the world for their 1000+ high-speed servers, which ensures instant and constant access through Cargo VPN to any website or service from any continent.

Cargo VPN Highlights

  • Hide IP address, location and online identity for maximum privacy protection.
  • Keep your data safe while connecting to public WiFi networks in airports and hotels. VPN app will detect an unsecured network and encrypt your Internet traffic.
  • Bypass geo-blocks to access restricted global media.
  • Keep your online activity, location, communications, and traffic data away from the government surveillance and monitoring.
  • Keep your sensitive data safe: login details, account numbers, billing address, etc.
  • Save on flights, hotels, rental cars and more by only playing with your geographical location through VPN.
  • Over 70 VPN server locations with more than 1000 high-speed servers across the world ensure top protection level of your privacy.
  • Block malware websites and get efficient adblock.
  • Download torrent content without disclosing your identity.
  • The app works on Macs, iPhones, and iPads. One subscription includes up to 5 devices in one account.

Cargo VPN Offers Top-notch Protection

  • Personal Static IP that is exclusively yours.
  • Personal Server can take the speed and protection to a higher level.
  • Additional slots for new devices.

Cargo VPN Pricing & Plans

Let’s see how much it will cost you to use Cargo VPN.

This app is free on the Mac App Store, (and there iss a version for iOS devices) for 24-hour trial and testing, and then you can choose one of the subscriptions it offers;

  • One month will cost you $9.99
  • 1 year – $49.99 ($4.17/mo)
  • 3 years – $99.99 ($2.78/mo)

One subscription allows connecting up to 5 Macs in one account.

In-app purchases include Personal Static IP that is exclusively yours, Personal Server for a higher level of speed and protection, and slots for additional devices.


To sum it up, Cargo VPN is a worthy app that is highly competitive and maintains what advertises. You just have to make a choice, whether it is the connection speed you care about or security layers over your sensitive data.

No matter how high-end a VPN server is, it will cut some of your connection speed down. However, it will also help you bypass specific blockages and keep your private data away from various snoopers on the web.

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