AceVPN Review

August 5, 2022by Jeff0
AceVPN review
Guest Review
AceVPN is an advanced VPN service that’s gaining much popularity worldwide. AceVPN
owes much of its success to its user-friendly strategy.
Besides their open source apps, they have introduced unique and secure encryption algorithms, a quick connection, and 24X7 customer support. The online privacy and anonymity of a user get enhanced by their “nologs” policy. The 7-day money back offer is in place to give you that extra comfort of giving Acevpn a try!

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

AceVPN  Overview

This review is about providing a true and fair view of all features and benefits that you’ll enjoy with this VPN service. The primary objective of sharing this review is to throw light
on the facts that turn AceVPN into a global service.
Ahead of all other things, this VPN service network has its presence felt over 50
locations in over 25 countries. AceVPN’s server network continues to expand in all continents simultaneously. With this kind of efficiency and flexibility, you may enjoy a number of features after subscribing to a plan that suits your needs.
AceVPN features
It often feels difficult for you to choose a VPN service over another, especially when
you have a huge network of servers to deal with. For those of you that wish to gain an access to geo-restricted websites, it’s good to choose from a long list of countries and hide your IP address at the same time.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

AceVPN Features

AceVPN Main features

# Surfing Without Restriction

Your IP address remains hidden through the entire period for which you use the AceVPN services. Websense and other online filtering and web monitoring applications won’t
be able to track your participation in sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, and Facebook.
Apart from this, you may even check out a few video streaming sites, Instant Messengers, and TV channels without any risk of being hacked.

# Multiple Devices and Protocols

AceVPN bundles both VPN and smart DNS with their plans. All major devices and
operating systems are supported including;
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Routers
  • Mac
  • Gaming consoles
  • Windows

Apart from OpenVPN, this service even supports, IKEv2, Stealth VPN, PPTP, L2TP, and IPSEC.

# Faster Unblocking of TV Channels and Streaming of Videos

Ace VPN is your destination if you really wish to explore BBC, HULU, IPLAYER, NETFLIX,
and other major services that are geo-restricted.
AceVPN facilitates a smooth access to your choicest sites in HD across a host of
nations.With intelligent routing, the speed of internet never gets slackened. The pace remains the same regardless of whether you’re connecting to PCs, gaming consoles and Smart TV.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

# Lowest Pricing and Real Value for Money Plans

They strive to keep their subscription plans inexpensive without curtailing on the real
advantages of using a VPN service. You may opt for this service by paying a mere $0.13 per day or $3.89 a month.
You may check out with others around and see for yourself if you actually anyone providing these services at such a lower rate.

# 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

AceVPN doesn’t believe in hiding facts or charging users unnecessarily. You may simply begin using their services by downloading their app from your smart-phone app store.The REAL BIG THING is that you can use this service for a full 7-day trial period and opt for a money-back.
 AceVPN Pricing list
7-Day Money Back Guarantee

# Easy Payment Methods

AceVPN provides for some easy payment solutions to users. You may opt for
transactions via PayPal, Credit cards, and Checks. Alternatively, you may even choose to
pay anonymously for their services through the Bitcoin payment wallets.
Their friend referral offer comes with a free VPN and Smart DNS service for an entire month. It helps facilitate streaming of videos for your favorite sites and channels besides unblocking your TV for free.

# Assured Anonymity, Privacy and Security

Enjoy anonymous surfing with a “nolog” system. The authorities won’t gain any record
of your web surfing during the course of an investigation. Much of your communication
privacy and security is assured with the help of military grade encryption. Both the internal
and external sources of the network are monitored for threats.

# VPN Servers Covering 50+ Locations in Over 26+ Nations

AceVPN servers are currently serving over 26 countries through over 50 different locations. You may avail unrestricted switching between them besides exploring them for long durations. Be it some of the most popular blocked websites or geographically restricted
websites, you’ll gain a smooth access to your favorite content like Pandora, Sky, Zattoo, BBC, iPlayer, Pluzz, Hulu, Canalsat, Netflix, WhatsApp and Facebook.
 AceVPN server network
7-Day Money Back Guarantee

#Faster Gigabit Servers and Longer Uptime

Ace VPN boasts its services on a high-speed Gigabit network, optimized routing, and
modern data centers that host their servers. Real-time optimization is guaranteed regardless of your latency, speed, and location. You’ll enjoy customer support through 24×7 besides enjoying 99.9% uptime.

# User-Friendly and Easy to Install Features

AceVPN lays its focus on raising the level of satisfaction for customers. Enjoy guaranteed satisfaction or get your money back. Acevpn doesn’t indulge in bad practices.
You’ll only need to share your email address besides your payment details while signing up.
You may put a disposable email address at that time. The configurations needs are minimal and it doesn’t need any unique configuration while working with firewalls. It plays safe even when Deep Packet Inspection is used for blocking VPN protocols.
Traffic that’s not trustworthy are blocked with advanced firewalls to keep the network and user PCs secured.

AceVPN Review Final Word

This VPN service provider has been in business for a while. They have even succeeded
in matching the global trends with years of expertise. Besides being one of the safest VPN
services, they have becomes one of the major players n this industry. Even for those of you
that are fond of Torrent, AceVPN representatives are always there to suggest ways and
extend their service.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

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