RapidVPN, Interview With Robin Lieser


RapidVPN Interview with Robin Lieser

Today we have the pleasure to spend a few words with Robin Lieser, co-founder and sales manager at RapidVPN.

RapidVPN is one of the oldest VPN providers on the market. The team behind the company has an excellent experience in Internet security and privacy issues. They have been dealing with digital threats and cyber attacks for such a long time that Robin Lieser can be considered an authority in the field.

We had the pleasure to ask him some questions about the RapidVPN service and his personal view on Internet security.

Rapide VPN Website and Offer

Hi Robin, first of all, thank you very much for your time. Can you tell us about yourself and what you do at RapidVPN?

I am Robin Lieser, sales manager and one of the RapidVPN founders.

RapidVPN was founded in 2007. Why that very year you decided to start RapidVPN?

Because at that time working with the Internet was too risky due to the new threat on the Internet and also working with online payment systems such as Paypal or some websites that are sensitive to your IP and local country.

As you may remember the only option at that time was using proxy software which cause too many problems for people that wanted to work with Paypal or similar sites.

Please, tell us about RapidVPN. Why is your service different than others VPN providers?

Dedicated Servers

(We always emphasis on this part.) All of our servers are powered and hosted on dedicated servers. It means that you always experience high speed and network uptime.

No Registrations Required

To use our services you don’t need to register on our website. In another words, anonymous service.

We are one of the oldest VPN providers since 2007.

Censorship is becoming ever stronger in Countries like China, Turkey or Iran. Does RapidVPN perform well in countries with active censorship?

Yes of course, because we support SoftEther and SSTP which are the best protocols in China or other similar countries. Also, our OpenVPN protocol supports 16 different ports number (8 for TCP and 8 for UDP) which is very good option for countries that blocked usual OpenVPN ports.

Can your customer use RapidVPN for P2P?

Yes, at the moment we allow P2P only on our Netherlands and Sweden servers. Will add more servers within next 2 months (such as Switzerland) to support P2P.

During the last year, many VPN providers have been blocked by Netflix. What about Rapid VPN, do you support Netflix on your network?

Yes, at the moment our Boston, MA works very well with Netflix. Will add more servers which are compatible with Netflix in near future.

Does RapidVPN keep logs of its users?

No, never. Because we do not have the registration system, the only data we keep is user’s email address and payment batch number.

As an expert in the industry, what is the most important advice you would love to give to any VPN user?

There are lots of VPN provider on the net. Just trust to who has great background and history! I know some VPN providers in some restricted countries are powered by the government to spy what you do on the Internet. So be careful and don’t trust anybody that has cheap or deceptive offers!

Also, you can not always rely on good reviews which are published on the Internet because many of them are made by VPN providers. Just, for example, we received an email from a famous VPN review website a few months ago that offered to publish positive reviews (about 3000) if we pay for it!

Besides protecting any device with a VPN service, what other security tools are strongly recommended?

Always use the best antivirus (Internet Security version) to make sure your VPN application is not Infected with a virus.

Internet security threats are becoming more frequent and dangerous. What is your view on future threats and what any Internet user should do?

Advancement in technology has made it possible for cybercriminals to come up with advanced malware and heinous programs that are undetectable using the current anti-virus and anti-spam ware software.
Luckily, the anti-virus and anti-spam companies are working to identify these threats. The new software will be more sophisticated and capable of dealing with these threats effectively. However, the need to be cautious about personal security when online will be more paramount than never before.

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