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August 7, 2022by Jeff0

Downloading and storing Movies, Music, Games, and files from the Internet have never been so easy and safe using torrenting and downloading features! Just paste in a torrent or magnet link, and your files will be downloaded at blazing speeds and transferred safely to your personal cloud drive or streamed directly from their servers.

Their high bandwidth servers can transfer torrents as fast as the torrent cloud can offer them. Stop wasting bandwidth downloading files directly, and then re-uploading them (usually at the ISPs lower upload speeds). Also, avoid having to having to leave your computer on overnight, wasting electricity and also exposing your public IP all the time.

You can also now store all those files in your personal cloud drive. supports:

– Amazon Cloud Drive, with unlimited storage!

– OpenDrive, also unlimited space!

– Google Drive

– OneDrive

– DropBox

– Any WebDAV server

– Any FTP or SFTP server

and they are continually adding additional clouds!

Simple as 1-2-3:

1 – Paste a Magnet or Torrent link (or upload the torrent file)

– Or Paste a WEB link which is hosting files

2 – Server will automatically download the files to their servers

3 – All Files will be then be transferred to your Cloud Drive

– or saved temporarily on their servers to download directly, or to stream to your TV, phone, iPad, etc.

Transfer Cloud add Torrents

Want to build a collection of Movies or Music on your Cloud? Do you fret because your local hard drive is out of space, and you need to delete files you might want later? Some cloud storage is unlimited, so you might just leave everything there to re-download or stream later.

Found some files on a web server, and want to copy them before they are removed? With their URL recursive download, you can download a web page full of files and save them to peruse later.

Why is Privacy Important?

Torrenting has been a target to Internet users, and in some cases, accusing falsely users of downloading infringing content. With, your privacy is assured: Your IP is NOT disclosed when downloading files from the network, and all transfers are protected with SSL/TLS to avoid disclosing what you download or what you save in your personal file locker. Only you see what files you save, and we purge all logs.

Get the most out of your Cloud Drive!

An incredible Combo: Fast-Speed Internet Downloading and Unlimited Drive Space! Imagine this: Download all the files you want, and never run out of space! Stop worrying about where to store all the files, organize them by categories and save them where you can download anytime you want. Also, some Files are only shared temporarily, or their popularity wanes and some disappear altogether. By downloading them with their servers assured bandwidth, you can store them safely for as long as you want.

Access them on all your Devices

  1. Log on from your computer, your phone, iPad or Tablet.
  2. You can copy/past on anywhere and is 100% compatible. Copy the downloaded file link, and open in VLC as ‘Network Stream’ or in Popular iOS/Android Media Players (like OPlayerHD) to open without downloading the whole file.

Some apps even stream from your Cloud drive, like “VLC App” or “It’s Playing Pro”.

Pricing and Plans

Register free at and get a 7-day free trial where you can download files up to 3 GB each.

You can then upgrade to any of the following Plans

Basic:  Unlimited Transfers per day, up to 5 GB file size.
Premium: Get 5 concurrent Transfers and 20 GB max torrent size!
Power: Get 10 concurrent Transfers and 50 GB max torrent size!
Monster: 5 concurrent transfers, but download 200 GB size torrents, or bigger upon support request!


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