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August 10, 2022by Jeff0

Sticky Password is a program specialized in storing passwords in one common and encrypted database. With Sticky Password, all your login credentials are safe and ready to use wherever you are.

This program by Lamantine Software integrates well with supported operating systems and browsers. Sticky Password supports:

  • Automatic sign into web and app accounts.
  • Automatic password saving for new accounts.
  • Data importation from other password managers and browsers.
  • Password generator
  • A console that lists all weak passwords that need to be updated.


Besides being a secure password manager, Sticky Password also operates as a web form filler.

This means that it can automatically fill for you registration forms and online shops cart data. It has the capability to match the details required and input the correct details e.g. you name, phone number and address.

This feature is similar to Chrome’s Autofill, where if you have multiple matches, it will prompt you to select the correct match.

Sticky Password offers you a number of awesome features including; an incredible security by means of AES-256 encryption, one chief/master password, ability to generate secure memos and storing your bookmarks in a common location.

StickyPassword Cloud Sync

On top of that, Sticky Password supports all major platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS.

And also, a very crucial capability to synchronize passwords across your devices.

As there are some features that will make you feel very attracted to Sticky Password, there is also a couple of things you would dislike.

I have put all that together below to help you understand Sticky Password service more.

The good

Sticky Password offers an environment to manage all passwords in a common location.

It is fast, secure and intuitive making it ideal for persons with many passwords to manage. Most of its features are automated to the least user intervention which makes it even easier to adapt to use.

Some of the Sticky Password awesome features include bookmarks, browser integration, data importation, one-click web and app accounts and sync options.

The bad

Putting in mind that StickyPassword has the capability to import data from other password managers and browsers, authentication parameters may not always match.

To counter that there is an edit feature that allows you to change the imported data.

StickyPassword has no safe means to share passwords. Also, users may experience app and web crashes when the auto login feature is activated.

Without forgetting that Sticky Password is yet to have a Linux application.


True Sticky Password may not be perfect, as it is with all applications, but it will deliver all the tools necessary to manage your passwords securely.

All you need to remember is the master password, and you will get automatic login’s to all your favorite accounts may they be emails accounts, social media accounts, banks, portals or any other account that uses a password.

Setting Up.

It is a piece of cake to download and install Sticky Password.

  • StickyPassword installer is available in the company’s website link. To download it to your PC or MAC, just click on the “Get Sticky Password” tab, and it will automatically download the offline installer. Once the download is complete, the program will launch and takes you through the installation process.

StickyPassword Installation

  • On completing the installation successfully, a new user is required enter an email address (StickyID) and an appropriate master password. You will have to remember this password always for you to access your stored passwords in the Sticky Password secure database.Note that, that the master password cannot be recovered or reset. If you forget it you will be forced to start over again. But if you have made any payments they will still be applicable.

Sticky Password Account

  • Still, in the setup process, a user will set up the Sticky Password account, sync and import data (saved passwords) from your browser.

StckyPassword Cloud Sync

  • Data importation is easy with Sticky Password. It comes with a devoted tool that directly picks saved passwords from major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer), LastPass, KeePass, Dashlane, and 1Password.

StickyPassword Data Importation

  • For you to complete the setup process, you will need to restart your browser. On completing the setup, a tutorial window popups where you can either click through it or follow the Sticky Password video tutorial library.

Sticky Password Tutorial


Sticky Password Premium comes with a very clever interface that is attractive as it is very neat.

With such an interface it is easy and quick to access the main features such as the Web Accounts, App Accounts, Bookmarks, Identities and Secure Memos.

StickyPassword User-Friendly Interface
StickyPassword features an easy-to-use interface

The application is easy to navigate and has a Quick Access tab that gives you shortcuts to activities like adding an Identity or a Secure Memo.

The “My StickyAccount” button lets you access your account from your browser in just one click.

Sticky Password Quick access
“Quick Access” and “My Sticky Account” features

Also, the ‘hamburger’ button allows quick access to settings and access to the import and export features.  Also, allows quick access to the Exit button.

The application is designed to automatically sign out whenever you deviate from for some time. To sign back in you are expected to enter the master password in the pop up window below:

StickyPassword sign back window

Whenever the application is running in the background, it always easily accessed in the system tray.

Security and privacy

Sticky Password is closed source, and therefore we cannot prove for sure it does what it says it does. Although it’s commitment to security and privacy is amazingly impressive.

To start with, besides the apparent storage of passwords in an encrypted database, it is important for every user to remember his/her master password. This password can neither be recovered nor reset.

Sticky Password also has an amazing capability of syncing data over local Wi-Fi, this means that no data is sent via the internet. Although it still supports data syncing with the cloud.

Irrespective of how the database was synced (or not), it is encrypted/decrypted locally in your device with the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. The encryption key is fetched from the master password. This security is so tight such that the master key cannot be restored.

As long as the master password is kept long and not disclosed to anyone, this program is quite secure.

Some users may be afraid of keyloggers; they are highly advised to enter their passwords using the virtual keyboard. It is easy to access the virtual keyboard on your PC.

StickyPassword review

By default, it is possible to access your passwords on any device as long as you know your username (email) and master password.

It is also possible to tighten the security by using a one-time pin sent to your email address or strictly no new devices. With the premium version, there are more advanced security features.

StickyPassword Features.

1) Web and App Accounts

When you are using a web browser to log in to a site, the Sticky Password will prompt you to save the login credentials.

You are allowed the privilege to evaluate that information or even save it in a different account. The edit feature is also available in case you enter the wrong credentials.

The advantage of saving the web accounts credentials is that the credentials are automatically filled and logs you in all following visits of the account. On top of that, you could also use the button set in your browser to open and log in directly to your accounts.

Adding an App Account can either be adding it manually in the Sticky Password application:

Manually adding an account in StickyPassword

Or, even easier, you let Sticky Password save it for you automatically.

To save a password automatically with Sticky Password:

  • Launch the target App, in this case I have used Skype. Click on the Sticky Password icon placed on the top right of the app.

How to add an account in StickyPassword

  • From the drop-down list, select add account.
  • Then, enter your correct credentials to sign into Skype. You will notice that your Skype credentials have been saved automatically in the Sticky Password App.

StickyPassword how to save an account

New Web Accounts can be added manually to your list of passwords saved.

This can be achieved by keying in information about your username, password, link and the expiry date of the password.

There is also the utility show advanced settings that let you choose your browser and setup manually. New App Accounts can be added with the same procedure.

2) Bookmarks

Sticky Password will allow you to store bookmarks and even organize them in either pre-set or self-defined categories. For example, you can have Emails, Finance, Social Networks or Shopping categories.

StickyPassword Bookmarks

Adding a bookmark to Sticky Password is easy; just click on the “Add Bookmark” tab shown by the arrow marked 1. Similarly to add a category click on the “Add Group” shown by the arrow marked 2.

3) Identities and Synchronization

Identities are used to hold registration information which is used to fill web forms for you automatically.

A user may add a couple of Identities that can be easily accessed from your browser.

An Identity may hold a lot of details; all information that may be required in filling a web form. Information in an Identity may include personal info like names, gender, and status, Contact info such as email, cell, address, finance such credit card, bank account payment method, business e.g. company name, profession and even Nicknames.

Adding an Identity is pretty straight forward, all you need to do is:

  • Click on the “Add Identity” tab.

Add Identity in StickyPassword

  • Fill in the categories.

Sticky Password Identity

  • To save click on “Add”.

Synchronization is the process of backing up your passwords and data in all your devices (Phone, Tablet, Office Computer, and PC).

Sticky Password allows you the privilege to activate or deactivate synchronization and also choosing from the cloud and local options.

Cloud synchronization:  the passwords are stored in the Sticky Password cloud servers.

Local sync: passwords are synchronized across all your devices via the local Wi-Fi connection.

StickyPassword Syncronization

The synchronization process is automatic, and passwords, Identities, Secure Memos, and bookmarks are backed up.

The Sync tab at bottom left of the app allows you to either initiate a Synchronization process or disable it. The last sync time is always displayed on the app.

4) Secure Memos

Do you use a paper note to jot down an ID, Registration, Passwords and login details to your accounts, important codes or numbers or just a note to yourself?

Well, Sticky Password introduces Secure Memo feature that makes all that easy for you.

A Secure Memo helps you track info like ID, passwords or anything that’s important to you and you would like to keep it safe and easy to access. Could be even an answer to a security question.

Sticky Password comes with several pre-set memos such as IDs, Licence or Internet settings. A user can also create new ones by importing them from a third party source or practically writing from scratch with the templates provided by Sticky password.

Formatting a memo could be in regard to color, size, font and alignment.

To create a new Secure Memo with a template:

  • In the main Sticky Password window, select Secure Memo and click on “Add Memo”.

StickyPassword how to create a secure Memo

  • Click on the blue“Template” button to reveal the dropdown menu. There is a list of 10 predefined templates. Select the desired template, for example, ID Card.

StickyPassword Secure Memo template

  • The template you selected is now ready to be filled in.

Create a Secure Memo with StickyPassword

  • Using your cursor, simply move from field to field and enter your data.

Tutorials to create secure memo with StickyPassword

  • Finally, you can change the name in the upper part of the window: just click on the line that says New Secure Memo and enters the name you’d like to save the file under.

StickyPassword Secure Memo tutorials

  • To save your new Secure Memo click “Add”.

Creating a template is also very easy, plus Sticky Password has lots of tutorials on how to navigate their application on their site.

5)  Password Generator

StickyPassword Password generator

Besides providing a platform to manage your passwords, Sticky Password has an inbuilt password generator.

This feature helps you generate strong passwords that are hard to by-pass. The feature will tend to specify the minimum number of characters and which cases and characters you should include.

It rates the strength of your password with a percentage bar that will let you know how strong/weak your password is.

Sticky Password Premium.

Below is a comparison of the Free and Premium versions of Sticky Password.

The Premium subscriptions will cost you $29.99 every year, or just $99.99 for a lifetime license.

Sticky Password Free Sticky Password Premium
·         Password Manager

·         Auto Fill

·         Form Filling

·         Biometrics

·         Super Secured Data

·         All Major Platforms

·         Two-Factor Authentication

·         Password Manager

·         Auto Fill

·         Form Filling

·         Biometrics

·         Super Secured Data

·         All Major Platforms

·         Two-Factor Authentication

·         Cloud Backup

·         Priority Support

·         Saving Endangered Manatees

·         Local Wi-Fi Sync across devices

·         Cloud Sync across devices

Desktop version

Sticky Password is available for both Windows and Mac platforms, but unluckily it is not available for Linux users.

StickyPassword reviewThe Sticky Password application is quite easy and intuitive to use. It has a unique and attractive interface. The app allows you organize your site passwords into categories, which are either pre-set or self-defined (created by you).

To add a new account follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Sticky Password application
  • Choose the Web Accounts option
  • Click on the “Add Account” tab
  • Fill in the information required
  • Click “Add.”

Alternatively, you can just click on the Sticky Password Plug-in Icon in your browser and enter the credentials. Sticky Password will automatically log you in the subsequent accounts.

StickyPassword Tutorial

Besides storing website login information, Sticky Password is also storage of private information via Secure Memos. The desktop app has several templates of memos, but you can also create a custom one from scratch.

One challenge facing Sticky Password is that data with both logs in info, and private info is all turned into private info after importation. It’s important to be careful when importing data from other password managers.



The desktop application comes with the Identities feature. The feature allows you to provide Sticky Password with your information that it uses to fill web forms automatically.

Sticky Password on the Desktop is impressive. Its integration with the supported browsers is just fine, and it offers a user with an intuitive platform for manage his/her passwords, bookmarks, Identities and secure memos.

Mobile version

Sticky Password mobile apps for both iOS and Android are available. The interfaces of both apps are completely similar as below:

StickyPassword Mobile App


Just like the desktop version the mobile Sticky Password enables you to manage passwords, Identities and secure memos easily.

I have tested the Android App, and for this app to integrate with other apps, it has to be enabled on this window. Plugins for UC Browser, Dolphin, and Firefox, are available. There is a “floating sticky window” that provides auto-fill help for all other apps.

On this window, you will also be able to select your default browser.

Note that, each time you navigate from the Sticky Password app, it will automatically log out.

You can counter this by adjusting your phone settings to one minute delay, or 30 minutes delay (depending on your phone behavior). Logging in back requires you to enter your master password, a pin or the biometric authentication of the fingerprint if your phone is capable.

The Android and iOS apps are quite similar in the form and functionality, but the Android has the following additional features:

  • In-built secure browser (Sticky Browser).
  • Ability to send bug reports.
  • Ability to auto fill forms in other apps.
  • Exporting and importing databases.

Usability And Customer Support

Although Sticky Password is not as loud as LastPass, its website is well designed with attractive colors; it is very easy to navigate through the page.

They have focused on filling the site with nothing but just relevant content. Also, they have an active blog that keeps users up to date with new developments.

Any user can access technical support anytime, but priority is given to Premium users. They also have a nice FAQ, a PDF guide and 24/7 Live chat on their site.

Bottom Line.

Sticky Password is an awesome password manager.

Unlike LastPass, it does not introduce security vulnerabilities by including a password recovery feature. If you forget your master password, you may be forced to start over again, but your payments will still be viable.

Sticky Password offers a 100% intuitive and easy to use service that integrates well with supported browsers. The phone apps also work flawlessly.

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