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August 11, 2022by Claudio R.0

SSLPrivateProxy is one of the few global providers of high anonymity special use private proxies and Virtual Private Networks. Their solutions range from shared and private VPNs to special use virgin private proxies.

With a customer oriented approach, they are always looking for ways to provide their clients with access to any online service, from anywhere in the world.

The Services

SSLPrivateProxy offers both Virtual Private Networks and private proxies.

Moreover, for each service, they offer both shared and private access. Therefore, offering both shared and private VPNs as well as shared and private proxies.

Moreover, in designing solutions and services, they took a client-centric approach. This can be displayed by having a look at their range of custom made services.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN Connection)

As mentioned, SSLPrivateProxy offers both shared and private VPNs. They are almost identical.

The only difference between them is who is able to connect and use the VPN.

A private, or dedicated VPN, will be used by only one user. Whereas a shared VPN use would be split between several users, but no more than 3 users.

VPN Full Specs

The protocol of their VPNs is split between PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) and OpenVPN ( a software application that implements VPN techniques for creating secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities).

VPN Access

A user can access, with the help of a VPN a multitude of online services, such as;

  • Torrents and P2P data transfer
  • Blocked website
  • Bypass social media firewalls
  • Unblock Skype and Viber.

Furthermore, users located in Turkey or China can easily and securely use their VPNs to bypass their countries censorship restriction and Internet firewalls.

Why Do They Sell Multiple VPNs – Why Use Them?

A visitor on their official website will notice that they offer bundles of several VPNs.

SSLPrivateProxy VPns offer

While the use of a single VPN can encrypt your whole online traffic, by buying a bundle of VPN, the anonymity level is increased further.

Basically, each different VPN is used for different online services.

Special Use Private Proxy SSLPrivateProxy

VPN Prices

SSLPrivateProxy offers a structured price model and the final price of your VPN will depend on the number of VPNs you buy and the billing period.

The simplest buying cart one can choose is comprised of a single VPN / single location with a monthly billing period.


Private Proxies – SSLPrivateProxy Specialty

While VPNs might be used to bypass certain regional firewalls or to increase privacy and anonymity, private proxies tend to be used to connect to certain online services.

SSLPrivateProxy offers two types of proxies;

  • Shared
  • Dedicated ones

Both these types are HTTPS proxies, meaning, a user can connect securely to any online service through the HTTPS protocol.

While SSLPrivateProxy offers both VPN and private proxies, the services on which they have specialized are private proxies for special use.

Special use means these proxies are allocated to connect to a certain online service. They make it known even since visitor lands on their homepage.

What Are Special Use Proxies

Special use proxies are private proxies allocated with the sole purpose of connecting a user to the desired online platform.

Special use proxies are nothing more, nothing less than HTTPS private dedicated proxies. They are used only by the buyer.

A few years ago, many proxy providers were offering only private proxies for renting. But due to poor proxy allocation, many users started encountering difficulties in connecting to their desired online platform.

At the same time, very few providers noticed that more and more users are having difficulties connecting and automating their task through regular private proxies.

SSLPrivateProxy noticed this issue and solved the problem by offering special use proxies.

Basically, they started allocating proxies based on the proxy history and on the needs of the buyer. Furthermore, to increase the quality of their service, they started offering virgin proxies for special use.

SSLPrivateProxy Offers Virgin Proxies

All of SSLPrivateProxy special use proxies are virgin proxies.

This means they have never been used to connect to the underlying online service. Moreover, this offers an extra layer of safety.

As mentioned above, they offer more safety than security. This is because virgin private proxies are not used for safety or privacy, but for connectivity. Moreover, for safe connectivity.

Most virgin proxies offered by SSLPrivateProxy are used either by marketers, SEO experts or other professionals that need a way to safely connect to a certain online service.

Moreover, 90% of the time, these virgin proxies are used and implemented in certain tools with the intent of automating certain tasks.

Some Special Use Proxies

From the second part of the homepage, SSLPrivateProxy clearly presents what sort of virgin proxies for special use they offer.

Special Use Proxy SSlPrivate Proxy

There are virgin private proxies offered as;

  • Instagram proxies
  • Pokemon Go proxies
  • Classified Ads Proxies.

Furthermore, the virgin proxies range on offer extends to other online services by offering solutions for;

  • Pinterest Proxies
  • LinkedIn Proxies
  • Ticketing Proxies
  • Shopping Proxies.

Special Use Private Proxy SSLPrivateProxy

As mentioned, most of these private proxies are used by professionals to connect to the underlying online services after which the proxies take their name. The way professionals use these proxies depends, but usually, they are used for marketing purposes.

How To Use Virgin Private Proxies

In this section, we are going to present how a professional is using these special use virgin proxies.

Social Media Proxies (Instagram Proxies or Pinterest Proxies)

Social media proxies are generally used to automate tasks and manage several social media accounts from the same server.

Marketers use Instagram Proxies to manage and develop several accounts through social media automation tools.

They need Instagram proxies because the social media platform limits the number of accounts connected per IPs to a maximum of 5.

Therefore, a marketer with 20 Instagram accounts under management, will need several Instagram proxies.

While the number of accounts connected to the social media platform is limited to 5, best practices suggest allocating only one account per Instagram proxy. Meaning one account per IP.

The above ratio is recommended because it limits the risks of multiple accounts bans from the social media platform. In addition, in the unfortunate event of one account being reported, the marketer’s other accounts will be protected. Because it connects through its own IP.

Some of the most used tools through which Instagram proxies are connecting accounts to the social network are MassPlanner or FollowLiker. These tools allow the management of several accounts and the custom allocation of social media proxies.

Classified Ads Proxies

Another type of virgin private proxies offered is for classified ads websites. These proxies are used by marketers and other professionals to access classified ads websites from a certain geographical area.

Some professionals using Craigslist proxies are boat selling agents who buy Classified ads proxies from Los Angeles and Miami to advertise their boats on both East Coast and West Coast.

Furthermore, as it will be presented below, SSLPrivateProxy offers Classified Ads proxies from most US States and as well from Europe.

Therefore, anybody interested in local advertising in most Western metropolitan areas, can gain geographical exposure by using Classified Ads proxies from SSLPrivateProxy.

Server Locations

Server locations, or the locations that your private proxies or VPNs can have range from US metropolitan areas such as Chicago, IL or Los Angeles, CA to European locations in large metropolitan areas such as London or Amsterdam.

The map of SSLPrivateProxy server locations spans from the Pacific coast of United States, to Western Europe.

Basically, a buyer can choose the VPN or private proxy location from 34 North American locations (Seattle WA, Chicago IL, Los Angeles CA, Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, Miami FL, Scranton PA, Denver CO, New York NY, Southfield MI, Kansas City MO, Atlanta GA, Greensboro NC, Columbus OH, San Jose CA, Buffalo NY, Oklahoma City OK, Nashville TN, Portland OR, Albuquerque NM, Salt Lake City UT, Minneapolis MN, Indianapolis IN, Salem NH, Detroit MI, Boston MA, Philadelphia PA, Jacksonville FL, Herndon VA, Oakland CA, Boca Raton FL, Charlotte NC, Washington DC, Toronto ON Canada) and 5 European locations (London – United Kingdom, Madrid – Spain, Amsterdam – Netherlands, Frankfurt Hessen – Deutschland, Velizy Villacoublay Île-de-France – France).

Your Private Proxy Package From SSLPrivateProxy

Once landed on the homepage, a buyer must first choose the type of VPN or virgin private proxies best suited to his needs.

SSLPrivateProxy Service Choice

Following the service choice, the buyer will be directed to the order page. Here, he must choose the number or virgin proxies (IPs) and the billing cycle best suited to its needs.

SSLPrivateProxy billing cycle

Once the billing cycle and the number of private proxies have been selected, the second step of the buying process requires selecting the locations of your private proxies or VPN. In addition, this step requires also selecting the purpose of the purchased VPN or proxies.

SSLPrivateProxy Buying Purpose For Special Use Proxy

Bear in mind, SSLPrivateProxy asks for the purpose and intent of use on their proxies in order to better allocate their virgin proxies.

Moreover, by knowing beforehand the reason for the proxies, the provider makes sure the buyer received working proxies to safely connect to the underlying online platform.

Following the configuration of the proxy package, the buyer is taken to the review of the shopping cart and the checkout.

Upon payment, each order is reviewed and the proxies are allocated manually by the customer management team. In this way, SSLPrivateProxy makes sure that each customer received working proxies for the online platform specified in the configuration stage of the buying process.

How To Get Your Virgin Proxies

Once the private proxies has been allocated, the customer is informed and the account page will display the services the provider has paid for.

SSLPrivateProxy List of services

From the My Services, the customer has an overview over the services chosen and the next due date, when the service billing cycle ends.

Moreover, by clicking on My Proxes or My VPNs on the left hand side panel, the selected service, in this case Instagram proxies, will display the allocated proxies that the customer has paid.

SSLPrivateProxy list of proxies

In addition, the customers that need to download the private proxy list to be uploaded into a tool, such as a scraper or an automation tool, the proxies and their login can downloaded as a .CSV file or a simple .txt file.

How To Connect To Your Private Proxies?

All SSLPrivateProxy private proxies, regardless of their purpose, are HTTP/HTTPS proxies, meaning the data transfer will be performed through the HTTP/HTTPS protocol.

Independent of the private proxy use, a buyer can divert a single software or the whole system’s Internet traffic through the private proxy. Moreover, there are two ways to access and allow the private proxy to divert traffic through it.

To choose the way a software connects and diverts traffic, the customer must go on the My Proxies section in the account menu and select the Auth tab.

There are two ways a user can divert traffic through the private proxy.

The first and the easiest method is to allow authentication through Password Authentication.

SSLPrivateProxy Password Authentication

This means that the customer’s selected software will connect to any proxy allocated to the buyer through an Username and Password. Each package comes with the same username and password. Making it easy to connect and divert traffic through the proxy.

For an increased level of security, some users can choose to connect to their proxies through IP Authentication.

By selecting this form of authentication, the buyer can then choose up to 5 IPs from which access will be granted to software using the private proxies allocated.

Furthermore, this is a safer way of connecting to private proxies, because even if the list private proxies allocated to the buyer is leaked online, nobody will be able to connect through the proxies as long as their IP is not one of the 5 IPs manually authenticated by the buyer.

Benefits of Special Use Private Proxy

It is worth mentioning that IP authentication works only if the customer has a static IP.

Most residential IPs are rotating on a regular period of time. However, most private proxies are used to connect software installed on Virtual Private Servers (VPS). And most VPS come with a static IP.

Therefore, making it easy for the buyer to allow software installed on the VPS to connect to his private proxies by simply implementing the private proxy IP and port in a software.

For example, somebody needing to divert the traffic on its Mozilla Firefox through one of its private proxies can do so by accessing Firefox preferences, selecting the advanced tab and clicking on Connection Settings.

Here, the user will be asked to configure the proxies to access the Internet. He simply needs to insert manually the HTTP Proxy IP and Port. And then select the proxy type and click Ok.

SSLPrivate Proxy Special Use Private Proxy Insert HTTP

Following the proxy setup, all connections made by Mozilla Firefox will pass through the private proxy.

Private Proxies Can Be Changed Monthly

As mentioned above, most private proxy customers use special use virgin proxies to automate tools and tasks. And sometimes, when private proxy use is abused on a certain online service, the proxy’s IP will be ban.

For example, if from an Instagram proxy, an Instagram account uses aggressive behavior settings and the social media platform bans the account, chances are it will flag the IP as well.

This is problematic for a marketer. Because, from the list of 10 Instagram accounts, he will be able to use only 9 proxies now.

However, SSLPrivateProxy offers the option to change proxies upon request. This can be done monthly, at the same time with the billing cycle.

A buyer simply needs to click on Proxy Change, select the proxy package where he wants new IPs and selects the reason for the IP refresh.

SSLPrivateProxy IP Change
In this way, both the buyer and SSLPrivateProxy make sure the proxy allocation is correct and all private proxies are working on the customer desired online service. Online service that was specified at the purchase of the proxy package.

Why So Many Proxy Types?

One might wonder why SSLPrivateProxy offers private proxies packages for most of the big online platforms.

The simple answer is that they are offering some of the best proxy packages online.

While other proxy providers focus on minimizing their costs to offer cheaper proxies, SSLPrivateProxy focus on functionality.

Thus, the cost of their private proxies is slightly higher. But for this difference, a customer is guaranteed to receive working virgin private proxies for the online platform he specified in the order.

Most private proxies providers offer shared and dedicated private proxies packages. Leaving their buyers to do the work of testing if the proxies allocated are working with their desired service.

SSLPrivateProxy does the hard work beforehand. They test and allocate only working proxies. Leaving the buyer to do the sole job of connecting through their proxies. Thus, eliminating the guessing game prior to the first connection.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, all private proxies packages offer virgin proxies. Therefore, eliminating any risk of having accounts banned or connectivity issues because of flagged IPs due to abusive prior use.

Not All Proxies Are Created Equal

As mentioned above, they offer premium proxies with clean histories IPs.

In comparison with other providers, the cost of a proxy package is slightly higher.

However, a customer should not consider the price difference an extra cost. But it should be considered a risk premium. Basically, all guessing is eliminated and the buyer received what it ask for.

Some might not consider connectivity an issue. Indeed, it is not a problem if the proxy is used periodically. It becomes an issue when other factors depends on its connectivity.

Connectivity is an issue for social media marketers and manager. A social media marketer connects and manages 20 accounts on behalf of his clients, he can’t invoke connectivity as an issue for which a client’s account failed to publish a scheduled post.

Moreover, there are other reasons for which one should avoid buying cheap proxies and should consider special use proxies that are sold at a premium.

Five of the most common reasons why someone should avoid cheap proxies are listed below.

#1 Shared proxies sold as dedicated private proxies – to cut costs, some providers sell the same proxy to more than one customer. Then, they advertise them as dedicated proxies. Since it is almost impossible, from a customer standpoint, to verify if someone else uses your proxy, cheap proxy providers take this fraudulent approach of false advertising.

#2 Slow connectivity – some cheap proxies are located in datacenters with outdated hardware. Thus, impairing a buyer’s ability to connect online.

#3 The wrong allocation of special use proxies – this is an issue for providers who offer proxies for some of the most restrictive websites. For example, shopping and sneaker websites, such as Supreme New York and Adidas, ban whole ranges of IPs. Therefore, the only way to sell and allocate sneaker proxies is by offering packages of minimum 250 proxies, a whole IP range. However, certain providers will offer cheaper packages of 50 IPs. This becomes an issue when a customer buys a package of 50 sneaker proxies and sees his whole proxy package banned, because of the remaining 200 IPs from the same range, allocated to other customers, someone used a proxy to connect to the same website and exhibited abusive behavior.

#4 Horrible Uptime – Same as a slow connectivity, a cheap proxy with terrible uptime can harm the online experience or the performance of the software that is connecting through the slow proxy.

#5 Servers locations – this is always a good indication if a proxy provider has cheap faulty proxies or premium proxies that can be used for any online platform. If a provider has few servers locations and offers cheap proxies, it means they have a small proxy IPs pool. And they are unable to diversify their proxies IPs too much. This can become a risk if the provider can’t allocate working proxies, but issues banned proxies with flagged IPs.

In Conclusion

SSLPrivateProxy is a global leader in providing VPNs and private proxies.

They have specialized in providing private proxies for special use. These [the proxies] are virgin proxies allocated with the sole purpose of guaranteeing the customer’s connection to the desired website or platform.

Their services are offered from multiple servers. Exactly from 34 North American and 5 European locations.

Furthermore, for certain virgin proxies, customers can choose the location of each proxy. And the connection through their proxies can be performed both via password authentication and IP authentication.

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