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August 3, 2021by Claudio R.1

Untraceable Calls Overview and How to Make Anonymous Phone Call

Untraceable Calls is a private calling service that provides private calling servers and calling providers. That means your call never goes through a local operator and can never be traced.

Think about it.

Every single detail of your private life can be found on your mobile device.

We often willingly provide information to large companies and apps simply by logging in through Facebook or by providing our name and email.

When it comes to our phone calls, many are very unassuming about the power behind them. From your call logs to your monthly bills, much can be revealed in a call.

A private calling service that hides all your activities on the phone is a must.  Our review will map out the main features of the app in addition to certain drawbacks.


How It Works

Much like the infamous TOR browser, Untraceable Calls uses two regular phone lines that are blocked or unknown to call both you and your call recipient.

The calls get routed and scrambled through two different servers and providers.

Once the calls go through, they’ll connect through a secured data connection in order to maximize privacy for both ends of the call. That means you can call any number without leaving a trace on the other side’s device.

The service caters to people from all sectors.  Business executives, journalists, activists or anyone that needs to make quick meetings discreet.

You can actually check out their funny article about who uses Untraceable Calls.

How To Make A Call

You have to make sure you understand how to make calls with them since it’s a bit different.

First, you enter the number you want to call and then the call back number which is your own number. We tried calling without a country code but the app quickly reminded us to add a + symbol followed by the relevant country and area code.

What’s interesting is that you’re the first one who gets a call. This opens the private line.

Then the call goes through to the other side like a normal call.

We thought this was pretty neat. What you do need to keep in mind is that you are paying for time access.

This means you cannot go back to your call and expect your  minutes to be saved. The clock starts running and keeps on running for the hour, week or 24 hours access you purchased.

Ho does UntraceableCalls work

Privacy Features

As we previously mentioned, privacy can be given up pretty easily just by providing information to the wrong apps or services.

The Untraceable Calls app actually requires no registration and it is apparent that they greatly value user privacy.

We checked their privacy policy and found it to be more than fair and advantageous for users. It mentioned a couple of key advantages:

  • They don’t take your credit card information nor do they store it since they work exclusively with safe payment gateways like the Google play store or Paypal. They even suggest for you to use a prepaid credit card to avoid leaving traces in Paypal.
  • They don’t sell or rent any of your personal information (should they have any) to third-parties.
  • You can set your browser to lose cookies, meaning they don’t force cookie keeping on your browser.

UntraceableCalls Review and Tutorials

Another great feature is that you can call any number even if the destination number doesn’t have the app.

Of course, you would need to double check and see if the country you are calling is supported.

We tried calling a Russian pizza parlor, and the call didn’t quite go through. This is because they have a separate “Zone C” app that supports different countries you can’t find on the main app.

So, before getting frustrated, make sure to check the supported countries in their app description.

Finally, and quite frankly most importantly, they make sure that your calls are untraceable on both the calling and receiving devices.

Your monthly bill also won’t reflect any of your calls.

Not to mention, just in case you missed this vital piece of information, Untraceable use their own providers which mean your local operators or providers won’t see your call.

They also protect your information from themselves. They don’t track any information related to your call including the duration, the destination or even the device you are using.

Most companies use that information to benefit their marketing strategies,  yet Untraceable prefer to regard your privacy as a priority. Even if someone were to pressure them for this information, they couldn’t provide it which is what makes them a truly private calling service.

Pricing & Plans

UntraceableCalls Pricing

Their pricing plans may seem a bit out there, but privacy comes at a price.

If you aren’t paying for privacy, someone else is using your information for their benefit.

Just think about it, if you aren’t paying for Facebook or social media, it’s because your information is being sold.

Their plans start at $1.99 for an hour of access.

Again, this means an hour straight of access, as the clock starts from your first call.

They do give you a free trial to get acquainted with the system, however.

Plans go until 24 hours access for $9.99 and $29.99 for a week of access which seems worth it if you were to make a fair amount of private calls.

You are essentially paying for the providers, the technology and the call itself. We also checked out the WorldWide plans that are available in 133 countries. So if your country isn’t supported on their other versions, definitely try the WorldWide version.

In case you are unable to make a trial call, you can always contact their very quick support which can either direct you to the correct app or test your area code. We’ll get to their support capabilities later.

You can also call mobile numbers and landline numbers with no price bump, something that most providers tend to do. Although we live in a subscription based world, the app doesn’t pressure to renew automatically. You can simply pay as you go.

Each plan includes:

  • Unlimited calls for that duration
  • Calling mobile and landlines with no price difference
  • No registration required
  • No automatic renewal

The Android App vs. The Web App

Untraceable Calls can be made either from the web app or from their android app.

If you check out their web app, you’ll find a clear button to make your first trial call on their home page.

You are then guided to the privacy policy as previously mentioned, to then select your country followed by your destination number and call back number. The funny thing is, the web app actually connects to your phone.

You can, therefore, initiate the call on your laptop which will be completed on your phone.

 Once the call is initiated, your phone is called first as you answer and hear it ringing through to the other side.

Although there was a bit of a delay in comparison to a regular call, this can be understood since the signal is being bounced all over the place.

It was funny to call family on the other side of the country with the best Al Pacino imitation possible as they answered the phone in disbelief.

In any case, the web app is great for IOS users (since the app itself only supports Android) or for those who don’t feel like installing.

UntraceableCalls Mobile Version


UntraceableCalls App

One downside is that if you clear your browser’s cache it won’t remember your number, otherwise, it gets stored.However for some, using the incognito or private browser mode is best for more personal information protection.

The app stores all your settings for you to make easy calls out frequently.

A major plus here is that you can call any device while the other side doesn’t necessarily have to download the app.

It also pulls up your contacts and connects to the Google play store for in-app plan purchases which is pretty convenient.

The app itself is also quite fast and you don’t need to go through as many calling steps as the web app.

Overall, it is simply more convenient than having to open your computer, go to the website and make the call. You can protect your calls from the palm of your hand and be carefree.


Here are some main takeaways.

Web app

  • Great for IOS users
  • Can connect any two numbers anywhere in the world
  • Easy Paypal payment
  • No local operators know about your internet call

Android App

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Pull up your contacts
  • Fair privacy policy
  • Both ends of the call are protected

Why You Need Mobile Privacy

Why do we need mobile privacy anyways?

We know you probably haven’t looked at the privacy section of your Facebook account or of any apps you’ve downloaded recently, but it’s important to know some basics.

First, try navigating to the privacy policy section. Here you need to spot how your app is using your information and to whom it is sharing this information with. Many times apps do store your sign up information, but it doesn’t have to be for holding a database to sell in the future.

Some apps simply need to improve their service or keep track without making a profit from your private information. Most apps, in fact, should give you some control over what you share including your location or access to your other contacts.

With more obvious functions such as using your microphone or camera, notifications should require your permission to access these and are legally required to do so.


If you aren’t aware of where your information ends up or what essential information your app has access to, you may be putting your privacy at risk just for the sake of convenience which happens all too frequently.

To protect your caller privacy, always look up your country’s privacy policies, especially if there are large surveillance organizations in place. If you’re a US citizen, you can read more about the Trump administration’s stance on privacy or the new regulations on Internet privacy.

The question of government surveillance continues to be a controversial topic since privacy activists and communities all over the world are spreading awareness about privacy rights and government control.

We like that Untraceable Calls is part of the dialogue and is becoming a key tool towards achieving privacy.

Whether you’re an activist, a journalist, a business person or just someone with great privacy concerns, adding private calling to your tool set is an important step to achieving your goals.

A few key points for mobile privacy:

  • Apps need to give you privacy options
  • Apps need to ask you for permission when it comes to your camera and contact list etc.
  • Know how your information is being stored and if there are third-parties involved
  • By law, apps need to provide a privacy policy
  • Before you click accept, browse through and look out for invasive practices

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, the Untraceable team is actually quite adept.

We emailed support to see how much time it would take to respond and it they were pretty fast. At times they answered as quickly as 20 minutes later and at others up to a couple hours.

It can be a bit odd to figure out the calling numbers since you need to place a “+” symbol in front of the country and area code. They also test the same area code that you called just to make sure.

At times, we simply called a country that was not supported by the app. We referred to their app information on their store listing and were able to solve that problem. They also were able to check the calling area code.

We were also offered a free coupon worth 1 hour of calling in case the issue was not resolved quickly which we found to be fair.


Since privacy is a big priority, Untraceable Calls do not store your credit card information.

Instead, they accept payment through secured platforms such as Paypal for the web app or the Google Play store payment method in the app itself.

In fact, they do suggest for you to use prepaid cards with alternate ID information in your Paypal account for maximum privacy.

If you were to hack their database, chances are you simply wouldn’t find much evidence of the payment, the call time or anything that place your privacy in jeopardy.

The same cannot be said for many companies that deal with sensitive information such as Ashley Maddison. The affair service leaked the names and emails of hundreds of their clients, many of whom were famous and important.

This also makes it very easy for them to refund and in case you really aren’t happy, Paypal and the Play store can always help dispute any claim which means you are protected.

Advantages Of An Untraceable Call Vs Other Private Calling Apps

Most private calling apps are VOIP or burner phone oriented. Meaning, apps that provide you with alternative numbers to make calls or simply purchasing a new unregistered burner phone to make calls.

Untraceable calling implies that you don’t need to go through great lengths to achieve your right to privacy. With one app you can connect any two numbers and have both sides of the call protected.

You don’t need to purchase a burner phone from your local corner store. The great thing here is that the company themselves don’t know who you’re calling since your call signal bounces through many different providers.

This means they don’t have any back-end program where they can go and check your call number or path. They are protecting your privacy even from themselves.

Also, not everyone needs to install it. The person on the other end of the call doesn’t need to have the app for the service to work.

The app, however, should not be confused with a VOIP provider.

They don’t provide you with your own number since the entire purpose is to hide your existing number and make it untraceable in addition to protecting the other side of the call.

So a short summary of the Untraceable Calling added value:

  • Not all parties need to install
  • You can connect any two phone numbers
  • No need to buy a burner phone to hide your call
  • Even UC doesn’t know who you call

Common Questions When Making An Untraceable Call

You may have a few questions as to how your call is really untraceable and how it all works. We took the time to cover some common questions.

Is It Really Untraceable?

The answer is definitely yes.

With the combination of providers, encryption techniques and the app’s privacy policy that does not require registration, you’re in good hands.

Although, they do mention that if banks can get hacked so can your phone conversations. Meaning, they don’t have superpowers but they sure come close to being invincible.

In fact, the call cannot be traced on your phone’s call log, your bank statement or on the other device. Your call appears as “unknown” for both ends of the call.

Do you need to register?

No. The app actually doesn’t require it although they do accept payment through Paypal and the Play Store.

This still doesn’t mean they have your email on record, only that a payment went through. Even if someone hacked their database, the entire thing would still be a mystery since much of your information is not stored.

Why don’t they sell plans by the minute?

This is a major request, yet the privacy company has their reasons.

The first being that if someone were to again hack their system, they would want no records of who made a call and for how long.

If they counted minutes, they couldn’t protect you.

The company to this date have not tracked a single call duration for this purpose.

Why Is an Untraceable Call Different Than Making a Blocked Call?

Making a blocked call is still going through local operators. Meaning, you are merely instructing the operator with a shortcode to hide your call from the person you’re calling.

You are only protecting your identity to the other side but not from any third-party operators. Untraceable calling goes way beyond blocking your number, it protects all sides.

Why Isn’t It Free?

While they do offer a free trial call, you are essentially paying for the cost of high-level privacy with access to most locations in the world in addition to general improvements. A basic one hour $1.99 plan can be a good place to start.


Untraceable Calling definitely brings up some interesting questions when it comes to who uses it, why and where.

All we know is that it’s getting increasing popular in today’s privacy-deprived world. If we had to pinpoint the important advantages, they revolve around how the app treats your information seriously:

  • No private information required for registration
  • No tracking your call time to make sure they don’t hold trends that could be used against you
  • A technology that keeps your call private and protects the other side as well
  • Not requiring any credit card information which is not stored in their database
  • Flexible plan packages and great support

Some drawbacks:

  • It’s a bit complicated to call at first, but you do get the hang of it
  • We wish there were more minute to minute based plans with time-saving – we made sure to pass this along as a feature request
  • Making a call can be a bit pricey but again it depends on how much you need it

Overall we are pretty excited about Untraceable and the changes it is creating in mobile privacy.

It is also quite possible that they’ll find a way to create shorter package plans since it is so high in demand. It is truly becoming an essential tool in the fight to privacy rights and we appreciate the way they treat user information.

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