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August 7, 2022by Jeff0

Roboform is a password manager to organize all your passwords. Today, it seems like you have got to have passwords for everything, not to mention the progressive requirements for different sites passwords; length of the password, case sensitive, numbers, symbols and what’s not allowed. Remembering all these unique passwords is totally beyond a human brain.

When choosing a password manager, your major concern should be how it encrypts data. The most secure password manager is one which stores all your passwords in a local encrypted database, not one floating in the cloud.

However, most of the times are when you want to access your passwords using a mobile phone, a tablet or on your PC. RoboForm introduces the sense of balancing both convenience and security.

They store all your passwords online covering them with multiple layers of security to ensure that they are safe in the cloud. This also enables you to sync your passwords across multiple devices.

This password manager support browsers, mobile phones, and desktop. It also acts as an automatic web filler tool.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Online security is an issue to almost everyone today. A password manager such as RoboForm Everywhere helps you boost your security online.

The password manager is compatible with more platforms than most password managers making it a better web form filler. This is topped up with its awesome technical support options.

Password Manager

Just like all other password managers, you don’t have to remember your passwords. All that’s required of you is to remember the master password, and RoboForm does the rest.

They have a bookmark-style Logins that will automatically sign you into your favorite sites with just a click.


Regardless of which device (PC, tablet, phone or Mac) you are using, it is possible to access all your passwords anywhere securely you are.

A single subscription will serve all your devices. This is possible since the password manager has an advanced synchronization technology that updates data on all your devices always.


No one including yourself can access your account without the master password. It is the key to your account; meaning only you can access the data.

Every data is encrypted in each stage by AES-256 bit encryption. The key used in the encryption is PBKDF2 SHA256; unless the SHA256 is verified the cipher text will not be decrypted hence enhances strong security.

Web filler

Do you occasionally fill online registration forms? Or shop online? The password manager can automatically insert your details for you with just a click.


This is a handy feature that enables you to quickly check how strong your passwords are and which ones need to be improved.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

RoboForm Pros & Cons

Every product has its strong points and weaknesses. I have put together for you a couple of things that will make you feel very much attracted and those that you may dislike. This will help comprehend this password manager much better.

The good

The password manager has the capability to sync passwords and fill forms across Windows, Mac and mobile platforms.

You can access all your passwords online from any device that you are using. On top of that, only a one-time authentication is required for your devices.

They have a well-designed mobile application which is full featured. Also, Mobile-only use is free.

However they will eventually charge if a mobile user uses RoboForm Everywhere to sync.

The bad

This service is somewhat expensive. However, except for LastPass, at $19.95/year there is no other premium version on the market that is cheaper. After all, quality comes with a price.

In any case, RoboForm has a 30-days money back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the service


There are several features that will assist you to improve your online security and is easy to use.

It supports extensive platforms and has an excellent form filling tool.

This password manager will let you sync your passwords across all your devices (PC, Mac, tablet, and mobile). Besides being free, the mobile version is not limited.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Getting Started

Setting up the manager is easy and straight forward. It includes downloading the software and then installing it into your device. The setup process is well outlined below;

Roboform Download

  • Starts with downloading the installer from their site. On the site, they have a variety of installers since they support several platforms. Just click on the tab named the platform that you are using, then the download link. You many also need installers for several platforms so that you will download each at a time.

Roboform download

  • Step One: after the download is complete, run the installer. Windows User Account will request for permission to install it, choose “yes.”

Installation Instructions

The setup procedure is fairly simple and it will take less than a minute. We installed RoboForm for Mac and this are the steps:

  • After double clicking on the RoboForm Icon you will see this window. Click on “Install”

RoboForm setup

  • Step two: create your personal free account using an email address and a master passwordRoboForm Free Account Setup
  •  Step Three: the installation is now completed and you can start to use the password manager

Roboform Setup completed

As the setup process is completed you will see a pop up window to remind you that you a 30-day free trial period to test the service. Alternatively, you can use the same pop up window to upgrade immediately to the premium version.

RoboForm 30-day free trial

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


After buying the RoboForm Everywhere license, you can run it on several Windows, Macs, and mobiles.

The license is meant for an individual user and all related devices.

Besides Windows and Macs, there are available versions for Chrome, OS, and Linux. Platform-specific versions are available.

On the other hand, RoboForm Everywhere has distinct versions for each platform and can synchronize your passwords across all your devices. Each one of them has full platform-specific functionality, which includes a form filling tool.

Several browsers are supported including:

  1. Internet Explorer.
  2. Firefox.
  3. Chrome.
  4. OperaMini.
  5. Safari.
  6. Microsoft Edge

The password manager runs on all three major phone platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone). Form filling is available on both iOS and Android via the RoboForm custom web browser.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Roboform Password Generator

While you used to have easy to remember and repetitive passwords which are therefore reasonably insecure, the random Password Generator help you create strong and unique passwords for each site. This means that you are much safer when using RoboForm.

Roboform Synchronization

Since it now turns out to be very easy to create and use complex passwords, it is likely that a user will develop a routine changing the passwords now and then. You are not worried since all your passwords are kept online in an encrypted database. The synchronization feature allows you to access all passwords on all your devices. Once any device is connected to the server, all you need to do is authorize it to access the passwords by entering the master password.

To ensure StronRoboform securityg Security, all your data stored on the the servers is encrypted with an Industry Level Encryption Standard. Your master password also has to meet a minimum length of 8 characters with at least four non-numeric characters. Note that, if you lose your master password, you cannot recover it. The servers are located in Virginia within a secure facility. They have ensured to set up backup generators in case of power surges. The security guards enforce security within the facility.

Roboform Import Password

RoboForm has the capability to Import Passwords from Password management component in Norton Internet Security. It can also import passwords from other password managers such as LastPass, 1Password, and KeePass. It will automatically log you in into your favorite site in successive visits after saving your password.

Roboform Identities

The Identities function is supported just like many of its competitors. This is a console that allows you to hold personal data, passwords you want to remember or any important info securely. Besides Identities, they also have Encrypted text notes. This is where you can write notes such as a software activation code which you want to keep safe for future reference.

Roboform Safe Sharing

The new version 8 of RoboForm introduces the Safe Sharing of passwords/logins feature. Sure this sounds like very risky, but sometimes you want to share a log in with a colleague or friend. When sharing it, the recipient is not able to view the password itself.

RoboForm Desktop

RoboForm desktop version

For your reference, there is no RoboForm Desktop per se. A user can simply turn off Sync or not. When using the Desktop version on your Windows and Mac devices with the Sync turned off, the password manager operates like a no-sync single-device version.  It will not save all your data in the cloud server and can’t synchronize with other devices.

The web filler is excellent with persona information and also handles application passwords much better than Sticky Password, 1Password and other competitors available.

The password capture feature works. The application does not put much emphasis on automatically inserting passwords, capturing password changes or capturing passwords at sign up.

The application will generate a Start Page that allows you to access your most visited sites easily and faster.

Also, the application comes with a password generator that works efficiently by generating a unique and random password.

RoboForm’s Desktop application two-factor authentication options such as fingerprints and smart card will all require external devices. The desktop application also comes with the sharing logins capability which is email-based.

RoboForm  allows you to choose an inheritor of your passwords thanks to the Emergency Access feature.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

RoboForm Online

Roboform Online

You can access your RoboForm Everywhere account from any device connected to the internet. This way, you will access all your passwords and limited to edit them.

You can only either rename them or delete, but strictly no editing their subjects. When using RoboForm online, you cannot automatically log in to sites unless the application is installed. However, you can copy and paste the passwords.

Mobile RoboForm

Previously, the mobile versions were limited. Now it turns out that the mobile versions are full-featured just like the desktop version.

That’s an advantage to mobile users, and also note that, if you avoid the desktop version and only sync password with mobile applications, you can use RoboForm Everywhere for free.

Installations can be completed with the viable app stores available. Once, the application is installed successfully; you can be able to access your account and start synchronizing the data. You can be able to view, edit, add and use existing data.

RoboForm Mobile Version

Additionally, the application also serves as a web browser. Just one click will navigate to your saved websites and automatically logs you in. It captures login data when you manually log into a new site. On clicking the password generator icon, a strong password is generated for you.

The web form filling feature is more efficient on the mobile editions than desktop. RoboForm relieves you from the struggle of typing with the small keypad. The Identity icon allows you choose an Identity you want to use and automatically fills the form for you.

To access your account, you always have to input the master password. It gets a little boring to keep on entering and re-entering it now and then. To counter that, the iOS devices can use a Touch ID to authenticate. On the other hand, Android devices can substitute the master password with a PIN or Touch ID.

There is also an app for the Windows Phone. Although it might not have all these features, it has most of them.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Personal vs. Business Plans Comparison

RoboForm offers both personal and business plans of the software. The personal plan is designed to meet requirements for a single user while the business plan is designed to meet a company’s needs. The difference between the two plans is demonstrated below:

RoboForm Everywhere RoboForm for Business
·         Password manager

·         Password generator

·         Identities

·         Online account

·         Secure sharing

·         Two-factor authentication

·         Two-step authentication

·         Password audit

·         Platform supported: PC, mobile, and tablet

·         Password manager

·         Password generator

·         Identities

·         Online account

·         Secure sharing

·         Two-factor authentication

·         Two-step authentication

·         Password audit

·         Platform supported: PC, mobile, and tablet

·         Unlimited group sharing

·         Active Directory integration

·         Advanced reporting

·         Unlimited company and group admins

·         Role-based access permissions

·         Centralized security policy deployment

·         Additional Two-factor authentication

·         Dedicated tech support

The pricing for both plans is demonstrated below:

RoboForm Everywhere Pricing

Roboform Everywhere pricing

RoboForm for Business Pricing:

Roboform Pricing
RoboForm for Business Pricing Plan

Help & support

Roboform Customer Support

An online support page is available on the official website. The page has answers to commonly asked questions about their product, the product outline, and tutorials. The complete product manual is also accessible online.

They have a live chat but it is not available 24/7. Besides live chat, it also offers support via email, Phone, and Social Media. Social media includes Facebook and Twitter.

Note: Phone support is only available to paying customers.

Bottom Line

There are a couple of reason you would choose RoboForm Everywhere to solve your password management misery. To start with, the password manager securely syncs your data across Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Chrome OS and Android device and also allows online access. The mobile app is now full featured and free if you don’t use the desktop version at all.

In contrast, it still does not support two-factor authentication on the smartphone.

RoboForm Everywhere is a good password manager, but if it doesn’t meet your requirements, there are still other password managers available.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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