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August 6, 2022by Claudio R.1

Memopal is a popular online backup service aimed to store all your important files on external servers securely. Electronic devices can get lost, stolen or break up suddenly. In the blink of an eye all your documents, pictures, contacts and whatever is stored in your device can be gone. Memopal offers compelling solutions to automatically backup all your valuable data and safely retrieve them whenever you need it.

Memopal has a free trial available to test the service and explore its potential.

In preparing our Memopal review, we subscribed to the free trial to have a first-hand experience and find out what are the pros and cons of this cloud backup service.

Memopal Main Features

There are several features that we appreciated with this online backup service like:

  • Free Trial (3GB only)
  • Continuous backup
  • Security
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • File sharing
  • High security
  • User-friendly client

On the other end, there was a major drawback during our review:

  • Poor customer support

Memopal Review

Memopal is an Italian company based in Rome. It was launched in 2008, and the company has steadily been growing since then.

Overall, the service provided is high quality, and the company has proved to be very reliable and an excellent solution to protect all your sensitive data.

But let’s dive into the detail of this cloud backup storage.


Memopal Pricing List
Memopal has different plan for both private users and business customers

Memopal comes wit different plans and various products either for private and business customers.

Free Plan

The free plan is, in reality, a free account that allows you to store up to 3GB.

It is not a big storage space, and it is useful only for users that do not have much to store. In any case, the free trial is good to test the service before subscribing to a different plan.

The free trial comes with all the major features included. For instance, you can use the same account to store data from as many devices as you like.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is the most interesting for most private users.

For just €6.5 a month you will get 500GB storage.

Business Plan

If you need more space than the Pro Plan, the Business Plan comes with 2TB storage.

But you will pay a considerably higher price. The Business Plan starts from €360.00 per year.

White Label

If you need total flexibility and customization, Memopal has a White Label. To get a quotation you need to contact the company directly.


Memopal is compatible with all operating system including Linux. There are even applications for Android, iOS, and Blackberry.

Memopal features list
Memopal is a well performing cloud storage service

Backup System

To backup your data, Memopal use a continuos backup system.

That means that after the initial backup, the software will keep running continuously in the background. Every time a change in anyone of your files is detected, Memopal backup the new data.

In our opinion, this is a very useful feature. You don’t need to schedule your periodic backup as the software will take care of it continuously. Your data will be backed up in real-time. In case something happens to your device suddenly, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Are the performances of your device affected by the software continuously running in the background?

Honestly, during our test, we didn’t notice any significant slowdown in the performances.

Keep in mind that after the initial major backup, the software will update only the pieces of data that undergo a change. These files are usually smaller and can be handled quite smoothly by the software without affecting the overall speed of your device.

Backup Multiple Devices

With Memopal you can connect as many devices as you like to your account. All your data on any device you may use whether it is your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone will be saved on the same account.

Unlimited Saved Version

When the software backup a file that has been changed, it will keep even the previous version. Memopal gives you the possibility to decide how many versions of the same file to keep stored.

You can even set the system to unlimited, and in this way, Memopal will keep all of them forever.

They will always be available as long as your account is active.

This feature is not available in the free trial.

Memopal Sync

This is a characteristic we came to appreciate very much. As you install the software on your device, you will see that a folder called Memopal Sync will be automatically added to your desktop. All the data that you save inside this folder will be synchronized across all the devices that are registered on the same account.

Memopal Sync Folder
Memopal Sync folder will appear on your desktop right after installation

Of course, to see the folder every device need to have the Memopal software installed. This a very useful feature to access relevant data at any time independently from what device you are using.


Memopal uses a 256-bit encryption protocol to protect your data during the transfer to the server.

The connections between you and the server are encrypted with an SSL certificate on the server side. If the connection has an untrusted certificate, it will be rejected by the client. In this way, it avoids MITM (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks. Data is stored encrypted on the servers with an RAID-5 policy and can be distributed in different servers in several geographic areas.

That results in extra safety since even if something happens to a server, your data can always be retrieved from a different server in some other location.

File Sharing

Users can share files very easily. It takes not more than a click to generate a link that makes the file accessible to selected users.

It is interesting that using the file sharing feature, you can share even big files that exceed 1GB. With Memopal to share your documents, video or pictures is pretty easy and convenient.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for Android, iOS and Blackberry, make using Memopal on your portable devices like a breeze.

For instance, you can backup all your pictures to have more storage space on your Smartphone and optimize its usage. All the file will be available on-the-go since the mobile app allows you to browse or search for files backed up on the cloud.

Customer Support

Memopal customer support phone numbers

On the Memopal website there is a live chat available for customer support.

The  live chat is available only during working hours (usually Italy time) but you can get in contact with the Memopal staff in several ways.

For instance they have phone lines available in 3 different locations like USA, London and Rome. For customers calling from the US the call is toll free.

Alternatively, you may use the email to get all the support you need. The response time is within the 24H and they can reply both in Italian and English.

The customer support team is knowledgeable and they can help you solve any issue you may have using the service.

Signing Up Process

For our review, we opted for the free trial.

You can have Memopal installed and ready to go in just a few steps:

  1. Download the software clicking on the button on the home page. The website should automatically detect your operating system. If that doesn’t happen, you may well go to the download page and choose which version to install manually.
  2. Install the software on your device
  3. As the installation is completed, you will see a short tutorial explaining main Memopal’s features. You may read it or skip it altogether

    Memopal Tutorial
    A quick tutorial will introduce you to Memopal features

  4. Register your account using your email address and creating a password
  5. Once the account is active, a window will open, and from here you can customize your Memopal account. For instance, you can choose if to backup all your data or only selected files. You can even select a different sync folder if the default Memopal Sync is not good for you (by now you will see the Memopal Sync folder on your desktop.)
    Memopal Client Settings
  6. Click on “advanced” if you want to customize Memopal even more. For instance, here you can change the language, backup speed, set a limit to the file size to be backed up or schedule the backup frequency.
  7. After you are done with the settings Click “Next” and Memopal will start to take care of your files

How To Use Memopal Software

We have found the Memopal client to be extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

On the top bar (for Mac users) you can click on the Memopal icon and select “Memopal Control Panel.

A window will open where you can check the status of the application.

Memopal Control PanelYou can see if Memopal is backing up right now and, in case you can even decide to pause the process.

At the bottom of the window, you have three options.

  1. Access. From this function, you can enter the cloud and see or search the files that Memopal has stored.
    Memopal Client Access
    You will see a window like this from where you can manage your data.

    Memopal Access Page
    From the access page you can see and manage all your backed up files

  2. Send file. This is the function you use for file sharing.
    Memopal Client send file
    Click the button and manually select the file to share or, alternatively, drag and drop the file on this window and you are ready to share the file with other users. You will see a screen like this with the link that other users need to access the file.
  3. Restore. From here you can retrieve your data.
    After clicking on the restore button you can select both which file to restore and which version.


One comment

  • Eselma

    July 3, 2017 at 9:04 am

    As of now three years user of Memopal (with Debian 7, 8 and now 9). No complaints up to now. Works silently on background, and saves the files without delay. Linux interfaces does not has the bells and whistles as other OSs, bur the browser interfaces are more than enough.

    I’ve used several cloud services (including Dropbox, SpiderOak, Wuala, pCloud and Tresorit). Memopal is really the humble but very efficient service anybody would like.


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