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August 9, 2021by Claudio R.1

It’s easy to get a bit confused about cloud services, how they work and how to use them. The distinction we need to understand when talking about Carbonite is that it is a cloud backup tool rather than just a cloud data storage solution.

Putting all your valuable data in the cloud for availability wherever you happen to be is a fantastic benefit of using a cloud service. Data preservation in the event your home computing device fails or an attached hard drive fails is another reason why you should use a cloud storage service.

Hey, it happens, and for those people who view their data as their life, it’s a disaster if you didn’t backup all your valuable information in a cloud service.

Carbonite is a backup tool that will automatically store your information in the cloud from which you have full-time access to it.

Carbonite can also restore your data back to your home computing device after a loss of data event occurs and you’ve restored your system to operation.

A cloud data storage app is an exercise in using the cloud as your virtual hard drive and manually storing and retrieving files as you use them.

One issue that concerns all customers is the safety of the data in the cloud.

Carbonite is HIPAA compliant and under tight security. Personally identifiable information (PII) of your employees and customers is safe from hackers.

Carbonite’s security track record is excellent in the face of many attempts to penetrate its cloud infrastructure without success.

Carbonite’s Market

Carbonite serves a diverse group of customers including the individual user, commonly referred to a business to consumer (B2C) market, as well as the business to business (B2B) market.

We can even go as far as to split the B2B market into two factions, the small to medium business (SMB) and the big companies or enterprises.

The products offered by Carbonite for the individual and SMB customer are identical. The big business product is different and is a relatively recent change to the Carbonite family of products.

The value of having a cloud backup like Carbonite as your data safety net can be demonstrated in terms of revenue lost:

  •  $8,000/hr for small businesses
  • $74,000/hr medium-sized businesses
  • $700,000/hr for big business

The average recovery time from a data disaster is about 18.5 hours.

Carbonite Products Summary Review & Pricing

The individual and SMB app is titled Carbonite, but, it comes in two different versions.

  • The “Home”. This version is for the person that uses their computer for non-business purposes. This version will only backup one computer per license.
  • The “Home Office and Business”.  It is a version for people that run a business from home (freelancers for example) and small to medium businesses. This version will backup three or more computers per license.

Both versions are offered with a 15 or 30-day free trial of their fully featured app. You have access to all the features right from the start.
At the end of the free trial period, you will be charged the total fee for the duration of the contract followed by an automatic renewal of that fee at the end of each contract period unless you take steps to prevent it.

Carbonite Home Plan For The Non-business Individual User

The basic Home plan is $59.99/yr and comes with a 15-day free trial option if you want it.

There are two upgrade options within this Home plan:

  • HomePlus
  • HomePremiere.

These are the features advertised straight from the Carbonite website.

Carbonite Pricing List

The features available on each version are shown in the graphic.

These plans are for one computer per license and only apply to Windows machines.

Once installed, Carbonite runs in the background (invisible to you) to update your backed up files automatically as they are changed. The initial backup event may take hours or days depending on the size of the data files to be backed up.

Carbonite is different from its competitors by offering features they do not provide depending on the option you choose (Home, HomePlus or HomePremiere)

  • Unlimited cloud backup space for all your files
  • Full system mirror backup
  • Recovery disk
  • Automatic backup of video files
  • Visual indication (colored dot) in Windows Explorer of which files are backed up

Carbonite Installation

Installation of Carbonite is user-friendly and wizard driven. You will see screens like this when doing your setup.

Carbonite Backup Settings

The choice of automatic settings is a good initial choice until you’re ready to tailor the setup to your preferences as you learn what the program can do.

Once setup, Carbonite will do an automatic search for files to back up.

NOTE: Keep in mind that videos, .exe files and large files (greater than 4GB) will not be backed up automatically. You must flag these files manually after the automatic process is completed. Screens such as the one below guides you along in the process.

Carbonite Restore File Page

Carbonite Manually Backup

Disaster recovery is just as intuitive and easy using a three step process of Select, Review and Restore. It gives you a quiet confidence that all will be well.

The screen steps you through the process one issue at a time.

Carbonite Business Plan For The SMB

Again, there are multiple options to choose from with each higher option adding features and increased cost to the bottom line.

Always check the Carbonite website for the latest pricing and offers. The image below is the most current pricing and offers for the Business plan.

Carbonite Business Plan Pricing

The business plans all come with a 30-day free trial after which the yearly cost is billed to your account, and the account is renewed automatically at the end of the contract term.

Business plans can be installed on both Windows and Mac’s.

With a business plan comes a valet installation service as well.

The product is the same as the Home Plan so far as form, fit, and function is concerned. You’ll see the same screens but with a richer set of capabilities.

As the image above makes very clear, you can backup as many computers and attached network storage devices as the business owns with the increased ability to backup servers as well with the higher priced options.

Carbonite And Large Enterprise (Big Business) – EVault

Carbonite entered the big business cloud backup market via the acquisition process by acquiring Evault. Evault is the cloud-based business continuity, and disaster recovery division of Seagate Technology in January 2016.

The addition of the Evault portfolio positions Carbonite to realize a greater market share in the SMB market as well as making them competitive in the large enterprise market.

New capabilities will be added to their current SMB offerings of their Core, Power and Ultimate business plans putting them in a much better competitive position with their competition. It also opens the door to a new source of revenue in the large corporations.

Gartner, who runs a Magic Quadrant evaluation process of competitive disaster recovery as a service (DraaS) contractors, has picked up Carbonite as a new player in that market.

In the most recent Magic Quadrant report from June 2016, Carbonite has been recognized as a niche player after only a year after acquiring Evault. The graph below shows their positioning in the market.

Carbonite Market Position

It’s still too early to predict the direction Carbonite will take with EVault, but its current product lineup includes these capabilities as listed on the EVault website.

Automatic Backup Of Physical And Virtual ServersCarbonite Server Backup Infographic

  • BackupDirect–to-cloud or hybrid backup with on-site appliance
  • System image and granular recovery options
  • Advanced 256-bit private key encryption
  • Dissimilar hardware restore


Software-only and on-site appliance options for mixed environments and geographically dispersed networksCarbonite Backup Process

  • All-in-one backup appliance lineup or standalone software
  • Protect server data across geographically dispersed sources
  • Optional cloud replication for geo-redundancy
  • Centrally managed via browser-based portal
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery Service
  • Top-rated managed disaster recovery service with 1, 24, and 48-hour SLAs

Carbonite InfographicEnterprise-grade disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) backed by
service level agreement (SLA)

  • Create a comprehensive DR plan with EVault experts
  • Complete system failover for disaster scenarios
  • Includes planning, testing, reporting, analysis, and documentation


The overall brand reputation of Carbonite is positive with a strong customer sentiment for their products. It’s customer-friendly and intuitive with a smooth user- interface (UI).

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  • William Stone

    January 15, 2019 at 1:59 pm

    I’ve been a Carbonite reseller for several years. I’m now moving away from Carbonite after a client experienced an issue with the program on several Windows 10 computers. Downloaded files, and files saved locally from email attachments, were not getting automatically backed up. These same files couldn’t be manually added to the backup as the Carbonite context menu was missing on these files And that is the only way to manually add files to the backup.
    Carbonite was unable to resolve the issue.


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