Best password manager for iPhone

What comes into your mind at the mention of the term “iPhone Password Manager”? Chances are that you have several online accounts that require passwords on your iPhone device, and if you are doing the right thing, each account should have a unique and complex password. Although complex, strong passwords are difficult to crack, they […]

RoboForm Review

  Roboform is a password manager to organize all your passwords. Today, it seems like you have got to have passwords for everything, not to mention the progressive requirements for different sites passwords; length of the password, case sensitive, numbers, symbols and what’s not allowed. Remembering all these unique passwords is totally beyond a human […]

Sticky Password Review & Tutorial

Sticky Password is a program specialized in storing passwords in one common and encrypted database. With Sticky Password, all your login credentials are safe and ready to use wherever you are. This program by Lamantine Software integrates well with supported operating systems and browsers. Sticky Password supports: Automatic sign into web and app accounts. Automatic […]

KeePass Password Manager Review

The latest version of KeePass 2.35 Password Safe has been released last January. The new update comes with new features and several improvements. For those unfamiliar with KeePass, we just want to introduce you to this service briefly. KeePass is a password manager. It makes your digital life easier and way more secure storing all […]