HideMyAss Unblocking Netflix USA – Update 2018

For quite some time, HideMyAss has stood out as one of the best Virtual Private Network(VPN) providers that unblock and enable the watching of American Netflix overseas. Then it has been blocked by Netflix. Now HideMyAss is back in business and starting from May 2017 they launched a new optimized server that unlocks Netflix USA. How […]

How to Keep Your Skype Safe with those 2 Simple Tips

Skype is easily becoming one of the most used VOIP for personal and business users. Skype communications are by default encrypted. However, you need to do your homework to understand how to keep your Skype safe. Many people use Skype as their instant messaging system of choice. It is a great way to connect and can be downloaded […]

Austria: Bitcoins worth 100,000 Euros Stolen

  Recently, Austrian Police reported that cyber thieves transferred Bitcoins worth more than 100, 000 euros($177,000) from a victim’s wallet. As reported by CBS news, the 36-year old unnamed man had connected to a restaurant’s public wireless network southeast of the city of Innsbruck, Austria. The theft happened after he had logged in to check […]

5 Most Common Online Scams and How to Avoid Them

The online community is full of scams that can affect anyone. Many times, those who are not prepared are going to be those who are affected. The effects of these scams can be long. After all, most of these online scams are aimed at gaining your money, your information or some other material that would […]

Briton who killed WannaCry ransomware arrested

Marcus Hutchins, a Briton, and author of the popular blog Malware Tech who found the ‘kill-switch’ to halt the WannaCry ransomware in May this year was arrested by FBI in Las Vegas. He was there to attend the annual DefCon event of security researchers. Joseph Cox of the VICE first broke the news in an […]

Apple removes VPN apps from its Chinese App Store

Apple has announced to remove VPN (Virtual Private Network) apps from its Chinese App Store. The decision came after a new and much strict policy by the Chinese government to discourage the use of VPNs. Chinese people and expatriates working in China use VPNs to access Facebook, YouTube, and Google. The websites are banned in […]

Kodi Caution: Man arrested for selling illegal set-top boxes in UK

A 53-year old illegal set-top box seller having  40 illegal Kodi-style set-top boxes pre-installed with add-ons was arrested by the Westminster City Council in England, reported Liam Doyle of the Daily Star. The Raid By The The Council The raid on a Wesminister property took place on July 12 when the boxes were sold online for £100 per […]

China arrests Nine hackers behind malware Fireball

Chinese authorities have arrested nine members of a hacker group that created Fireball, a malware that infected $250 million computers worldwide. It was bundled with a legitimate software. Microsoft disputes the numbers. The Redmond-based tech giant says that it has only cleaned about 40 million Fireball infections since 2015. Nonetheless, the number of computers infected by […]

Kodi Add-on library TVAddons mysteriously disappears

August 2017 Update: new TVAddons repo alternatives TVAddons, a website that provided third-party Kodi add-ons does not exist anymore. With a staggering 1,500 add-ons listed on its website, TVAddons was shut down and the domains operated by the website were transferred to a Canadain law firm. Alarmingly, 40 million users were connected to the TVAddons […]

Android malware takes over devices

Trend Micro, a Japanese multinational security software company has detected a malware capable of taking over Android devices. The company found that GhostCtrl, the stealthy malware “can control many of the infected device’s functionalities“. If you’ve been hit by GhostCtrl, hackers can silently record audio and video from the infected device. RETADUP Worm: Part Of A […]

Hidester VPN available in Beta for Windows

Not a day passes by and you get to hear a new anti-piracy law introduced in one or more countries. Take for example U.K’s ‘controversial’ Snoopers Charter that was passed in November last year by the members of the House of Lords. Or the U.S House of Representatives passing a Bill meant to repeal broadband […]

NordVPN New Solution For China – NordVPN Now Bypass China Censorship

In a bid to offer clients the best VPN service in China, NordVPN have recently implemented a new advanced VPN feature to their Windows service. This update has been made as the Chinese Government keeps on updating the Great Firewall to filter out VPN attempts to try and circumvent the strong internet censorship in the […]

VPN Ban: China Denies The News

These were some crazy few hours when Bloomberg reported that China planned to ban the use of personal VPNs quoting “people familiar with the matter“. The channel said the ban would take effect in Feb next year. The only problem was that it wasn’t true. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology denied the news […]

Q&A with founder of digital security firm Lockself

Nayana, a South-Korean web hosting company paid $1.01 million in ransom after it was attacked by hackers using Erebus Ransomware.  This is not an isolated incident of hackers using ransomware to infiltrate a network and demanding money. The incidents have increased in number and intensity over the past few months. According to a recent report by […]

Australia’s Medicare card records stolen & auctioned on deep dark web

A dark net trader recently breached the information security system of Medicare and stole Medicare records of Australian citizens, reported The Guardian Australia. The information was sold on the dark web for $30. As soon the report was published about the availability of data on dark web auction site, The Federal Police of Australia confirmed that […]

Chinese malware Fireball infected 250 million computers worldwide

A high volume “Chinese malware named Fireball infected over 250 million computers worldwide out of which 20% were corporate networks“, reported Check Point, a San Carlo and Tel Aviv-based security software company. The malware that takes over browsers can turn them into what the security company calls ‘zombie‘, a computer connected to the Internet that has been […]

Cyber Crime Statistics 2016: A heads up for everyone

  Cybercrime losses in the US went up to $4.63 billion during the past four years (2012-2016), reported FBI’s IC3 (Internet Crime Compliant Center) in its Internet Crime Report 2016. $1.4 billion was lost in 2016 alone. According to an estimate, the actual cybercrime-related losses may be north of $9 billion annual given that only 15% […]

Erebus Ransomware attack: South Korean Nayana pays $1M

Nayana, a South-Korean web hosting company paid $1.01 million in ransom after it was attacked by hackers using Erebus Ransomware. Security researchers at TrendMicro, a Japanese cyber security company named the malware ‘Linux Ransomware’ as it locked Nayana’s 153 Linux servers and over 3,400 business websites it hosts. The assets being locked included the database, […]

Petya (NotPetya) ransomware hits Ukraine and other countries

“NotPetya” ransomware hit organizations in the government, banks, and electricity grids across Ukraine, a country bordered by Russia to the east and northeast. The hackers were using Posteo email service. The email provider swung into action by yesterday afternoon and blocked the Posteo mailbox used by the hackers. Note: Information contained in the news article should […]

NSA cyber weapons stolen & used to attack IDT Corp.

IDT Corporation (International Discount Telecommunications), an American public telecommunications company was attacked by hackers using cyber weapons stockpiled by NSA (National Security Agency). The stolen tools are code-named EternalBlue and DoublePulsar. EternalBlue, used by hacker group Shadow Brokers exploited “unpatched Microsoft servers to spread malware from one server to another“, reported Nicole Perlroth of The New York […]

CIA hacking tool Hive used to bug WiFi routers, reveals WikiLeaks

CIA could hack your WiFi router, revealed WikiLeaks in its series of leaks Code-named “Vault 7“. Hive Platform Wikileaks’ Vault 7 reveals that the CIA uses HIVE for this purpose. It’s a multi-platform CIA malware suite and its associated control software. The project provides customizable implants for Windows, Solaris, and MikroTik (its OS is used in […]


CELO VPN is based in Australia. It derives its name from the latin word, CELO. In Latin, the word means to hide, conceal or keep secret. CELO VPN was founded in 2014 and it’s designed for individuals who need secure, encrypted, anonymous and private digital network. This VPN is client centered, and it provides you with […]

Bitcoins to come under anti-money laundering reporting requirements

A new bill was introduced on the floor of the US Senate titled “Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017“. Aimed at people with digital and cryptocurrency holdings entering the US, the most noteworthy part of the bill is SEC. 13. titled “Prepaid access devices, digital currencies, or other similar instruments”.  The bill […]

Will Australia put messaging encryption keys at the disposal of authorities?

Australian Attorney-General George Brandis seeks to put encryption keys of the popular messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger at the disposal of the authorities. Sounds scary. Not much. “My concern is the existing laws … don’t go far enough in imposing obligations of cooperation upon the corporates,” Senator Brandis told while talking to […]

Ransomware and Ponzi Scheme: A nasty combo of malware

Popcorn time is a new breed of malware that combines WannaCry virus with a Ponzi, or pyramid scheme. It’s a ransomware variant that increases infections by offering the affected user to attack other people by offering a pyramid scheme style discount. For instance, once your computer is affected by Popcorn and locked due to the ransomware, the […]

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet 2017 CoolWallet: A Credit-Card Sized Device

CoolWallet is a hardware wallet for the cryptocurrency.  It is a credit-card-size Bluetooth device compatible with iOS and Android devices with BLE4.0. An appropriately-sized hardware device to keep hackers away from your private keys, the device is promoted as a hack-proof, theft-proof, and waterproof bitcoin wallet. The CoolWallet transfers information over a local Bluetooth network between […]

France takes a lead in ensuring Net Neutrality

ARCEP, the French Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts has published a new report titled “State of the Internet in France“. In the report, ARCEP took a strong pro-net neutrality position asking ISPs (internet service providers) not to block or throttle p2p or VPN traffic. The ISPs have nine months to comply with the French […]

Malicious Movie Subtitle Files: A New Cyber Security Threat

Hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities found in four popular streaming platforms i.e. VLC, Kodi (XBMC), Popcorn-Time and strem.io to mount cyber attacks and threaten millions of users worldwide, reported Check Point, an IT-security software. Check Point published the research findings on May 23, 2017, observing that “We estimate there are approximately 200 million video players and […]

Credential stuffing prevention and the risk of account take over

“97% of the world’s largest 1,000 organizations had their credentials exposed in 2016,” reports Digital Shadows, a Delaware-based company that monitors digital risks to organizations, including cyber threats, data leakage, and reputational risks. The technique used to sniff the credentials is called credential stuffing. Credential Stuffing “Credential stuffing is the automated injection of breached username/password pairs […]

Microsoft releases Windows 10 China Government Edition

I’ve heard of the South China Sea pearls, Shanghai’s silk carpets, or Hangzhou Longjing tea, but never have I come across Chinese Windows 10. Microsoft made a Chinese version of its latest OS (operating system) Windows 10 called ‘Windows 10 China Government Edition‘. The announcement was made on 23 May 2017. What’s Microsoft up to? Previously, the […]

Bristol University’s teenager used BitTorrent to download Chicken Run: Here’s what happened

BBC Newsbeat reported that a UK teenager named Gianna Mulville-Zanetta, a first-year social policy student at Bristol University was denied access to university’s Wi-Fi. She downloaded an illegal copy of Chicken Run, a 2000 animated comedy-drama film. Gianna shared with BBC that she’s not the lone case of using BitTorrent to download copyrighted content. Another […]

Unofficial Kodi Add-ons: Sandvine’s New Report Reveals Key Statistics

A new report by Sandvine Broadband Networks revealed that fully loaded Kodi boxes are being used in North American households to watch pirated content. The report is first of its kind to delve deep into statistics regarding the use of pre-loaded Kodi boxes. The Statistics The detailed report by Sandvine reveals the extent of Kodi’s […]

Tech Giants Aggressively Monetize User Data and Why it’s a Problem?

Called as the ‘fuel of the future’, IBM estimates that “we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day“. 90% of today’s data was generated in the past two years. And, where is this data coming from? Social media posts, pictures, and videos you share online, e-commerce transactions, location data from your cell phone’s GPS, Internet of […]

Microsoft’s Now Patented Technology Identifies Pirated Content: Flags Repeat Offenders

Microsoft has acquired a patent for a technology which lets the Redmond-based tech giant identify and block users who share files illegally using cloud-storage services. Dropbox and Google also use technologies whereby copyright violations and pirated content is detected by comparing file hashes. Titled as “Disabling prohibited content and identifying repeat offenders in service provider […]

Ransomware Cyber-Attack Hits 100s Of Countries: Cripples Computer Systems

Ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts a user’s data to demand payment in exchange for unlocking the data hit thousands of companies in dozens of countries on May 12, 2017. What Happened? Over the past weekend, the malware named “WannaCry” started infecting IT systems in major hospitals in England. 48 of the 248 NHS […]