With millions of subscribers enjoying an enormous library of content, more millions can’t access the Netflix US, UK and Canadian catalogs from abroad thanks to its overseas VPN ban. Which Netflix VPN are still working to unblock its library? How can you see Netflix with a VPN?

From its inception in 1997, Netflix has grown tremendously to become the king of online streaming for TV and Movies. It uses about 37% of America’s internet bandwidth during peak times. No wonder its clients all around the world are looking for a way to unlock the most juicy libraries in the US, UK and Canada.

Netflix, VPN to unblock the library

Why The Ban On Netflix?

Movie producers seek to maximize their profits, and so they license their content to the highest bidder. If research shows that many users from a particular region are interested in a particular show or movie, Netflix bids for the territorial license for the area.

Due to the fragmented global licensing and audience interest, Netflix has different shows and movies available for streaming in the various countries. The US Netflix content is huge thus tempting users in other locations to rely on VPN service to unblock the US Netflix catalog.

Using the VPN connection to bypass censorship breaks the Netflix terms of service as well as its agreement with content providers. It means that movies licensed for the US region are accessed with users from other areas while content owners don’t get paid for the views.

Repeated complaints from content owners pushed Netflix to announce overseas VPN crackdown. They invested heavily in the fight managing to block proxies as well as many VPN’s.

Attempts to Connect to Netflix using most VPN’s receive the error message: “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

VPN, Netflix block access

If you are frustrated by the Netflix blocking, don’t lose hope.

We have carried out comprehensive research and have come up with the best Netflix VPN service providers.

But, we‘d like to point out that the situation is unpredictable such that the VPN’s that we have listed in this article might suffer blocking.

However, the VPN services do not only have what it takes but are determined and confident of bypassing the Netflix censorship in the future.

Features Of The Best Netflix VPN

If you’re considering using a Netflix VPN service to unblock the US library, here are some features worth considering.

> The VPN Service’s Speed And Uptime

You need the fastest VPN servers to be able to stream high-quality video content. The added encryption by VPN services lowers the internet speed. It is advisable to test speeds on various US servers during the trial period and the money-back guarantee window before committing for a longer period. To avoid the frustrations caused by buffering, you should consider a VPN service that guarantees 99% uptime like ExpressVPN or similar.

> Server Locations

The US has the largest Netflix library in the world. If you intend to use a VPN for purposes of unblocking the US Netflix library, you should go for a VPN for Netflix with plenty of servers in the US. So as to get the necessary speed needed for streaming, the servers should not only be strategically placed but also have access to the best internet service providers in the region.

> Unlimited Bandwidth

It is advisable to go for a VPN that does not limit Bandwidth. You have to check out a VPN’s terms and conditions to ensure that there is no provision for limiting bandwidth should you go above a certain limit.

> Security Protocols

If all you want is to unblock Netflix, you had better consider a less restrictive security protocol that will ensure you get the highest quality of video and better speeds.
> Many IP addresses

An excellent VPN for Netflix should have many IP addresses to choose from so that in case of blocking, the service provider can give you another one.

The 5 Best VPN For Netflix Tested For You And Still Working

On our mission to enlighten and guide you on the best VPN for Netflix, we carried out tests on various VPN service providers.

We tried to unblock Netflix using the VPN’s servers located in the US.

We also got in touch with their customer support for assistance and clarifications. After the rigorous exercise, we have managed to identify the five best Netflix VPN.

N.1  ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN test and review - free trial money back guarantee

Express VPN is the best Netflix VPN in the market. It uses leading-edge protocols and enables users to watch content anywhere in the world with lightning speeds. They have a strong privacy policy and don’t keep records of a user’s online activity. You can use it to access any app or website and unblock TV channels.

In our recent chat with their customer service, they confirmed that we could use Express VPN application on our device to connect to a US Server and unblock Netflix.

ExpressVPN Netflix unblocked by Netflix VPN

Their network is SSL secured with 256-bit encryption. They have over 145 VPN locations in over 94 countries. With Express VPN, you get a simultaneous connection up to 3 devices. Above all, Express VPN is famed for having a 5-star world-class customer support that offers 24/7 customer support by live chat and email.

There is even a special deal reserved to Anonymster’s readers. Today you can get ExpressVPN for as little as $6.67 per month. You just need to subscribe for a 12-month plan and you will receive 3 months free.

Besides being a fair and economical price, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

ExpressVPN Special Deal
Buy 12 Months Subscription And Get 3 Months Free
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

N.2 Hide My Ass

Best VPN HideMyAss Homepage

Starting from May 2017, HideMyAss unlock Netflix. This is a great news because HMA is one of the best VPN on the market and being banned by Netflix didn’t look good.

HideMyAss combine the biggest servers’ network in the industry and an amazingly user friendly interface. A mix that makes this VPN connection an all time favorite for thousands of customers around the globe.

HMA has over 700 servers in more than 320 locations. With such a wide choice you can access any kind of geo restricted content. Plus, the new version 3 of their client is super easy to use. HMA is highly recommended even for inexperienced users.

To access Netflix, you need to connect to the NY Liberty Island server that can be found under ‘Cities’ in the server list.

HideMyAss has a 30 days money-back guarantee that allows you to try its services risk-free.

Visit HideMyAss
30-day Money Back Guarantee

N.3 BufferedVPN

Buffered VPN, Netflix

BufferedVPN based in Budapest, Hungary enable users to unblock the US Netflix library abroad. BufferedVPN provides you an American IP address in the US and thus tricks Netflix to think that you’re in the location that your connection comes through.

Our connection to Netflix through their US servers was successful. The picture quality was good as well as streaming speeds. You can enjoy all your favorite TV shows while traveling around the world and also accessing foreign websites like a local. Buffered provides total security and protects your credit card and password details against hackers.

However, we were not so impressed with their service on mobile devices using the Netflix App.

Take advantage of the Buffered option of getting a dedicated server so you can easily unblock Netflix. The option is available for all users regardless of the subscription plan. With Buffered, you can securely log on to public WIFI connections without the use of a password.

Other excellent features of Buffered VPN include using strong encryption, unlimited speed and bandwidth, VPN servers in 37 countries, and easy to download, and set up Buffered Client, allowing five simultaneous connections around the world, and a 5-star customer support. Buffered’s offer of a 30-day money back guarantee shows they have confidence in their service.

Visit Buffered VPN
30-Day Money Back Guarantee


N.4 VyprVPN

Netflix VPN VyprVPN

VyprVPN operated by the Swiss Golden Frog is another great VPN for Netflix. The VPN’s location in Switzerland is perfect. VyprVPN is on a mission to provide internet freedom and privacy for everyone, everywhere. The VPN bypasses restrictive networks and censorship as it improves streaming experience and speed.

VyprVPN offers over 200,000 IP addresses with over 70 global server locations. VyprVPN does not use third parties. They own and manage all their hardware making them ideal for unblocking Netflix catalogs in the US and many other places.

Founded by VPN veterans, VyprVPN believes in online security and keeping the internet open. VyprVPN offers dedicated IPs as well as an optional VyprDNS service which is excellent at unblocking Netflix. They provide easy to use Apps for all devices. You can use VyprVPN to increase your privacy and security including on public WIFI.

Visit VyprVPN
3-day Free Trial


N.5 StrongVPN

StrongVPN, best Netflix VPN

StrongVPN is a popular VPN service provider with over 20 years of experience. It is fast, secure, anonymous, and unblocks regional content restrictions on any platform.

It works with Netflix and unblocks the US Netflix library allowing you to watch favorite shows from anywhere. Strong VPN is a zero-logs VPN provider that offers OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP and PPTP protocols. They also use Open obfuscation tools to help bypass restrictions in countries like Iran, Syria, and China.

StrongVPN boasts of servers in 45 cities in 23 countries, unlimited 2048 bit encryption, no bandwidth charges or limits, automatic setup for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. StrongVPN offers lightning speeds for streaming Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon Video and also torrenting.

When you Sign for Strong VPN, you get free StrongDNS that enables users to access global websites at the fastest connections. StrongVPN provides 24/7 technical support and has more than 12,000 satisfied customer reviews. At the time of writing this review, Strong VPN was offering 50% off their annual plan. Take advantage of their 5-day money back guarantee to try out their Netflix service.

Visit StrongVPN
5-day Money Back Guarantee

N.6 NordVPN

NordVPN review, best VPN service for BitTorrent Download

NordVPN employs state of the art double encryption technology to apply military grade encryption to your data twice. They have 738 servers in 58 countries; provide lightning fast speeds with DNS technology and a strict no log policy.

According to their customer service, NordVPN offers Netflix optimized servers that do not require configuration by the client. When testing their service, some servers didn’t work with Netflix.

Since it is a cat and mouse game, the servers that are working today might be blocked tomorrow; we recommend that you get in touch with their customer support to find out which of their servers work with Netflix.

NordVPN has apps that run on system startup that include the Kill Switch feature and the DNS leak resolve. The features protect the user against accidental data leaks. NordVPN is available in 21 countries, allows up to six simultaneous logins, and offers Dedicated, Shared, Static and Dynamic IP types. NordVPN can unblock US Netflix on a browser, iOS, as well as Android and router.


Visit NordVPN
30-day Money Back Guarantee


Troubleshooting Netflix VPN

If Netflix doesn’t work with the above-listed VPN services, we recommend that you:

  • try switching servers
  • make sure there are no IPLeaks (you may use our Free IP locator tool)
  • try clearing cache.

If that does not work for you, try disabling IPV6 in your internet settings.

If you bump into the Netflix Proxy Error M7111-1331-5067, you may read our tutorial on how to fix the Proxy Error M7111-1331-5067.

The Problem With The Netflix VPN Ban

The Netflix VPN ban isn’t good for Netflix either.

International Netflix subscribers pay Netflix and use VPN and proxy services to view the US Netflix catalog. With the ban, they may lose interest in Netflix altogether affecting Netflix profits.

Netflix has always been aware of the fact that their overseas customers use VPN and proxy services to unblock Netflix. The VPN services built the client base while Netflix did nothing to stop them.

With the ban, overseas users are noticing very fast that they are getting a raw deal from Netflix. The only solution for Netflix would be to offer all of their content everywhere. But due to pressure from content producers, the dream is nowhere near.

VPN users have other reasons for using a VPN service other than defeating regional restrictions. Some use VPN services for privacy and security while others use VPN to get better streaming performance to overcome slowdowns or throttling. The Netflix VPN ban will expose the users to attacks.

The ban might also force people to resort to other illegal means of obtaining content such as BitTorent or Popcorn Time.

Is Netflix Winning The Battle With VPN?

Though Netflix has had success in blocking many VPN and proxy services among them being the famous IPVanish, the game is still on.

The above-listed VPN service providers are not ready to throw in the towel. Whenever they get blocked, they act swiftly to restore service.

They always manage to bypass the VPN ban by employing various tactics including obfuscation, coming up with new IP addresses as well as providing dedicated IP addresses which are not easily spotted by Netflix.

DNS Leaks And Why Must You Care?

DNS (Domain Name Service) is responsible for translating a website address/URL into an IP address to which your computer can communicate. Without a DNS, your web browser can’t display the website.

While using a VPN, a DNS leak occurs when the requests to transform a websites address/URL into an IP address goes through another person’s DNS server instead of the VPN’s. When that happens, the owner of that DNS server can pry on your online activities or even log them.

DNS leaks can unmask your real IP resulting to blocking by Netflix.

A good Netflix VPN should be one that runs its dedicated DNS servers so as to perform the DNS translation tasks itself. It is also prudent for a meaningful Netflix VPN to have software with built-in measures to guard against dangerous DNS leaks.

Conclusion On Netflix VPN

While Netflix users in the US enjoy the largest Netflix library, users in other parts of the world have fewer options. It means that users in the less favored regions or Netflix customers living abroad will continue seeking for ways to bypass the restriction.

VPN services are under pressure from customers to provide solutions for unblocking Netflix. Netflix, on the other hand, is under pressure from content providers especially Hollywood to block Netflix users using VPN and proxy services.

It only means that the cat and mouse game between Netflix and VPN services is not about to end.

In our article, we have listed for you the best Netflix VPN service providers.

Though they are currently unblocking the Netflix US category, we can’t assure you that they will continue working with Netflix in the future.

Sometimes a VPN can be down for a few days and then restore the service. We advise subscribers to take advantage of free trials and the money- back guarantee to test the ability of the VPN service to unblock Netflix before committing.



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