MultCloud Review – How to Manage Clouds Together?

MultCloud Features Review

MultCloud isn’t a cloud storage drive, but a cloud services manager. It hasn’t a client on desktop. It is an app based on website so that you can touch it on any devices in browser. In this article you will learn if MultCloud is safe and how to use it.

Nowadays there are many cloud drives and other cloud products in the market. Such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, Amazon Cloud Drive, Flickr, ownCloud, Evernote, FTP, MySQL, WebDav and so on.

In order to manage them easily, there are also many management tools in the market. MultCloud is one of them.

  • Is MultCloud free?
  • Is MultCloud safe?
  • How can you use it?

Our MultCloud review will give you a straightforward answers to these questions.

We know some brand clouds provide api so that third-party apps can link to them and then combine them in one place. Now the latest version of MultCloud supports about 30 clouds. MultCloud puts them into one, login with one MultCloud account, manages them together.

What Is MultCloud?

The name indicates MultCloud is a tool for multiple clouds. It is a web app, and has an extension of Chrome browser. The extension can help you access to Google Drive between Multcloud easily. To use MultCloud, you should create an account of it, the process is FREE. Another way to enter in MultCloud is Experience without signing up. This is a temp way, for long term use, we suggest you bundle your email address and change the password.

MultCloud Experience without sign up

After logged in MultCloud, the first step is adding clouds to it. You can add unlimited accounts into it, there is no max number of same brand accounts. After added, the interface will switch to Cloud Explorer automatically.

Here, you can;

  • Visit files in cloud, preview pictures and document, text, etc.
  • Create new folder in cloud.
  • Rename, cut, delete, download, etc.

Copy and paste can help you move files between clouds. Drag & drop can help you too. Uploading file from local disk to cloud via drag& drop is possible.

Among options from context menu, Upload and Share are MultCloud’s highlights. The former allows you to download files by URL to cloud, MultCloud will help you convert files to files and save in cloud. The Upload task can be checked in MultCloud’s 
Task Manager. MultCloud can create different kinds of shared links and manage/receive links in Share Manager on left list under Cloud Explorer.

MultCloud Interface

MultCloud’s key features are transmission as well synchronization. In Cloud Transfer service, you can set transfer task with more details, such as schedule, overwritten, filter, email notification, etc. In Cloud Sync service, you can enjoy eight sync ways: simple one way sync, two-way sync, mirror sync, move sync, cumulative sync, update sync, full backup and incremental backup. Other options are similar to Transfer.

MultCloud Cloud Sync

Is MultCloud Safe?

Safety is a big concern in Internet world. Privacy does too. MultCloud is a service but not a storage.

Clouds in MultCloud won’t spend space, but cost traffic when transferring and syncing. MultCloud applies OAuth as authorization system. It doesn’t save your username and password, doesn’t save your data and file too. MultCloud uses 256-bit AES Encryption for SSL data transfer.


In my opinion, MultCloud has high security. MultCloud has a points system, do don’t worry about traffic for transfer. Bottom line, MultCloud is safe and easy to use and choose it has cloud management app is an option you may want to give a serious thought.

Joel Timothy is a writer who has a passion for tech and internet security and privacy.


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