Interview With Le VPN Co-Founder Ksenia Votinova

Ksenia Votinova from Le VPN gives our readers some interesting insight about her company. In this interview she shares some important information about Internet security and how Le VPN is continually on the go to fully protect its customers. You may enjoy her clear explanation of how their unique Hybrid VPN service work and make your experience online special.

Le VPN Ksenia Votinova Interview


First of all, thanks for taking your time to answer our questions. Would you like to introduce yourself and your role at Le VPN?

I am a part of Le VPN’s co-founding team and my role is mostly in the digital strategy and marketing, as that is my main expertise. But as in any tech startup, the co-founder needs to be a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades and I am always happy to get involved in other parts of the business where my help is required.

For those who aren’t familiar, what is Le VPN and the secret behind its success?

Le VPN was first started in France in 2010 and that’s where its French name comes from, which meaning is “The VPN” from French. We were the first ones to fill in this need for a secure VPN service in France at the very start of online privacy awareness in Europe, and we are proud to still be the market leaders for the French-speakers around the world.

Very soon we have expanded our service to other markets, offering our VPN service in English, Spanish and Russian in addition to French, and today we serve clients from almost every country in the world. Le VPN counts servers in 114 countries and our tech team is constantly innovating our service and working on new features, more user-friendly software and apps, and on our servers network expansion.

What can we expect in the years to come in term of online security?

The Internet of Things is changing the way we will have to deal with online security and our personal digital privacy. The number of connected devices keeps on growing and is estimated to exceed 50 billion by 2020. The Global Risk Report 2016 from the World Economic Forum suggests that the IoT technology is among the most disruptive and will generate the most economic benefit. That being said, the majority of IoT devices represents a cybersecurity risk to their users as most of them have important online security flaws and vulnerabilities, which can be addressed by a VPN technology.

We have published a number of articles on the impact of IoT and growing number of smart devices for their user’s online security, and we encourage our clients to start using Le VPN on a router level to make sure that all their connected devices in their smart home or office are protected with a secure VPN connection.

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How is Le VPN developing to protect the privacy of its customers against new threats?

Le VPN has partnered with a number of leading router distribution companies to encourage Le VPN usage on a router level, to address the security and privacy risks of connected devices, and especially those that are not adapted for a VPN installation on the device itself.

We are also concerned by the online privacy threats related to the “voluntary” sharing of data online through the use of cookies and sharing of internet usage data which is activated by default on the majority of sites, apps and online services. We regularly publish advice and best practices on the online privacy protection in Le VPN Blog and on social media, to raise more awareness of this issue. Le VPN is a great tool to secure your Internet connection and to enhance your online privacy, but it cannot help if the user voluntarily or unknowingly shares their personal information through cookies, browser or device settings, social media, etc.

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the favorite way to access the Internet. Does that have an impact on personal online privacy?

The way I see it is that not many people realize that their mobile devices can be as vulnerable as their PC or laptop. The way the mobile usage is evolving, more and more people make purchases online, consult their bank accounts and personal information, not talking about sending emails and accessing social media which can also be critical if the connection is compromised. Protecting your personal online privacy on mobile devices is as important as on computers, and using a VPN is one of the best solutions. We are soon releasing a new version of our Le VPN app which will make a VPN use on mobile even easier than before. I invite all the readers to follow our news on our website and on social media and to try our new app when it’s released.

What would you say to people who claim “I don’t have anything to hide?”

There is a difference between hiding something and protecting your personal privacy. I don’t have anything to hide either, as I would hope is the case to the majority of our clients, as we do not support any illicit activities with our service and do not wish to protect those who have “something to hide”. But I do need to keep all my passwords, personal, financial and commercial information private and that is when Le VPN service is essential.

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Who is the perfect customer for Le VPN?

We serve many different types of customers from all over the world and since our role is to protect their online privacy and to boost their internet security, we never inquire about who they, where they come from are and what they do with our service. Our only condition is that we do not serve customers who are involved in any illegal activities online, and those are usually quickly detected and eliminated by our security team. Those are the only ones who cannot use our service, but we treat all our other clients as the most perfect customer for Le VPN.

Le VPN offers its clients an innovative HybridVPN service. What makes this feature unique?

HybridVPN is a combination of a classical VPN connection with all the encryption and security mechanisms involved and of a SmartDNS service, which is great for online streaming because of its faster speeds. HybridVPN pre-unblocks a vast list of the most popular TV channels in the US, UK, and France that are automatically unblocked when using a HybridVPN or a SmartDNS.

The way HybridVPN works by combining the two, is that if, for example, I am on vacation in Thailand but I want to catch my favorite show on BBC iPlayer and at the same time access the live news streaming in France, all I need to do is to connect to Le VPN picking a HybridVPN connection in Thailand (or in any other country nearby). All my online activities will be encrypted and secured by Le VPN, but all the online media on BBC and France 3 will be accessible at the fastest speed for streaming through a different channel which is not encrypted and is therefore much faster.

Is there any other suggestion you want to share to further enhance our online security?

I’d like to encourage all the internet users to pay extra attention to their online footprint and all the personal information they are sharing with different websites, services, and apps. Understanding the security risks when connecting to a public or open Wi-Fi is also a must, as we never know when our internet connection can get compromised and our data can leak to third parties. Le VPN is a great solution for personal internet security, but in order to guarantee your online privacy – internet users should be extra careful themselves in all their online habits.

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