KeePass Password Manager Review

The latest version of KeePass 2.35 Password Safe has been released last January. The new update comes with new features and several improvements.

For those unfamiliar with KeePass, we just want to introduce you to this service briefly. KeePass is a password manager. It makes your digital life easier and way more secure storing all your passwords in a safe database. You just need to remember your access key to the database to recover all the passwords you need. That’s it.

KeePass 2.35 review, password manager


A password manager solves a series of critical issues. Most likely, you have too many passwords to keep in mind. Whether it is visiting your email accounts, online banking, member accounts, your website login, Spotify, Skype or anything else that comes to your mind, you need a password to do what you need to do. The number of passwords we use keeps growing day after day.

As a shortcut, you may decide to use a one-fits-all password. Or you may choose to write them down on paper. As smart as that may sound, none of these is a real solution. Using the same password for multiple accounts is an excellent way to get in trouble. If a hacker intercepts your password, he will easily violate all your accounts. About writing your password down on paper, this may be a problem if it happens you don’t have your record with you when you need it or in case you lose it.

The easiest and safer way to solve the problem is to store all your passwords in a password manager. The only thing you are requested to do is to remember a single password to have access to all your login details. Plus, doesn’t matter if you’re connecting from home or the other side of the world, your passwords will always be available whenever you need them.

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How To Install KeePass 2.35

If KeePass 2.34 is already running on your devices, you just need to update the software. Do not expect KeePass 2.35 to update automatically since the function is not supported. You can run the Update Check from the software to know about any new release, but then you have to download the new software from the KeePass official website. Once the new software has been installed your KeePass is automatically updated to the 2.35 version.

If it is instead the first time you use the software, you have to download the software and install it on your computer.

The software is designed for Windows. It can run even on Mac, but you need to execute the software under Mono or Wine. In this case, you have to download the portable package of KeePass (ZIP file) and proceed from there. The installation is a bit more complicated and can result difficult if you’re not familiar with these platforms.

On the official website, there is a section that explains how to install KeePass 2.35 on Mac running under Wine or Mono. You may refer to this tutorials to make the procedure smoother.

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Differences Between KeePass Packages

When downloading the software, you can choose between the updated KeePass 1.32 and KeePass 2.35.

The two versions come with different features. For instance, the 2.35 version runs even on older versions of Windows, and it requires Mono to be installed on Mac. As a prerequisite, the computer needs to have the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or latest version installed if not the 2.35 version will not work.

KeePass 2.35 comes with a lot more features compared to the 1.32 version. On the official website, you can find the complete KeePass 2.35 vs. KeePass 1.32 comparison for your quick reference.

When installing the file, you can choose between the desktop version and the portable version. The desktop version can be installed on your device while the portable can be saved on a USB memory and you can take it along with you.

KeePass is an open source project. Therefore, it supports plugins and forks that users can develop to improve its functionality and security. For instance, KeePass can be integrated even in the web browser.

KeePass Security

KeePass Database Settings, KeePass 2.35 reviewKeePass Password Safe is a pretty popular password manager. Despite being a free tool, it has built an excellent reputation for its reliability.

Last June 2016 the European Commission’s EU Free and Open Source Software Auditing project (EU-FOSSA) has audited the software. The result was very positive as EU-FOSSA didn’t find any critical or high-risk issues in the code.

The version audited was the 1.32, but since the 2.35 is an improved and more secure version of the same code, we have ground to believe that a check on it would produce a very similar result.

New Features And Improvements

Here are some of the new features and improvements you will find in the 2.35 version:

  • New KDBX 4 file format, which supports various new features like for instance Argon2.
  • Added Argon2 key derivation function
  • Improved header and data authentication in KDBX 4 files (using HMAC-SHA-256, Encrypt-then-MAC scheme).
  • ChaCha20 (RFC 7539) encryption algorithm
  • KeePass now remembers whether a master password has been used (the option ‘Remember key sources’ must be enabled)
  • New option ‘Force changing the master key the next time (once)‚Äô
  • ChaCha20 is now used during password generation
  • Various code optimizations

Here you will find the complete list of KeePass 2.35 new features and improvements.

KeePass 2.35 review new features and improvement KeePass Password Safe

Conclusions On KeePass 2.35 Password Safe

The new KeePass 2.35 comes with several new features and improvements. The software is ideal for storing all your password safely. It will make your life easier since you won’t have to remember an ever-growing amount of passwords and your data will be totally protected.

The new encryption algorithm makes an already secure tool even safer to guarantee your privacy and protection online.

If you care about your digital identity and want to protect it, KeePass is a good option, and it comes for free. Additionally, you may consider to give yourself full protection using even one of the best VPN connection that will protect all your data online.

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