Ivacy VPN Review

We prepared a detailed Ivacy VPN review to highlight pros and cons of this VPN provider. You will have a quick overview of the main features and performances of Ivacy. You will get even some good insight on the security level guaranteed by Ivacy VPN.

Ivacy VPN review and speed test

Ivacy VPN has emerged as one of the most promising VPN providers in the industry. The brand holds the potential to become the industry leader.
Ivacy has been around for a decade now. Though it is not as big of a VPN service provider as the other giants in the industry, Ivacy should not be taken lightly as it offers tons of great features.

The young VPN provider has gone to head to head with the industry giants and has surprised us all by withstanding the pressure and competition, courtesy of the VPN’s unique features and superb customer service.

So far, Ivacy has managed to stay ahead of their competitors in terms of innovation because it’s Research and Development team is continuously working to craft ideas and ways to enhance their service.

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For instance, Ivacy claims to be the pioneer of the Split Tunneling feature. Ivacy takes pride in a zero log policy while other VPN providers tend to collect their user’s data, and this makes Ivacy a lot more attractive to those internet users whose main concern is privacy and anonymity.

Ivacy’s ability to support virtually every device is also what makes Ivacy stand out of the pack. Additionally, the 5 Multi-Login feature allows users to simultaneously connect to five different devices with just one account.

This feature saves time and money.

The following Ivacy VPN review will dive into all the nitty gritty of Ivacy. So read on to find out if Ivacy is the best choice for you.

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Ivacy VPN Review – Features

  • 200+ Optimized servers
  • 50+ Countries Available
  • 200,000 Customers and counting
  • 15+ Top notch features
  • 5 Multi logins

Strong Device Compatibility

One of the many exciting factors that make Ivacy VPN a top choice is that it supports all the major smart devices and platforms.

Also, it works compatibly well with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms, making it one of the best VPN service providers in the market.

With five multi-logins, Ivacy has a competitive advantage over other VPN providers. It means that you can use one Ivacy VPN account on five different devices. All the other VPN providers only provide one account for two or three devices at most.

Ivacy also provides tutorials and setup guides on its website for various different platforms it supports and can be connected to. You can take help from these setup guides to install Ivacy on your choice of device or operating system. Even if you don’t wish to download the VPN, you can take assistance to install it on:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Kodi
  • Roku Router
  • BlackBerry
  • Xbox
  • PS4
  • Raspberry
  • Pi Smart TV

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200+ Servers in 100+ locations

One of the very important factors to gauge a VPN provider’s credibility is the number of servers it has available in different locations.

Ivacy has 250+ servers spread over 100+ countries. Another strong point for Ivacy. The wide spread of servers allows users to choose from a thousand IP addresses and surf the internet without any worry of being blocked.

One can also easily mask his or IP and access geo restricted websites. It is also worth noting that all these servers are P2P optimized which is a green signal to do torrenting activities without the fear of privacy invasion and security.

Ivacy VPN server network

There are a number of websites and web content which is blocked and geographically restricted in different parts of the world. The Ivacy servers being present in more than 100 countries in the world means you can always unblock these websites and channels to view your desired content.

Some of the preferred countries where these servers are located include US, UK, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Australia, China, and much more.

Using Ivacy VPN, you can unblock streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO, ITV, and various other channels. You can also access websites that are subject to internet censorship in countries like China and Turkey.

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Unlimited Server Switching

Ivacy allows switching between servers as many times as you want.

A very attractive feature which enables netizens to make full use of a VPN service by unlocking as many regions as you want without any limits.

In case one server underperforms you always have the option to jump to another, without bringing a pause to your work.

Smart Purpose Selection

The Smart Purpose Selection feature is a golden feature from Ivacy.

You can specify the purpose for which you want to connect to a VPN and it will automatically connect you to the most suitable server for your purpose so you get the best user experience.

From torrenting and streaming to general browsing, Ivacy connects you to the server that fits best without any compromise on privacy and security.

Optimized P2P Servers

There is only a handful of VPN providers out there who support peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing and unsurprisingly Ivacy VPN is one of those.

Keeping an eye the torrenting interest of its Ivacy offers highly optimized and speedy P2P servers for torrenting purposes. So with Ivacy VPN, torrenters can load, upload their favorite torrent files with complete anonymity and privacy over the web.

Users can enjoy the best torrenting experience with Ivacy VPN. Tired of your ISP throttling your download speed? Ivacy’s optimized P2P servers fight off ISP throttling speeds, producing blazing-fast download speeds and, more importantly, total anonymity.

Ivacy offers the following P2P optimized servers to choose from:

  • Belgium
  • Brunei
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Columbia
  • Costa Rica
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Latvia
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Pakistan
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Seychelles
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • Venezuela

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5 Multi Logins

Connect five different devices simultaneously with only one Ivacy account. Ivacy has enhanced the compatibility by incorporating the 5 multi login feature.

With one account subscription, Ivacy can be run on 5 different devices at a time. Not many VPN service providers allow multiple logons, so major points for Ivacy in this regard.

Ivacy VPN features' list

Unlimited Data Transfer

Ivacy believes in complete internet freedom. So you can exchange unlimited data over Ivacy’s network without any restrictions. Data transfer is limitless, and so are the speeds – no throttling whatsoever.

P2P sharing (torrenting, basically) is not only allowed, but encouraged. In fact, Ivacy has servers that are optimized for this kind of activity.

Split Tunneling

Ivacy takes immense pride in calling Split Tunneling it’s brain child as they were the first one to bring this feature to the market.

This particular feature enables users to use the VPN for their selected applications, without any compromise on speed and encryption.

Similarly, the Kill Switch feature which Ivacy offers saves you from being exposed by disconnecting the internet if the connections drop, thus making the user aware of the situation before hand.

Dedicated Customer Support

In the course of our Ivacy VPN review we tested even the customer support service. Nothing is more annoying that being let down by your VPN provider when you need assistance. Let’s see how Ivacy VPN is doing on this regard.

There is not just one way to connect to customer support, in fact, there are multiple ways. Live chat is the most direct form of chat. Customer support team is present 24/7 at your service to respond to your queries then and there.

Associates were friendly here and were helpful in providing general information about the company and its products. Additionally, there is a ticketing system where you can fill a ticket about your concern, you can also reach them via email. Help via telephone is also available if you seek closer attention.

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Ivacy VPN Review – Security and Privacy Features

One of the main goals for this Ivacy VPN review is to analyze the security level guaranteed by the service. After all, protecting your privacy and sensitive data is the main scope of a VPN that should never be overlooked.

Browse Anonymously

The secure VPN network of Ivacy makes you anonymous by masking your IP address and giving you ultimate privacy and internet freedom.

This means your activities on the internet are totally hidden. When Ivacy VPN is connected, no one can track down your browsing habits and with complete anonymity, you can enjoy your internet freedom.

Public Wi-Fi Security

Ivacy understands while you are using the internet on the Public Wi-Fi spots, you are most vulnerable to online threats.

Ivacy ensures every network is a secure network by encrypting your connection and making you invisible. After you connect to Ivacy VPN on a public Wi-Fi network, you are also safe from losing your data to online hackers and theft.

256-bit Data Encryption

The most basic and fundamental job of a VPN is to encrypt a user’s data, rest comes later. Ivacy convincingly passes the test. The resilient 256-bit military grade encryption protects the data of the user until he/she is online.

Ivacy VPN supports all the standard encryption protocols including:

  • Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
  • Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)
  • Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)
  • OpenVPN

A VPN user can easily select the encryption protocol from the user-friendly dashboard.
Through 256-bit encryption, Ivacy VPN also protects you from hackers, snoopers, data theft, malware, and spyware as well as government surveillance!

Identity Theft Protection

Ivacy’s military grade encryption makes sure your identity is not compromised. Identity thieves are always on the lookout for their next prey. But with Ivacy’s military grade protection, you are fortified.

Internet Kill Switch

Internet Kill Switch immediately shuts down all your online activities, if you somehow get disconnected from our secure VPN servers.

The Ivacy client has the Internet kill switch, a convenient feature that makes sure you remain protected in case your VPN connection shuts down. Even if you get reconnected after just two seconds, you still want to be safe because a lot can happen during those two seconds

Secure DNS

Ivacy offers Secure DNS add-on that lets you route your requests through an Ivacy’s DNS server to prevent any DNS leak.

Upon IP and DNS leak test it was revealed that both the tests showed positive results and there was no such sign of IP leakage. Similarly, no DNS leakages happened when connected to Ivacy VPN.

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No Logs

Ivacy believes in complete privacy. So, no logs are kept of your online activities. Ivacy protects you from ISP tracking and has a strict ZERO LOG policy, giving you the online freedom you’ve always desired. Unlike other VPN service providers, Ivacy is a trusted brand and does not collect or share users data to third parties.

IPv6 Leak Protection

Ivacy really has got you covered security wise. Besides the standard security suite comprising of OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and IKEv2, with military-grade 256-bit encryption, there also exist split tunneling, as well as IPv6 leak protection and a secure DNS add-on that prevents DNS leaks.

Ivacy protects you from the known IPv6 vulnerabilities by forcing all IPv6 traffic into the VPN; thus blocking any potential leak at the source.

Multiple Protocols

Protocols like PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 are all there at your disposal for your diversified surfing needs.

Ivacy VPN review – Price and Plans

With Ivacy, there are three different packages to choose from. The packages are as follows:

Ivacy VPN plans and pricing

In contrast with the other VPN services, Ivacy has astoundingly cheaper rates. Although a cheap VPN, it doesn’t compromise on the quality at all.

As a matter of fact, the features Ivacy offers are if not better but on par with competitors. A top of that, upon purchase there is a 7-day money back guarantee. So in case you don’t get satisfied by the service, you can have your money back without any worries.

Ivacy VPN is said to offer the cheapest pricing plans that have the highest value compared to what some VPN providers are offering. Here are their 3 plans:

• 1 Month Plan: $9/month
• 6 Month Plan: $6/month ($36 every 6 months)
• 24 Month Plan: $2.04/month* ($49 every 2 years)
• *Limited Time Offer

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You’re encouraged to make full use of the 7-day free trial period to gauge how well you like the service, provided you don’t exceed the 500Mbs bandwidth granted at the start.

While many other VPN services provide a similar 7-day money-back guarantee, such as IPVanish, there are some that actually offer a 30-day refund policy, including ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and BulletVPN

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As for the payment methods, Ivacy provides six online payment choices for subscribers to consider. They are:

• Credit Card
• Bitcoin
• PayPal
• Paymentwall
• Perfect Money
• Web Money.

Connection Speed

Upon inspection via speedtest.net, we got to witness some extremely pleasant overall results. The following data tells how Ivacy can help you speed up your tasks

Speeds without Ivacy

Ivacy VPN speed test

Speeds with Ivacy, connected to the US with ‘Protocols’ set to ‘Automatic’

Ivacy Speed Test 2

Speeds with Ivacy, connected to the UK with ‘Protocols’ set to ‘Automatic’

Ivacy Speed Test 3

As observed, the speed tests clearly show a nominal dip in speed, which in turn certifies users by no means have to fear about a radical drop in download and upload speeds. Dissimilar to other VPNs, where the shift in speeds in substantial, Ivacy ensures downloading and browsing never become a headache.

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User-friendly Dashboard

Customer convenience is in the heart of Ivacy. The way they have designed the easy-to-use dashboard only proves how much they value user friendliness. The user experience is top class courtesy of the smooth navigation and smooth design.

The integrated Smart Purpose Selection option within the dashboard provides users the option to select the Am encryption protocol and their desired server location to access any website from anywhere and at any time.

Addon for Kodi

How To Setup a VPN on Kodi

Kodi is one of the most popular media streaming platforms. Considering their growing need for a Kodi VPN, Ivacy came up with a user-friendly addon for Kodi users. Now, all that users have to do is install the Ivacy Kodi addon and stream away all their favorite Tv shows, movies, and sporting events.

The Ivacy Kodi VPN helps unlock geographically restricted media content which is not accessible otherwise. In doing so, Ivacy ensures rock solid anonymity, eliminating any chances of receiving DMCA notices from concerned authorities.

Zero Logging Policy

Most VPN services happen to track and keep a record of the user’s data to use it for various reasons. This is more than just a wrong practice but also goes against the basic principle of online security. Few of the VPN providers have been reported to have linked up with agencies, supplying user information.

So it is very necessary to run a background check over a VPN services logging and privacy policy.

Upon review of Ivacy we could tell, the VPN service does not record or store your Meta logs nor does it monitor your browsing activities or keep an eye on what applications you use on your laptops, smartphones or Pads. Like mentioned earlier, Ivacy prioritizes your privacy more than anything.

Apps Functionality

Ivacy has apps for all platforms and devices including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. It even supports media player and gaming consoles such as Kodi and Xbox respectively. Furthermore, for platforms that are not directly supported, Ivacy can be configured manually too, making it the most versatile VPN service available.

The development of the apps is not outsourced but rather designed in house, as a result keeping them optimized. Quality check is held 24/7 and the apps are timely updated to prevent bugs and errors causing unforeseen havocs.

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24×7 Customer Support

Ivacy VPN 24/7 support

Ivacy has placed highly qualified and agile customer support team to tackle customer query 24×7. Ivacy understands the importance of customer satisfaction and invests greatly in the customer care professionals so that they deliver optimum performance.

Be it speed issues or server problems, just catch up with the customer support representative who is at your service on the live chat always. Users are also entitled to open up a support ticket to get all their issues readily solved.

Ticketing System

There is an option to open a ticket to resolve your concerned problem or query by going on the ‘Contact Us’ button present on top of the website. All you have to do is write down your query along with your credentials including name, email address.


There is also an option to email your whole detailed query on the email address provided on the contact us page. The response time from the customer support team is reasonably good the solution provided is effective.

Skype Call

For technical purposes, they also have the Skype calling system. So you can always ring them on Skype and via live call, you can get your technical issues resolved.

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Ivacy VPN Review For Mobile Devices

Ivacy offers its designated app for Android as well as iOS. The apps are easy to install and very user-friendly. They are available on both smartphones and Pads.

With device compatibility being its forte, the Ivacy VPN’s app can easily be found on Google Play for free to download and run it on Android smartphones and tabs. The app will run smoothly on any Android device that is running Android 4.0 or above. The app size is comparatively small than other VPN services and is very easy to use.

For OS X users, Ivacy VPN for Mac offers exclusive software and manual configuration. You can use both the methods to setup Ivacy on your device. The VPN client for Mac has a similar design and feel to the Windows PC software. All the options are neatly placed on the left panel and at the top of the VPN client. You can download Ivacy for Mac from their website, follow the installation wizard, and then run the software.

Conclusion On Ivacy VPN Review

Ivacy VPN has been operating since quite some time now. What we discovered during our Ivacy VPN review is that although not as old as its rivals, in a relatively shorter period it has established a significant market share.

Not only it is the hottest VPN prospect in the market, it has been giving competition to some major players in the VPN industry.

If you are looking for a fast and reliable VPN which fully prioritizes your online privacy, you don’t need to look elsewhere.

Ivacy claims to be the best choice for torrenting and streaming activities. It allows you fast torrent downloading and streaming without any fear of getting into trouble thanks to its no-logs policy.

As far as the price is concerned, Ivacy is the cheapest compared to its counterparts.
With the lowest price, it offers premium features for which other VPN providers charge a premium.

Ivacy VPN is easily one of the most exciting VPN providers out there and it guarantees value for money.

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