Hidester VPN available in Beta for Windows

Not a day passes by and you get to hear a new anti-piracy law introduced in one or more countries. Take for example U.K’s ‘controversial’ Snoopers Charter that was passed in November last year by the members of the House of Lords. Or the U.S House of Representatives passing a Bill meant to repeal broadband privacy rules. The gradual evasion of privacy rights coupled with the anti-piracy threats has triggered a massive surge in VPN usage. It means that whether you are a Netflix-loving ghost or a privacy-minded person, get your hands on a good VPN. To meet the market demand, Hidester VPN has released its VPN beta for Windows.

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VPN Tool
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HidesterVPN Beta for windows

HidesterVPN Beta for windows is a Hong Kong-based VPN provider that customers like you and me can use to establish a private and secure connection to the Internet. A key advantage of Hidester that ticked me was it ‘zero data retention’ policy, unlike other VPN services. Since the company is based in Hong Kong that does not has a data retention policy, Hidester is able to provide log free services to its users.

Different Modes

While it can get daunting for newbies to navigate VPNs as these tools have multiple functionalities, Hidester’s beta for Windows is an innovative VPN with three modes:

  • Simple mode for beginners
  • Advanced mode for power users with adjustable parameters
  • Dock mode that only uses a fraction of the space on the screen

Encryption and Protocols

The Hidester uses AES-256-CBC TLS 2048 bits encryption and has three protocols for users to choose from:

Open VPN: This is the standard VPN protocol that allows
Camo Web: This protocol has an integrated proxy specially meant for the web browsing
Camo VPN: This is Hidester’s custom protocol made for censorship bypass

How It Works?

Hidester’s VPN builds a private tunnel between a user’s connected device (computer, mobile phone or tablet) and the Internet, using one o the Hidester servers. Additionally, the data exchange between your device and your chosen Hidester server is encrypted meaning that not even Hidester gets to see your internet traffic and what web pages you are visiting.

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Use Cases

Web browsing: Some websites or part of their content is available only in a few countries. You may use Hidester to access geo-locked content.

Bypass Censorship: It’s not uncommon in countries like China, Turkey and some authoritarian regimes to block particular websites. Google and Facebook are not accessible in China. Use the VPN to access websites not accessible otherwise.

Torrenting: You can use it to download torrents without having to worry about bandwidth or speed limitation.

Access to Public WiFi: We all connect to publicly available WiFi networks and at times this isn’t secure as anyone can spy on you. Hidester can be used to securely connect to public WiFis anywhere.


What is my IP address: You can use the tool to see your current IP address. Here’s mine.

VPN IP Checker
What’s my IP? Courtesy Hidester Beta for Windows

Browser Fingerprint: Another interesting feature is ‘Browser Fingerprint’ that lets various stakeholders (ISPs, government, hackers) identify you. Use the Hidester browser fingerprint feature to see if you’re secure or vulnerable. I just checked my browser and am not happy with the results. I’ve got no ad blocker enabled and companies might be tracking me via HTTP headers. Time to ramp up my online privacy.

VPN Browser Fingerprint
VPN Browser Fingerprint

Other features include proxy checker, proxy filter, DNS leak test, WEBRTC leak test, temporary email, proxy list, and password generator. Head on to Hidestar to get your beta.


The Hidester VPN Beta is available for US$ 3.9 per month, billed quarterly at US$ 11.7 Users can pay through PayPal, credit card, AliPay, WeChat, and Bitcoin.

VPN Servcie
Hidester Beta

The good thing is the VPN is accessible at Microsoft Windows XP and above, Mac OSX 10.5 and above, iOS and Android. Whether you are an Apple enthusiast or an Android fan, you can give Hidester VPN a test run and let me know about your experience in the comments below.

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