Hidemyass VPN Joins Forces with AVG Technologies

HideMyAss is announcing that they have joined forces with AVG technologies.

The mission of HideMyAss was always to be able to provide their customers to be able to surf the net securely, privately and without any restrictions. Now, that it is almost 10 years later, they are proud of what they have been able to do.

They have reached tens of millions of people with their services and now they have formed a partnership with a respected online security company, AVG technologies. They are also catering to more than 200 million people all over the world.

More About AVG Technologies

AVG technologies share the same goals and values as HideMyAss, to be able to deliver absolutely the best possible service and product. Joining forces with AVG, HideMyAss is even in a better position to be able to keep their customers safe, secure and without any restrictions. And AVG technologies will also be able to provide a better product to their customers.

What this Means for HideMyAss

Because HideMyAss has joint forces with one of the best security systems, this will mean that HideMyAss will have more resources and the expertise of one of the world’s best security companies for making sure that all their clients are as secure as possible, all the time.

They are still working independently and still under the name HideMyAss, they have just gained some security resources from AVG technologies. This makes it even better to use HideMyAss if you want to be safe, secure and being able to surf the net without any restrictions.

You can read our review to know all the details of the HideMyAss offer.

Joel Timothy is a writer who has a passion for tech and internet security and privacy.


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