Interview With VPN Director And Co-Founder Sebastian

The following is an interview with Mr. Sebastian, director and co-founder at VPN. We’ve been pretty impressed by the performances of this VPN provider and after we published our review we decided to get in contact with Mr. Sebastian to ask more information about his company and the future of the Internet. He was kind enough to use his time to answer our questions. interview with co-founder sebastian

Good morning Mr. Sebastian. Would you like to introduce yourself and what you do at

Hi, I’m the director and co-founder at VPN.

Would you like to spend some word to explain what is and what is your company’s mission? is the world’s fastest VPN and we have one simple mission “make the Internet a secure place for every user in the world”. Since the Snowden case, people have become more familiar and even concerned with issues related to online security and privacy.

Can we expect any Internet security improvement in the years to come?

Obviously, there are so many developments happening in the digital world. I don’t see Internet security catching up at the same speed due to which we will see a lot of security compromises and over time it will eventually lead to more awareness. Overall I think media is playing a great role in educating people about the importance of being secure on the Internet and it is helping the cause to a great extent.

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Many people believe that the news on online security is way too alarming. Wouldn’t you agree that if the Internet is not used for sensitive tasks, our online security is not really at risk and therefore doesn’t need to be protected?

No, I would disagree with that, as I mentioned that media needs to be even more unforgiving to every organization who does not act responsibly with their users’ data and it’s not just about sensitive tasks. The Internet is there to make our lives easier and it’s our responsibility to make it secure, we can’t just expect users to stop doing certain things on the Internet because that’s not the solution, the solution is that companies need to become more responsible and be held accountable for all their users’ data.

What is doing and what updates you have in store to protect your customers?

First of all, we don’t collect any private customer data except their email addresses and we don’t store any other data, not even payment data as we use third parties to facilitate payments. Every aspect of our VPN is designed to keep a bare minimum amount of data that could compromise the security of our customers.

Who are the Internet users that should consider services?

Every Internet user in the world should use or any other VPN service. It’s our responsibility to explain to our users the risks they face when they are online. There are readily available software in the market which can help hackers intrude your privacy if you are on an insecure connection. So in a nutshell, every Internet user who wants to ensure that his privacy is not being intruded by ISPs, hackers or government agencies would use a VPN.

Read Review is a very popular VPN provider on the market. What makes your service appealing to the public?

We are a unique VPN provider as our emphasis is purely on quality. By quality, we mean that we want to make VPN a household commodity which is easy-to-use (no-techy) and lightning fast. Our VPN is built for fast connections and users don’t feel a difference if they are connected to a VPN or not. The major reason for our popularity revolves around two things simplicity and speed, that’s all a user wants.

More and more users are accessing the Internet through a mobile device. Are these devices less vulnerable than a desktop computer?

With mobile in the picture, users are even more vulnerable as this is a new technology and developers are not emphasizing on security as much as they should. Mobile devices connect very frequently to insecure networks and are more susceptible for abuse. However, we have stayed true to our mission and our VPN is fully compatible with every mobile OS (Android, iOS, Blackberry & Windows Phone 10).

On your website, you have decided to offer a Free Proxy service and a Free VPN account. How do they differ from the paid VPN service?

Our Free VPN is an effort to make VPN as widely used as possible. We think Internet security and privacy is a basic right and everyone should have access to it irrespective of their ability to afford it or not. Our Free plan allows a user to have 2GB data transfer limit per month and the users can renew it as many times as they want to. We have two paid plans Plus & Premium. The Plus plan allows a user 75GB data transfer limit per month with one simultaneous VPN connection and our Premium plan is completely unlimited and allows 5 simultaneous VPN connections. The paid plans have more features as compared to our Free plan such as the number of server locations and available VPN protocols.

Do you have any personal advice on how to make a savvy use of the Internet and have digital freedom?

Just think of the Internet as your mobile phone, do you leave it unattended (insecure) and if you do what happens? Someone takes it right away, same is the case with your privacy. If you don’t keep it secure someone will take it away from you, so just make sure you understand how important your privacy and security is and we will get closer to a safer Internet. plans and pricing


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