A new report is emerging today that is detailing just how one college student has been able to distribute over 100 Trojans in an effort to steal financial information. The student was successful, as they are estimated for each Trojan, he received on average $300. The information was found by Trend Micro security team who is tracing the student to Tocantins, Brazil.

Hacker Lord Fenix

The student, whose name has not been released, goes by the alias Lord Fenix. It seems the student is majoring in Computer Science and began malicious code development in 2013. Since then, the skills of the student have greatly increased, making him one of the top hackers for banks.

According to the research, Lord Fenix is responsible for targeting banks like Banco de Brasil, Caixa and HSBC Brasil.

Trend Micro has found that Lord Fenix is offering free Trojans to certain banks for those who are members of the forum, while still charging for the development of new Trojans to hack into other banks. Trend Micro stated:

…this young cybercriminal channeled his talent in programming into a lucrative, illegal venture.

Brazil often has more digital crime in the online banking sector compared to other areas around the globe. There are more than half of transactions that happen online in Brazil, making it easier for hackers to grab onto this data and use it for purposes that are not legal.

The Trojans that were created by Lord Fenix are often unrecognized by users. They may click onto their bank’s website, and get an error message for just one moment. Then the site will pop up, making many people believe the error was on the bank’s side. In truth, the Trojan has uploaded the duplicated web page in order to gain information on the individual user. The attacker who started the Trojan is then sent an email with all this information contained in it.

So how can you protect yourself from hackers that could be wanting to steal your data? There are a few ways in which you can do this. Having antivirus virus and malware protection that is updated and reliable is one method and is one that everyone should be utilizing. Another method is to have a virtual private network that will hide your IP address and make it harder for hackers and other online criminals to access your browsing sessions.

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