China to Start Online Police Stations

Internet security has always been an issue, and there are many countries who take this seriously…a little bit too seriously in many people’s opinions. China has announced that they will be setting up online police stations at various websites as a way to secure the Internet even more than they have previously secured it. This is leaving many people wondering just how far the internet censorship will go in the future.

The goal of the new online police stations will be to inspect how websites are operating, look for illegal activities that are happening online, and basically help to secure the Internet for users. The vice minister of the Ministry of Public Security spoke at a conference stated:

“It will still be a tough battle to fight online crimes, such as cyber-attack, transmission of violent messages, fraud, identity theft and illegal conducts involving gambling, drugs and pornography which have become a prominent problem affecting national security and social stability.”

So why the online police stations now? Many would argue that China has not seen any increase in online criminal activity compared to a year ago. However, the decision to have online police stations now is due to the US wanted retaliation for what they believe China did when the Office of Personnel Management was hacked.

China put these police stations in effect to show good faith behind their belief that all cybercrime should be penalized and stopped in the first place.

The Fear from Citizens

What citizens are fearing from these new online police stations is that sites that they frequently visit are going to be banned or removed altogether. They also fear that this will lead to even more monitoring of an individual’s internet experience.

Whether or not these fears will become reality is not clear. However, China has stated that this particular task force is about controlling and preventing cybercrime. Thus, those who are not doing anything illegal should have nothing to worry about.

How to Have a Safe and Anonymous Browsing Experience

For citizens who have this fear, whether they have voiced it or not, there are ways that you can have an Internet experience that is completely anonymous. It will also help you to bypass geo-restrictions that many countries place on websites, as well as sites that may have been banned for whatever reason.

This is through a virtual private network. With a VPN, you can connect to a new server and get a new IP address that is not affiliated with your current location. You can refer to our article about the Best VPN for China. We tested within China most of the majors VPN providers and can recommend you the best one.

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