Best VPN For Russia

In the last couple of years, the users’ privacy online has become the thing of the past. More and more countries have started joining the new trend that revolves around majorly increased online surveillance and censorship. Such trends are...

Best VPN For Torrenting, How To Download BitTorrent Safely

Torrent websites are full of stuff that everyday users want and need. Whether it is movies, songs, TV shows, software, games…you name it, and you can find it on a torrent website. All you have to do is download a torrent client and download the...

What is BitTorrent and Is It Safe? Guide to Torrenting

Sure BitTorrent downloads and P2P file sharing is fun. But when you’re torrenting, you’re basically on thin ice. While torrenting isn’t necessarily illegal or dangerous, you need to consider all the possible dangers before you lurk in deeper waters...

8 VPN for Netflix Unblock Working In 2020 – Regularly Updated

If you are looking for streaming Netflix US catalog from anywhere, you need to unblock Netflix with a VPN. However, since this popular streaming platform keeps banning VPN servers, it’s important to stay updated on which Virtual Private Network are...

How to Watch Hotstar in USA and Outside India with a VPN (2020 Update)

You live outside India, maybe in the US,  and want to watch Indian movies and programs. As you enter the HotStar platform the geo-localization will block you and deny access. You are now confronted with a problem: How to watch HotStar in USA? You...

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Given the ongoing coronavirus 
COVID-19 emergency that is striking people's lives worldwide, several VPNs have released special offers and coupons.

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