Is BitTorrent Download Safe? All You Need To Know About Torrenting

When you get into BitTorrent download or P2P file sharing, you’re fishing in troubled waters. Security must be your priority.

Is BitTorrent safe? As you search for BiTorrents free downloads, both your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and copyright enforcement agencies are looking for you in return.

Is there any way to download BitTorrent safely?

Is anonymous torrenting possible?

Keep reading, and you’ll discover it.

Is BitTorrent download safe

Most of the content you find on BitTorrent websites is protected by copyright. Which makes BitTorrent download a potentially illegal practice.

Simply put, it’s not the safest scenario.

So, why is BitTorrent so inviting?

Why Is BitTorrent Free Download So Inviting?

Free and fast. These are the two magic words that make BitTorrent download irresistible. There is even a third term strictly related to torrenting, which is “illegal, but this is surely the most overlooked word among the three.

The BitTorrent download is a better version of P2P file sharing and it comes with several advantages.

Unlike common P2P file sharing where two computers are connected to share contents, the BitTorrent consist of an entire community that is connected together to exchange data. Here you can find a list of the best torrent websites available.

This is the reason why the BitTorrent download is fast.

When only two computers are connected to share large files, as in the case of P2P file sharing, web server overloading is always around the corner. Web server overload results in slow downloading or frequent disconnections.

The BitTorrent protocol has been introduced to get around this annoying problem.

Thanks to the BitTorrent protocol, the user is connected to a torrent community and not to a single computer. As a result, the downloading process is considerably faster.

The BitTorrent protocol looks for different portions of the same file among all the computers connected. Once all the parts of the file are downloaded, they are organized in your computer to create the complete file you were looking for.

This is a pretty smart solution. The result is that BitTorrent download is both free and fast. Since only a little portion of the file is taken from each computer connected, web server overload is not an issue anymore.

Once you download your first file, you have officially become a “pirate”.

As every other pirate in this world, you now need to be cautious. In a while we will go into the details of all the dangers related to BitTorrent download. But first of all let’s consider how to protect yourself.

Download BitTorrent Safely Through A VPN Connection

If you want to download torrent free, a VPN connection makes your navigation anonymous.

A VPN or virtual private network takes your current IP address and then connects you into one of the VPN client’s server. From there, your IP address becomes hidden, as the world sees the IP address in which the VPN client assigned you.

Most VPN’s have numerous servers to choose from, and even offer the option to change these IP addresses for your duration online. Through doing this, you are adding an extra layer of protection to your identity online.

What are the benefits of having your real IP address hidden? For instance, if a copyright enforcement agency tries to track you, the only thing they can see is the IP address of the server you’re using to connect.

The server can be in any location inside your country or even outside your country. Which means that when you use this “fake” IP address, it will be impossible to know your real location not to mention your identity.

Besides that, the VPN will encrypt all your data. Whatever you do online will be secret. Whoever try to intercept your data will end up with a bunch of information impossible to read because encrypted.

It will be impossible to know what you’re doing online. Therefore, if you’re engaging in the BitTorrent download, nobody will know. Your torrenting is anonymous.

If you were to use a BitTorrent download without a VPN, you run several risks.

These risks include:

  • cyber attacks
  • hacking
  • malware and viruses being downloaded onto your device
  • bandwidth throttling
  • monitoring from your ISP
  • legal risks for

With a good VPN, you give yourself protection. Since your IP address is always going to come back to an address associated with the VPN client, you can rest assure that your true location and identity stay private. Plus, where traffic is encrypted, the other risks associated with BitTorrents become obsolete.

Best VPN For Torrenting

RankVPN NameRatingMonthly PriceWebsite
1.5/5 Read review$8.32Website
2.4.7/5 Read review$6.49Website
3.4.5/5 Read review$5.75Website
4.4.5/5 Read review$4.95Website
5.4.4/5 Read review$3.33Website
6.4.3/5 Read review$2.91Website
7.4.3/5 Read review$3.08Website

Safe VPN Connections For BitTorrent Download

There is the last piece of information that you must keep in mind when you download BitTorrent free, even if you use a VPN service.

Your ISP provider, copyright enforcement agencies or government agencies cannot see what you’re doing online if you use a VPN service. But your VPN provider can have access to your data. On this regard, your connection is not 100% anonymous.

Do you know what does that mean?

If you want to download BitTorrent safely, not every VPN will suit the purpose.

You need to find a reliable VPN that are serious about protecting your data. Even better if the VPN has a strict “no-log” policy. A “no-log” policy means that even though the VPN provider can see what you do online, it will not keep any record of it. If somebody requests to access your data record to discover illegal activities, the record simply doesn’t exist. Here is a complete list of the best VPNs on the market.

We strongly recommend you to not use a free VPN to download BitTorrent. First of all, they usually don’t work for these task. Most importantly, a free VPN doesn’t guarantee your privacy.

We selected the Best VPN for torrenting on the market for your quick reference:


One of the VPN provider with such policy is ExpressVPN. The company has been on the market for a very long time, and it is a leader in the VPN business. Apart from the “no log” policy, ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN connection that makes BitTorrent download pretty easy.

You can discover all the features of this VPN in our ExpressVPN review.

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IpVanish best VPN for BitTorrent Download, IPVanish VPN connection

IP Vanish is another option. IP Vanish allow BitTorrent too (not all VPN allow file sharing, so be careful when you pick one!) and is one of the veterans in the VPN world.

They have a “no-log” policy and the company has always proved good in protecting its customers. If torrenting is your passion, IP Vanish can be an excellent option. A bit less expensive than ExpressVPN, IP Vanish provide a great service.

IPVanish is one of the many VPN we tested and you can find all the details in our review of IPVanish.

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NordVPN review, best VPN service for BitTorrent Download

NordVPN is a provider based in Panama. This Country is a fantastic location for a VPN provider since its laws do not request to collect the logs of Internet users. For this reason NordVPN apply a strict no-logs policy that makes it perfect for BitTorrent download.

This provider is very serious when it comes about privacy and security. Additionally, NordVPN offers great performances for a great file sharing experience. The client may not be as user-friendly as ExpressVPN but if you are not totally inexperienced with VPNs you will enjoin this service.

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LeVPN Review, best VPN review, LeVPN opinion, LeVPN review and speed test

Le VPN guarantees confidentiality applying a strict no-logs policy. This provider doesn’t collect any information about you activity online that will be therefore secret. All you BitTorrent activity will be totally safe.

Another feature of Le VPN is its excellent speed. Thanks to the unique HybridVPN you will enjoy great speed and an high level of protection.

If you are interested in knowing more about it you can read our Le VPN review and speed test.

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Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access Review

PIA VPN is one of the big names in the VPN market. It guarantees extra strong encryption to protect your privacy and, of course, it is a a no-logs VPN.

The client is quite user-friendly and suitable even for inexperienced users. P2P and BitTorrent are obviously allowed and the price is excellent especially if you subscribe to the 1 year plan.

More details in our Private Internet Access VPN review.

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PureVPN review

PureVPN has its headquarter in Honk kong and therefore doesn’t keep logs of your activity. The service comes with several add-ons that make its price totally reasonable.

The Split Tunneling feature can be used to save more bandwidth for BitTorrent without compromising your security. During our speed test we were surprised to see that PureVPN can keep your Internet connection surprisingly fast.

All the details of our test are listed here in our PureVPN review.

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ibVPN Review

ibVPN Review


ibVPN is a good choice for BitTorrent. It is one of the cheapest VPN on the market.

If you love file sharing, Invisible Browsing VPN is a good choice. ibVPN is a no-logs provider. It employs RSA-1024 handshake encryption that is considered to be outdated compare to the most recent encryption protocols. However, the overall level of security is good and if you are in a low budget this an option you may consider.

Read our ibVPN review to get all the information on this VPN connection.

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Dangers Of BitTorrent Download

A scary downside of torrenting is that the peers which you’re downloading the file from can see your IP address. Obviously, your ISP and copyright enforcement agencies can see it too.

This is quite a problem. Through your IP address, authorities can track you down and take legal actions.

Through your IP address, authorities can track you down and take legal actions

Not only, your web-activity data is stored by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). All the data is kept for many years and can be given to the authorities upon request.

There are numerous other dangers of BitTorrent, that users need to be aware of, as they can result in legal actions being taken against them. We examine these dangers below:

  1. Using encryption means that activities are undetectable, right?

No, while many people think this, it is simply not true. While this can help you slightly, the copyright holders and their affiliates can still track what ISP was used to download copyrighted material. Meaning that even copyright owners can go this route to find who uploaded the file in the first place.

  1. There is still a risk to your device

While you may be downloading anonymous files, and sharing these, your device is still prone to the same issues as if you were downloading from anywhere online. These files can still contain malware, spyware and adware. Anything you download poses these threats, and BitTorrents are not an exception to this rule!

  1. There are scams in these files

Spoofed websites are becoming more common, as they are meant to attract a person and then lure them in. Once there, malware is often installed on the person’s computer. From there it can lead to identity theft, along with several other dangers to avoid.

A BitTorrent is not going to keep you safe from this. However, many people are under the assumption that since they are using a torrent, they are exempt from this danger. It is a false line of thinking that could hurt you in the end.

The main aspect to remember with using a BitTorrent is that you are not as protected and safe as you think you are! In the event that you were to get caught downloading torrents via your own IP address, there can be several legal actions taken against you.

For example:

  1. If you were to get caught by one of the many copyright trolls, who are usually companies that act on the behalf of those whom have the copyright, you may receive settlement letter. Depending on how serious is the copyright infringement, they may offer you an agreement to not go to court.
  2. Your internet provider can penalize you. This can go in two different routes; the provider could disconnect or simply slow down your internet service. Or, they could give your personal information to a copyright troll who will then threaten lawsuits and court dates.

Is there any way to get around this problem and download BitTorrent safely?

Let’s see.

Anonymous Torrenting – How To Do It?

You’ve probably heard of services like PeerBlock or Moblock. You may use them but do not expect to be safe just because you activate their service.

First of all, they don’t hide your real IP address. Secondly, your data is not encrypted. These IP blockers grant you a certain measure of control but do not protect you from legal issues.

The recommended approach to BitTorrent download is through a VPN connection. If you connect using a VPN connection, you can have anonymous torrenting.

To go about getting anonymous torrenting, there are a few steps to take:

  1. Select one of the best VPN providers (for total security pick a “no-logs” VPN)
  2. Download the VPN client to your machine.
  3. Connect to the VPN client. You will be given a new IP address  not associated with your real IP address and all your data will be encrypted.
  4. Connect to one of the BitTorrent clients in the list and start downloading safely

These extra steps are the only way that you can truly say you are anonymous while using a torrent client. The VPN encrypt your data and hide your real IP, a combination that makes it very difficult to track back to your real location and identity.

There are those out there who suggest Tor. While Tor is similar to a VPN, do keep in mind a VPN is always the better option.

A Tor is slower, thus downloading is going to be limited. Plus, when using Tor, you bring more attention to your activities from an Internet provider. Tor is often used by hackers and criminals; thus, law enforcement officials often look for this to start investigating someone.

How to Check Your Torrent IP Address

This is an important step to take for those who want to ensure they are completely anonymous while they are using a BitTorrent download. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your real IP address is not being seen by anyone!

Most people know that checking your IP address from time to time is a good idea. However, when you are using a BitTorrent in addition to a VPN, checking this IP address is a bit more complex but still easy enough. You should follow these steps:

  1. Check your real IP address before you connect to the VPN (You can use our free “What is my IP address” tool)
  2. Connect to the VPN provider and activate the connection
  3. Go to one of the BitTorrent clients in the list and check the tracker tab to make sure the IP now associated with you is different from the real one.

Another method of checking this IP address is to simply download an ipMagnet tool. This is a tool that will automatically start when connecting to the BitTorrent client. It will display the IP address being used while logged into this BitTorrent client, along with a timestamp and the user agent.

An ipMagnet is relatively easy to code, as it is only 500 lines of codes, and there are several tutorials out there that are going to show the person how to do this.

The BitTorrent Clients Can Make The Difference

Many are the websites where you can download torrent for free.

Not all of them are necessarily good.

Apart from legal issues, Torrent files are prone to carry malware files installed by hackers. The file sharing system is a perfect and fast way for a hacker to infect the web. You need to be extra careful when you download BitTorrent.

These are some simple security guidelines you can keep in mind:

  • Use BitTorrent clients that are attentive to your security.
  • Never download files that are executable (.EXE, .BAT)
  • Never download cracked programs.

When thinking of BitTorrent, most everyone immediately think of Kickass, for long the king of BitTorrent clients.  However, Kickass is currently down and with no evidence that this option is going to become available any time soon, while still being safe.

The owner of Kickass was arrested in Poland on the charges of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement. For this reason, Kickass is no more. However, we have several BitTorrent options that are great alternatives!

Among the more trustworthy BitTorrent clients you may find:


hoe to download bittorrent download safely. Transmission bittorrent download

Transmission can be controlled remotely with web, PC or mobile devices. It is often cited as being one of the best torrents for Ubuntu. This is an open source torrent, which is a huge plus, as it is always improving.


UTorrent, free Bittorrent Download. Is Bittorrent download safe?

uTorrent offers a lightweight software, they have a faster download and upload rate than several other clients out there, they do support downloads with .torrent and Magnetic URL, very easy to use with a simple interface, and they are available for all platforms.


is bittorrent download safe? vuze bittorrent client

Fuze was formerly known as Azureus. This is the second fastest torrent when compared to uTorrent. Only available for 3 Version Leap, Vuze and Vuze+ (which does require payment).


BitLord, where to download Bittorrent safely. Free BitTorrent download

BitLord is not available for mobile devices, one of its drawbacks. However, some of its features include a light weight downloader, will support .torrent and Magnetic URL, you can create and add your personal torrent files, and it has a great pass encryption.


Demonoid, is bittorrent download safe?

Demonoid is a private, membership only BitTorrent download client. For those who want to be a part of this, you do have to find out when they are accepting new memberships. However, aside from this, it has become a very reliable BitTorrent option.


Torlock, how to download free Bittorrent safely

Torlock is a torrent client that also offers a special service that many people would benefit from. With other BitTorrent clients, there are numerous files that are malicious or phony. This client pays those who use their service to report these fake files, a very special offer that cannot be found elsewhere.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time, free movies streaming. Bittorrent download

Popcorn Time (one of the best for movies) offers a smart interface, and it is open source. It does have a built-in VPN, but this is not free. Plus, it is available on just about any platform. is a highly popular BitTorrent download client as they have over 3 million files on hand that allow a person to easily search for music, movies or the like. Those who use this service speak highly of it, so it is worth considering.

Top Bittorrent clients to download bittorrent free is another BitTorrent client that does not have actual files on hand for you to download. However, they give the power for you to find these yourself and then download these onto their private servers. You can then download this onto your computer. It comes in a paid and free version, with the free version only allowing 100MB per hour. The paid version allows for faster transfer speeds.

Extra Torrent

Kickass torrent alternatives, Extra Torrent torrenting is a super easy BitTorrent client to use. However, do not feel intimidated by all the activity that takes place via this client. The site has numerous files that you can choose to download, it just takes time to search through what you are looking for.

Of course, the list of BitTorrent clients is almost endless. We recently published another list of BitTorrent clients as an alternative to Kickass. You may want to have a look at this article as well.

You may explore it yourself but always take care of your online security first.

BitTorrent Download Conclusions

To download BitTorrent involves a measure of risk. It is very easy to get into illegal activities when looking for contents on a BitTorrent website.

If you decide to take the risk, be careful about your online security. If nothing bad happened to you up to now, it doesn’t mean that it will always be like this. Remember that your online activity is all stored by your ISP. Even after several years, you are accountable for what you did online.

Several VPN companies offer their service for a very reasonable monthly fee. It is a small investment to guarantee your online security. A best VPN connection is a necessary tool for BitTorrent download.

If you are not willing to pay a VPN fee, torrenting is not for you. To download torrents through an unprotected connection is too risky and should be absolutely avoided.

The wise person is the one that sees the problem and does something about it. Are you a wise user?

If you know any other way to improve security during BitTorrent download, share your experience leaving a comment.

Best VPN For Torrenting

RankVPN NameRatingMonthly PriceWebsite
1.5/5 Read review$8.32Website
2.4.7/5 Read review$6.49Website
3.4.5/5 Read review$5.75Website
4.4.5/5 Read review$4.95Website
5.4.4/5 Read review$3.33Website
6.4.3/5 Read review$2.91Website
7.4.3/5 Read review$3.08Website


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      So far in this article the VPN ranked in top position are offering a Kill Switch (Express VPN has it).

      Let us know if you have any question.

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