PrivateVPN Review – Update 2017

PrivateVPN is a relatively small VPN service based out from Sweden. It is small because it does not have a large server pool to boast about. However, it is not small in stature, since it is well respected in the VPN community and can boast a vast consumer base all over the world. The service, […]

CactusVPN Review And Speed Test

If you’re in need of a new VPN today, you’re probably aware that you have a wide selection of providers to choose from. Some of them are big and popular, others are small and new. Still, they shouldn’t be judged by the number of their clients and their popularity. You should judge and choose based […]

AceVPN Review – Update 2017

Guest Review AceVPN is an advanced VPN service that’s gaining much popularity worldwide. AceVPN owes much of its success to its user-friendly strategy. Besides their open source apps, they have introduced unique and secure encryption algorithms, a quick connection, and 24X7 customer support. The online privacy and anonymity of a user get enhanced by their “no–logs” policy. […]

ZenMate VPN Review – Update 2018

ZenMate VPN is a Germany (specifically Berlin) based VPN provider that has been in the industry for about 5 years. Initially, ZenMate was a proxy service that operated as a browser extension. The product is now a fully-pledged VPN service with Windows, Mac, as well as mobile support. The VPN is operated by a company […]

VPNBaron Review And Speed Test

  VPNBaron is a Romanian based company that provides online users with fast and secure VPN connections, making it a favorite amongst those that use torrent applications and streaming services. VPNBaron has a no-log policy, a feature that most companies do not offer. With speedy connections, strong encryption and its affordable prices, this provider is […]

B.VPN 2017 Review and Speed Test – 2017 Update

B.VPN is the latest in a series of VPN services developed by iSpire. Located in The Netherlands, iSpire is a software development company which strongly believes in online privacy and security. Our B.VPN review and speed test will analyze pros & cons of this VPN connection and determine how secure this service is for your […]

nVPN Review & Speed Test (2018 Update)

nVPN is a VPN service whose strong point is keeping you private and secure. The VPN service provider is tagged ‘trustworthy’ by most users who have tried the service seeking to be protected from the many prying eyes of the digital world. Let’s see how it performed during the preparation of our nVPN review. nVPN […]

PandaPow Review & Speed Test

PandaPow has got our attention and we got in contact with this VPN provider to prepare a user-friendly and unbiased PandaPow review. We’ve include even a speed test for your reference. 7-day Money Back guarantee This VPN is possibly one of the easiest to use VPN on the planet. PandaPow provides easy to use One-click connect apps […]

VPNLux Review & Speed Test – 2018 Update

VPNLUX is an offshore based Virtual Private Network Provider. (Belize) We are a dedicated team of experts who are specialized in cybersecurity. Deep understanding of cyber attacks and analyzing as well as preventing them is our competitive edge. We pride our team who are passionate to ensure your security, privacy, and unrestricted access to any […]

Microleaves Review

As long as there was the internet, there was also online censorship, and its existence isn’t new. Depending on where you live, and also your online habits, you might not have even felt its effects that much. There are other people that have, and some of them are There are other people that have, and […]

Keenow Unblocker Review And Performances

Keenow Unblocker is a relatively new contender in the ever-growing VPN niche. Is it just another VPN client, or a game-changer? Let’s have a look! The first thing that you’ll notice about Keenow is that it is designed mainly to unblock online content – but don’t let it fool you – the service does include […]

Privatoria Review

Privatoria is a reliable VPN providers which guarantees no logs policy. Privatoria is based in the Czech Republic. It offers far more than a VPN solution. The company provides other advanced services such as VPN Tor, Web Proxy, Web Proxy Tor, and Anonymous Emails with PGP encryption. Privatoria VPN supports popular and reliable VPN protocols including […]

Perfect VPN Review – 2018 Update

As part of our service to our readers, we have put together all the facts and features of Perfect VPN. It is important that you read this review before making a purchase decision. To create this Perfect VPN review, we checked site and also tested the application in all aspects. The most basic reason […]

LibertyShield VPN Router Review

Formerly known as UK Proxy Server, LibertyShield has been around since 2008 and was one of the first commercial providers of Proxy and VPN solutions. Unlike most VPN providers the company still offer a proxy server alternative to their subscribers; though of late their focus has been on their pre-configured VPN Router. With a TrustScore […]

VPN Unlimited Review – Update 2018

VPN Unlimited is a VPN service offered by a New York-based company KeepSolid. It was launched in 2013. They claim they were one of a few VPN’s, which didn’t limit bandwidth or traffic back then. Today VPN Unlimited is among the ten most recognized out there thanks to its speed, the offering of 1000+ servers […]