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August 10, 2021by Claudio R.0

Turkey VPN – Why You Need One

In the year 2007, Turkey took a bold step towards internet censorship aimed at ‘regulating’ and ‘cleaning’ the internet from undesirable content. The censorship saw the blocking of popular sites among them YouTube, Alibaba, and Blogger.

Turkey VPN to unblock censorship

Turkish internet censorship and the blocking of VPN connections and Tor services have thrown the country in constant blackouts prompting the Electronic Frontier Foundation to refer to Turkey as a ‘bastion of internet censorship.’

Following the Turkish Coup, the government is using laws such as the Law 5651 as amended in February 2014 that is among the most severe censorship laws in the world.

The law 5651 requires Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to not only monitor user’s activity but also save the data for two years and hand it to the government if requested.

Other equally punitive laws are the Electronic Communications Law (ECL) and the Internet Act.

The government has used the legislation to carry out massive crackdowns and blocking of hundreds of websites including Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

The social media blackout is carried out at the ISP level to ensure that the geo-blocking prevents internet users in the country from accessing online platforms of their choice.

The government is working hard to ensure that they block all VPN services in Turkey in an aim to increase internal security.

The ban on many websites and VPN services affects all the expats living in Turkey and the countless tourists that every year visit this beautiful Country.

A Turkey VPN service is the only option for the Turkish citizens and visitors alike to bypass the censorship

Considerations when choosing your best Turkey VPN

For many people, life without Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and not having internet freedom is a nightmare.

A Turkey VPN service is the ultimate savior.

With the perfect Turkey VPN service, you can unblock and bypass geo restrictions.

However, we have to warn you that not every other VPN service is an excellent Turkey VPN service.

The ideal Turkey VPN service should possess some fundamental features so as to provide a comprehensive solution for the user.

We share with you some of the characteristics and features you should consider when choosing the Best Turkish VPN service.

Server Locations And Speeds

When choosing the best VPN for Turkey service, you should consider the number of servers, server locations, speed and uptime.

The VPN service must have fast speed to enable content streaming in HD.

The VPN service should also have industry standard servers spread across the world so you can easily spoof your location to anywhere you desire thus unblocking content restricted in your country.

A server in Turkey or options in the nearby regions will help encryption when browsing Turkish websites.

The servers must also have access to a premium internet service provider in the region. We advise you take advantage of a VPN service with free trial or money back guarantee to test speeds and uptime and avoid buffering frustrations that you may encounter while streaming content.


A Turkey VPN should hide your real IP address and replace it with theirs making you appear as if you reside in the area your connection comes through.

It is worthy to note that dedicated IP’s provide more privacy while shared IP’s provide greater anonymity. With shared IP, hundreds of people are connected to the same node at the same time.  As a result, it is tough to trace the activity of a particular user at a given time.

The most important issue to consider as regards anonymity is the logging policy of the VPN service. An excellent Turkey VPN service is one that has a zero logging policy so that a third party cannot match an IP address to a time stamp to its user.

Another feature for Anonymity would be the Internet Kill Switch that automatically blocks all internet traffic when the VPN is disconnected.

Unblocking Content

Apart from unlocking content in Turkey, the best VPN service is one that can also unblock world leading sites like Netflix.

ExpressVPN, our leading Turkey VPN service is the undisputed champion for unblocking the full US Netflix library.

Other salient features of the best VPN for Turkey are:

  • strong 256-bit encryption to secure users data
  • pricing
  • free trial and money back guarantee for testing before committing to the service.

Best VPN for Turkey

Now that we’ve given you an idea of what to look out for when purchasing the Best VPN for Turkey, we provide you a walkthrough of the Best Turkey VPN services.

These VPN will unblock the Turkey Government censorship and ensure you have your freedom to surf the net and access any website of your choice.


ExpressVPN Turkey

ExpressVPN is the most suitable Turkey VPN service that operates from the Virgin Islands.

They have more than 145 locations in over 94 countries. The many server locations enable them to catch up with all the activities of their users, and so you always get a lightning fast connection.
ExpressVPN uses 256-bit encryption, is fast, provides unlimited bandwidth and works on all devices ranging from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Routers.

You can connect up to 3 devices and experience excellent customer support courtesy of their acclaimed 24/7 support by live chat and email. They have set a record for having less than 20 minutes average response time for email inquiries.

ExpressVPN can help Turkey residents and visitors to surf the net safely with a different IP address from anywhere in the world.

ExpressVPN have servers in Turkey that you can connect to safely even when you are abroad. They provide users with high-end industry standard protocols. Among them the 256-bit OPENVPN encryption.

ExpressVPN has incredible user-friendly software, a feature that is perfect for beginners eager to use a VPN service to bypass the Turkish censorship.

ExpressVPN is also the undisputed Netflix VPN service, and so Turkey residents and visitors who purchase ExpressVPN to unblock websites in Turkey have an added advantage of unblocking the complete US Netflix library.

Finally, ExpressVPN has a surefire 30 days money-back guarantee that give you total freedom to test its services in Turkey.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee


IPVanish VPN for Turkey

IPVanish is a distinguished VPN service that provides proven ability to bypass censorship, unblock websites and ensure internet security.

Ipvanish has more than 40,000 IP’s on over 750 servers in more than 60 countries including Turkey.

Ipvanish is a top Tier VPN Network with some of the best VPN stable speeds in the market.

They have sleek, user-friendly client software with fewer features that are not overwhelming with advanced settings thus easy to use for beginners.

They have an entirely unlimited bandwidth which makes IPVanish ideal for streaming and downloading. Ipvanish supports connection of up to two devices making it ideal for both desktop and mobile device.
IPVanish provides all the main protocols, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OPEN VPN, and IPsec. They use blowfish algorithm 256-bit SSL and AES-256 Cipher encryption to guarantee the protection of user’s confidential data.

Though based in the US (NASA Territory) Ipvanish does not collect or store its user’s online activity which makes it an ideal Turkey VPN service.

They have lower monthly pricing compared to ExpressVPN but their customer’s support is nowhere near ExpressVPN’s.

You can take advantage of Ipvanish 6 hour free trial period, and the 30-day money back guarantees to try out their ability to bypass the Turkey censorship.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee


Pure VPN to bypass Turkish censorship

PureVPN enables Turkey residents as well as visitors to surf the net freely, anonymously and securely.

PureVPN wrote its own code for proprietary software and apps for Windows, MAC, iOS, Linux and Android platforms. They boast of having over 750 servers in 141 countries that ensure fast connectivity for users to any content of their choice irrespective of where they are or even when traveling.

PureVPN is compatible with over 20 devices ranging from Desktops, Laptops, Consoles, Smart TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Chrome Cast, Smart devices among others.

Other impressive features are allowing users to access all servers regardless of the package, the ability to switch servers at any time, unlimited data transfer, and split tunneling.

PureVPN has its own network of servers and a friendly 24/7/365 chat support that guarantee 99.99% uptime.

Security wise, they have a self-managed network which means no interference by third parties. They employ military-grade 256-bit encryption that protects data from falling into the wrong hands.

PureVPN provides industry-leading multi-protocols that include OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 for different devices. Automatic protocol selection for less savvy users, Wi-Fi security, dedicated IPS, and an internet kill switch to maintain anonymity.

They also employ NAT Firewall as an added layer of security and DDoS Protection. With PureVPN, you can enjoy Tivibu, DigiTurk play, and Turkcell TV+, etc.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee


Best VPN for Turkey

SaferVPN is another excellent Turkey VPN service with base in Israel. It is an ultra-fast and super-simple VPN service that helps users to access all their favorite websites anywhere. They also enable users to encrypt their information online.

It is an excellent option for protecting yourself against snoopers, cyber scams, hackers and Government monitoring. SaferVPN features sleek apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome that are easy to install and use.

SaferVPN’s impressive features that make the VPN suitable for a Turkey VPN service include over 400 Self- managed premium servers that are spread worldwide to guarantee you maximum speeds wherever you may be, and automatic Wi-Fi security that protects your personal data over any unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspot.

SaferVPN uses 256-bit encryption and does not keep logs of user activities thus you remain completely anonymous.

Their apps have the ability to detect and fix any problems for you automatically. They also provide 24/7 live chat and customer email support.

The plans also come with a 14-Day money back guarantee.


Psiphon Internet Security

PsiphonVPN concludes our listing of the five best VPN for Turkey. The Canadian Psiphon Inc runs Psiphon.

The Turkey VPN service is a champion at providing internet access to citizens of countries like Turkey that exercise information controls and limitations. Psiphon has over ten years’ experience evading Government censorship by use of VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy protocols.

The obfuscation technologies are excellent at bypassing internet filtering system used by the Turkish government. Their Android browser is also perfect for accessing blocked websites.

Psiphon prides itself as the first recourse against censorship whenever and wherever it occurs. Though not specifically designed for anonymity, Psiphon uses encryption that will prevent your ISP from tracking your online activities.

It is free and the best VPN for emergency cases.

Censorship in Turkey and the role of Turkey VPN

Turkey has a long tradition of controlling or suppressing what its citizen can access, view or publish on the internet.

The Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) equipment is used by Turkey ISP’s to monitor user activity in real time and save the data for two years.

Firewall is another method that features a sophisticated system of censorship modeled on the Great Firewall of China. The firewall can block entire sites, individual pages as well as specific search results.

Other methods of suppression include internet throttling, IP blocking by giving routers a blacklist of undesirable websites and DNS poisoning and hijacking that is popularly used to poison DNS caches with wrong addresses for sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube among others.

Turkey VPN service is the only hope for users residing in Turkey or traveling to Turkey to encrypt all their communication and mask all their online activity thereby remaining anonymous.

We have tested the above Turkey VPN services and can attest to the fact that they bypass internet surveillance and censorship in Turkey.

Our listed Turkey VPN’s have servers in Turkey or options close to Turkey which enables them to provide Turkey users fast and reliable performance. They also have strong encryption to ensure users anonymity.


The internet is a powerful mobilizing tool as witnessed in various uprisings against authoritarian states a good example being the Arab springs.

Dictatorial regimes are finding themselves in the worst nightmare in the advent of the smartphone era. Governments such as Turkey have opted to block and censor what its citizens can and cannot access on the internet.

Turkey VPN services have stood up in solidarity with Turkey people by providing them with an option for 100% internet security and privacy.

In Turkey, people are increasingly using our recommended VPN services to secure their online activities from being trapped by the government and snooping agencies.

Next time you are traveling to Turkey, arm yourself with the above Turkey VPN’s and unblock the websites of your choice.

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